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    Try again if you fail had been the motto of great achievers

    In our school days, we read about 'King Bruce and the Spider', wherein the king got inspired to come over his failures by watching a spider successfully reaching its web after several failed attempts.
    We have read about Nick Vujicic, an Australian born without legs and arms now leading a successful family life in the USA after facing a magnitude of hurdles and difficulties in his life. Life is a challenge and a challenge never discourages such great personalities.
    Today after reading about 2017 ICS TOPPER, I got inspired to start this thread to encourage those who might be feeling weak and discouraged facing the challenges in their lives. 2017 ICS topper, Anudeep Durishetty achieved the feat in his fifth attempt, after making four futile attempts. The 28 year old BITS Pilani graduate joined Google after failing in his 1st attempt. In 2013, his rank was 790 in his second attempt and he joined the Indian Revenue Service. But he went on attempting the exam again and again unless he became a topper in 2017.
    So, friends, let us not be discouraged by failures but let us make them as a ladder for success. As parents and teachers, let's teach this lesson to our children again and again, so that they become confident in life.
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    Sir, your point is well taken.

    Those who are weak minded, often tend to think that some small failure is the end of the world for them. This is very unfortunate.

    The world is full of opportunities and it is extremely important each of these opportunities needs to be told to children at the right time. We all need to be aware of what is going on around us, identify special talents and then focus on hard work, all the way.

    Similar to the hard work put in by this young man, in achieving success in his Civil Service Examination, there are many other success stories of men, who have always had dreams of making it big, and have achieved success in their own little ways.

    This is a real life story from Tamil cinema, which can inspire so many. Several years ago, that is around three decades ago, a very young man, who was studying for his Physics degree in his college at Tiruchirapalli ( a fairly big town of Tamil Nadu, with a population of around twelve lakhs, with some good colleges) , was asked by some teacher in his class, about his ambition. While all the other answers are all on predictable lines, only this young man, who hailed from a very ordinary family, said that he would one day, become a very famous film director in Tamil Nadu.

    Immediately, the whole class burst into derisive laughter, and the young man was definitely shattered a bit. However, the fire in him, made him to suffer for over fifteen years with sheer hard work and determination, as an Asst director under some famous directors.

    After a huge struggle, the young man, whose name is Murugadoss, managed to direct a film with Surya, a leading actor, and the movie was highly memorable for its innovative theme of revenge of the hero, for his lover's death. The hero had a peculiar problem of memory that would last only for a few hours. This story and the gripping narration, made the movie into a huge super hit, called "Gajani".

    Today, the director is one of the leading directors of Tamil Nadu. No wonder, the Tamil movie was also made in Hindi, and it became a super duper hit, there too.

    The same director visited the very same college, called the Bishop Heber College, several years later and narrated his old story. He has since then, inspired several others too.

    So, what it takes is all hard work, and persistent hard wok. If this happens, there will be no limit to success.

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    This is the way the life should have been.

    In today's harsh competition the individual gets easily frustrated & they go an extent that they began to harm themselves. We witness the extreme cases that they tend to go for without hesitation. But this remains the truth of the day. We have a heavy load of finding our position in a limited resource society & huge numbers in line to face.

    Although, this is not the first time & not the first person but again & again happening. But few got the job done & become the inspiration for others. Take an example of Ram Dev Baba of Patanjali Ayurved. His life was never smooth earlier but used to sell the pickle on the cycle but now an empire has been created. The current PM used to sell tea & the previous President Dr.APJ.Abdulkalam used to sell news paper. Those will always remain the motivation for others.

    Life is never easy but we do have the capability of doing so.

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    It is a very well said saying. Failures are stepping stones to success. Err is human. We are bound to do mistakes and because of these mistakes, we may face a failure. But we should not get disappointed with this failure and should not give up. We should understand why there was a failure? Where did we commit a mistake and what is the reason for our failure. Once you do this and try again with a modified strategy definitely you will be the winner.
    We all know that Tomas Alwa Edison discovered the bulb. But he has don't in his 7th or 8th attempt. With his first or second failure if he stopped his attempts we might have missed a good invention. So learn from your mistakes. But without learning the reasons for failure attempting, again and again, is futile. An analysis of the failure and the correct reasoning for the failure will be required to get the correct path to victory.

    always confident

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    The problems in every one of us that we under estimate our own potential. That means when we can achieve 10 GPA and have the ability to do so , we want to settle for less and get satisfied. Who is stopping you to conquer the new heights. Many have the feeling that if they start performing superlative from the beginning itself, the pressure would be high and mounting on them to be consistent and some people are not habituated to the pressure tactic and they do fail and get lesser mark or grade than expected. But those who keep on trying for a hall mark result, they are getting benefited as they improve themselves and learn from past mistakes. Here I wanted to mention a example that when we go to a new place or area, the driving towards the destination would be long and time consuming, but on return we wont feel that long time and boring. Same is here too. If any one habituated to study and write same exam, surely excellent performance expected.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is very true that life is a challenge and we have to face it with repeated efforts till we get success.

    Some people are discouraged and demoralized due to setbacks and failures and become directionless. On the contrary, there are others who take things with a positive note and prepare afresh after each failure. These are the people who get success in long run.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A good thread worthy of TOW award (usually such threads would be highlighted at the beginning about the award status.

    At times success eludes us despite our hard work. Failures are called by pessimists as bad luck, missed chance, fate and such people are often demoralized and criticised. But for an optimistic 'failure becomes a stepping stone for success'. What a difference, optimism can bring. This is supported by the story of the ICS topper.

    The average man has to struggle to taste success but such struggles are sweeter and it makes the person stronger and mature enough to understand the significance/value of the success.

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