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    Wild imagination of water shortage in 2050. A news paper reporting style.

    Here is imaginative discription on how the situation would be in 2050 when the water shortage would be more acute.
    Police found three vessels of drinking water concealed in a room ?
    The school has sought two vessels of drinking water as donation for giving admission to a Lkg student !
    Police has arrested a group which claimed to promise 50 vessels of water in one year for parting with two vessels of water as investment ?
    If voted to power, every citizen would get two vessels of drinking water for free through ration shop, a election promise !
    The space Police has arrested a notorious group for stealing 20,000 liters of water and exporting them to other planets ?
    India gets 50 crore liters of water from World Water Bank ?
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    I read this post somewhere a few days back. A fun filled news. The way in which the water shortage is increasing day by day it may become a reality even before 2050, So we all should keep our eye on water usage. We should all find the ways and means to save water by recycling the water and reducing the wastage. Otherwise, the things narrated in the post may really happen on this earth and we need not astonish about these happenings at that time as they are as predicted.
    always confident

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    It's no one's business of what makes a belief of about what is going to happen after many years. The problem is that still in the far reaching areas of our country & few of the locations of other countries as well that the situation is no more good then what the author has mentioned about. We are giving general note during the time of 2050, but according to The Asian Development Bank, the forecast is that by 2030, India will have a water deficit of 50 per cent.

    Even a world at large, roughly 3.6 billion people, or nearly half the current global population, live in areas that suffer water shortages for at least one month a year.

    While the future is difficult to predict but on the basis of trend analysis on a general note that the available freshwater resources will certainly decrease in the coming years due to the increasing demand of a growing world population. Many areas of the world that are already experiencing a shortage of water resources will see their water issues worsen, causing hardships for everyone.

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    No, No, No, there will be no water scarcity as long as we have vast oceans and seas. The prediction and assumption is wrong. As long as the earth rotates, there will be rain, little rain, moderate rain, heavy rain every year after year. The earth won't go dry without water. So, don't be worried about water in 2050 and beyond. If at all there is a shortage, ways and means will be found to have sufficient drinking water by converting sea water into potable drinking water. We may face shortage of fuel, not water. Trust me guys.
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    Just consider the ever increasing heat wave across the country which is varying year after year. So there are every chance even the oceans getting dried up ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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