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    Have you been ever inspired to learn from your student kids ?

    Many of the modern educational Institutions are conducting field work and making the children to learn at the place of work so that they get the right knowledge and know how in future. Suppose your child has been taught as to how to sow the seeds and sow a plant in right way, as a parent we should also learn the new methods as initiated by the school and learned by your student kid. Likewise in every project the parent should also participate and help the child to finish the same within short time. So get inspired by your child and be a prompter for her future project.
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    Learning is a continuous process. If you have an inclination for learning you can learn from anything and from anyone. If we see the ants going in a row and carrying small food items, we will understand the importance of savings and we can learn from them how to be proactive. So definitely we can learn from our children.
    I studied in Telugu medium up to my 10th class. So I don't know the English names of many commonly used vegetables and flowers. But both my sons studied in English medium and they use all English names only for these vegetables, flowers and fruits. So I learned from them the English names of these items. She was helping them in their projects taken up when they were in high school also.
    Helping our kids in completing their work is always a pleasure. My wife learned mathematics from me to teach my sons when they were in Upper Primary School. I learn many things about computer and its usage from my two sons.

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    I do agree with both the submissions. I am very much reserved for long but as I observed my Niece & Nephew, I tried to open myself & enjoy my life.

    True to its fact that no one is perfect with a note that learning is a continuous process, as has been quoted by Mr. Rao. We are limited but the knowledge is boundless & immense.

    We often observe the child as flexible to adjust with anyone & this too can be learned from them.

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    Though the fee - structure of the modern Public -schools are incredibly high sometimes but the ways they adopt for making the kids conversant with different facets are praiseworthy. You have given a practical example how they allow the kids to go to the fields other than school and offer them inputs how the pady have grown and how it will be converted in the form of rice.
    The kids would be smart enough in conversation even at the primary classes and many times they would display maturity in course of conversation. They definitely adopt the innumerable ways to make the kids smart in various fields and as such their stints at such schools make them superior in many ways. Only the fee - structure of such schools may make a hole of our pockets.

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