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    Google your mind before you Google the internet

    Nowadays if we are looking for an answer to any question or solution to any problem the most simple solution seems to be Google. Even if you ask someone his answer is likely to be "Why don't you google it?" Google is considered like God who knows everything and rightly so.

    I think life has become easy due to Google and it is easy to find the answers and solutions with a click of the keyboard and it saves a lot of time to search for the answers if we do not know it.

    But are we using Google when really needed or have we made it a habit? Do we give our brain enough jolt to find the answers and solutions before we go to Google? Has Google made us lazy to think and apply our brains as answers are readily available so who will think so much? These are the questions which need to be considered in this Google age.

    I think some people these days are over dependant on Google and try to search for every small answer in Google directly without even giving an attempt to think first. It is giving rise to Copy/paste culture. The mind needs to be exercised to keep it sharp. If you do not apply it much then it tends to rust. In a way overuse of Google can be injurious to mind I feel as many people do not allow it to work hard to find the answers. This can reduce our thinking capacity.

    Before the Google age, we all remember how we used to find the answers during our studies. We use to think on and on and if still failed asked our friends or parents who in turn used to think hard to solve the problem. But I don't think this is the scenario today.

    Let us Google our mind first for the solutions before we Google on the internet. Maybe answer is lying in our mind only. After getting the answer we can always refer Google if needed for better and more varieties of answers.

    Let Google be our helper but let us not become slaves to Google.
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    Well even for simple answers we should not bother to Google. Though the net giant has been maintaining huge data base of all the things we needed to be verified, we cannot vouch the authenticity of the same. Google has been storing the information what we have shared in the past and even if one information is wrong and not corresponding to our expectation , then the search becomes futile and waste. As far as possible , we have to avoid visiting Google for even silly answers, that way we should try to give work to our thinking ability, otherwise our mind goes to dull head mode.
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    The author has a point here but the quantum of information has differ from it's earlier time. During earlier times the sources of information were not used to be much but now its more then required. In media itself, we got to know about the news in so many ways that this become difficult to know about which one is true. And in addition, the incidences happens to be many that its not possible for us to just keep on watching television for updates.

    True to its fact that few of the things are now become the need of the day. And Google is one of those aspects. This has gained the importance so much that every now & then we use it that even these are the most known internet search engine in the world.

    One another thing on which the author has tried to put emphasis on is the exercise of our mind. Or in another words that slowly we don't remember that we also having the mind to store & analyze the data. Well, we can do yoga to refresh our mind as well as to go with the analytical tests online to keep our mind active.

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    What a good advice? really these days people never try to use their mind before going to electronic gadgets for answers. Even for small issues like 4X5 = 20 also some people try to use the calculator. If you go to a small kirana shop and purchase one or two items, to tell you what is the total cost you have to pay, the shopkeeper will use his calculator. Here there are two issues. It may be due to not having confidence in your mathematical skills or a fear of doing wrong totalling or don't know how to add.
    When we see these issues we feel are we reallu]y using our brains or we are completely dependent on the electronic gadgets. SO as advised by the author it is very important to keep our mind active and try to remember things so that you need not good always even for small issues.

    always confident

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    I enjoyed the pun in the title .

    Whatever we do not know, we try to get the answer from elsewhere. That is, by reference reference to other sources..
    Earlier reference sources were people who had the required knowledge, books we had or taken from library. As external reference was not so easy and time consuming also, people tried to gather knowledge and keep them in their memory, hand notes the maximum extent possible.

    After the advent of computer and computer aided facilities most significant of them being the search engines like Google, it/they became a source for our reference. As google search is enabled in handheld devices which we always take with us, referring to 'Google' has become the most easy and we can call it as 'ready reference'.
    As we generally tend to avoid tedious and avoidable labour google search reference suits us. It saves a lot of time also and we can use the saved time for other purposes too.
    There is a small drawback,however. That is only those for which we worked hard and toiled will stay in our mind. So it can be that by 'googling' for something, we do not ind it much and the same may not stay in our memory. But then, we can refer to Google the next time or whenever we need.

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    There is but one thing that separates humans from animals. The art ot record keeping. We can transmit our data not only through genes but libraries. Over the time the libraries were burnt down or torn down to build digital libraries (aka internet archives ).
    This very recording art has stopped us from being more than a human. A stagnancy in our continuous evolution. Thinking radically is what considered an evolution. Ideas are born first in mind then comes to creation.
    But to see such thoughts seem impossible now. We instantly log into our records. There is hardly any creativity or memory left in humans.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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