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    How spirituality can make a huge difference

    There are always two schools of thought, as far as spirituality is concerned. The first is the rationalist school of communists and other non-believers in God, who swear by everything they call science and try to argue that all spirituality is a waste. The atheists are growing day after day.

    However, just the opposite is happening with those who believe in God. If the atheists are growing, like two out of ten people, the rest of the eight are all believers in God, who take to all forms of worship, and visit their native places regularly to pray to their main deity. This is considered as important as anything else, possibly more, in most parts of Southern India.

    Be that as it may, spirituality can indeed make a huge difference.

    For one, our minds become very calm, when we are engaged in sincere prayer. We are one with the Supreme power, in whom we have faith. We also have had faith in some very good God men, who have shown the world what spirituality is all about.

    Spirituality makes us more balanced individuals, making us more calm and more focused. We are able to live in the present, have better presence of mind, and are also to empathize with others.

    Contrary to all public perception, spirituality has huge economic gains and a huge amount of sharing as part of it. For instance, the Management of Lord Venkatachalapathy ( also called Lord Balaji), at Tirupathi, are into running hospitals, orphanages and provide free food for millions of devotees.

    Similarly, the gigantic Meenakshi temple at Madurail, in Tamil Nadu, is one example of how an entire economy is built around the temple. The scope of the service sector that thrives on the different offerings and the pooja done in the temple has to be seen to be believed. The turnover of the night shops that offer a variety of food to anyone who visits this city, is reported at around 200 crores per annum. Most of the crowd are tourists who visit the temple on an every day basis.

    Spirituality also brings it some values such as honesty, integrity and simplicity. Well, there are people who are deeply spiritual, but indulge in all sorts of anti-social behavior. However, it is also true that most law abiding citizens are those who follow spirituality in all walks of life.

    All regions different paths to spirituality, but seem to have very many common roots. The effects of spirituality are so huge.

    Let us all be spiritual to the maximum extent possible.
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    Yes in India the existence of spirituality and following of the same has been hugely benefited for the mankind who eke out living on their own. Like small service units function around Big Industries , even the spirituality especially the big temples are source of income for the locals who make a living by selling flowers, fruits, and other pooja items
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Spirituality means different things to different people. Yes as you mentioned two canonical schools have formed with Hippies on one side who don't believe in God but believe in seele (soul). And the other school is similar to the Bhakti school in India. Bhakti is submission of sorts. So what is spirituality in the first place?
    It is the ability to learn that you have a soul. It is the supreme self-awareness. You don't have to be a believer for attaining spirituality.

    I don't see why increasing number of atheists bother you. The amount of crimes committed by atheists is nearly negligible. Despite having two million atheists, we atheists are quite peaceful and live harmoniously. If you ask me I would say atheism leads to spirituality easily than any other path. Atheism looks at a human as a human. Not as an upper caste. Not as a Muslim. Not as an untouchable.

    Lord Buddha advocated that there is no god and no soul. Ramayana talks of a charvak atheist. Atheism is as old as the "Sanathan dharm" in India or even older.
    Is being spiritual necessary ? Spirituality talks of inaction mostly. Is your inaction good for society ? Inaction brings nirvana. Which is a good news to an individual but a bad one to society. Civilisation would crumble if all individuals embrace inaction as a path of spirituality.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Being Spiritual or being an Atheist are two different sides of a same coin as the life is associated within themselves. That we are living & that's why we define our beliefs & if this is not the case then we are no more alive or in another words we are dead.

    So, which one is the better side. Being spiritual or being an atheist. The author has clarified that if we move or go along with the path of spirituality then this will make our life more meaningful. Adding that this will lead us to bringing in ourselves the honesty, integrity and simplicity & other social virtues. And although I believe more in the spirituality aspects of my life but for just discussion purpose I am providing with more facts that this alone can't serve the purpose of life or can it make complete.

    As we go on with the life facing more unusual circumstances which were not expected, we gain much maturity. That we find ourselves more cooperating towards the different living & non-living or with the material things around us. And if you notice then its just because of the fact that we got more understanding towards them & defying the reason that we got more into spirituality.

    I complete myself that this life is meaningful only when we are able to create balance within different entities & not being related to one sided.

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    We all know that there is the supernatural power behind the things that are happening on this earth. Whatever we can't see can't be termed as non-existent. In our life, we all should have discipline and we should focus on our area of work. In this world, a fear we have will make all of us careful. The fear makes us more perfect. Why we all study. This is with a fear that we may fail. Similarly, we will try to finish our homework with a fear that tomorrow the teacher may scold us for not doing this. Using this concept of fear only our elders taught us about God. If we do a mistake God will punish you. This is what my elders taught me. So I will try to be good so that I can avoid punishment from the God. So the fear Of GOD will make us more disciplines. So believing in God and no doing sins with a fear that after death God of may punish us will happen. It will make very one disciplined and do only good. This is the advantage coming with spirituality into the minds of people. So it is worthwhile to be spiritual.
    always confident

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