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    Who is better “We” or “They”?

    As far as employment scenario is concerned I was wondering who is better, We - the educated middle-class people or They - the lower class uneducated people like maids, cooks and labourers. Below thoughts crossed my mind.

    We are busy in safeguarding our existing jobs, nodding our head in front of our boss. We do not argue and do what is told as we know outside there is a mad competition for getting jobs. But they willfully deny the work if they don't like it and say goodbye to you. For them, there is no dearth of jobs.

    We have to struggle to find jobs and clear multiple rounds of the interview while they can get a job in a flash. There are ample homes to employ maids, cooks and ample construction sites to employ labourers like a carpenter, plumber, painter, mason etc. No interview required.

    We silently do the extra work given by our boss and also bear his criticism but if you give two extra jobs to a maid or a labourer or comment on their quality of work they will say "Sir, I will not come from tomorrow".

    We need to inform without fail if we are absent from office but they are king and will go missing one day without any information. It's your duty to find out as to why they are absent.
    We have to stay late at the office and sometimes work on a holiday if our boss demands it but they will never do it against their will even if we ask. They do not care.

    Even if we are not satisfied with the salary we cannot leave the job before finding a new one. But they can afford to do so as they know there is ample work for them.
    We face unemployment problem even in a big city but for them, they are unlikely to face it.
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    The above post is a very realistic one. It does point out the curious situation of We the educated, vis a vis they, who are largely uneducated. However, these days, even PG degree holders drive autos in several parts of the country.,

    Well, the point is that they are able to find such jobs, because there is always a huge demand. They can easily demand what they want, and get it too. For instance, in Chennai, in certain upmarket localities, servant maids are even paid Rs.8000 per month, and they also have another key with them. The husband and wife are both IT professionals who get to talk to each other, in a detailed way, only on week-ends. Hence, the servant maid doubles up as a cook and does the cooking too. Those who can cook non-vegetarian dishes are even paid higher.

    In a way, this is poetic social justice. Since the husband and wife normally laugh all the way to the bank with at least two hundred thousand rupees every month ( after tax, that is) it is in the fitness of things that they pay the servant maid cum cook this amount. The amount also goes up when the child arrives, and the parents do come and go, but do not stay on for ever.

    Now, as far as the "we" are concerned, we need to constantly upgrade our skills. Those in IT, for example, are now happily doing additional courses in Cloud Computing, SAP and so on, where there is a huge demand. In the couple of years to come, courses in Artificial Intelligence will also assume center stage, and we will see a huge demand for those with these skills.

    The internet will itself undergo massive transformations. We are into exiting times.

    It is not only IT professionals. The HR professionals are spending huge amounts to qualify themselves as life coaches and executive coaches too.; They are also doing courses in law, as hard-core industrial relations is back with a bang.

    The Finance Professionals are doing courses in Capital Markets and even an Executive MBA, to hone their skills. Only with such qualifications and solid after-qualification experience, can we aspire to match "they" in terms of flexibility in work, or demanding and getting, far better salaries than what we are earning now.

    Remember, we have no choice here.

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    Not to talk about We and they as we have divided our jobs as Skilled & unskilled, Dignified and Undignified, The skilled and dignified people need to live with some pride in the society, whereas the unskilled and undignified need no pride but some cash to live their life.
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    I take a note that no one can has the perfect life.

    Somebody has to deal with the circumstances & do required to make negotiations in order to carry out with the life. You are looking from one side but if we see around us then for others, your way of life is good. Life just revolves around balancing the things.

    Few of less educated or uneducated individuals became the icons for many like the Sachin Tendulkar & the Bill Gates. Each one of those are good examples that although not even cleared the 10th exams but is successful. On the other hand if you have heard of Arnav Goswami of Republic TV, that he raised himself to the level that we all know him, And in comparison to the two names above his education background is much vast. Search google for Shiv Khera & you might think in some positive way.

    The fact is that everyone struggled but we have a habit of taking a note of the brighter side & not considering their struggling days.

    Stop comparing & do your best or else we will be dead one day with the same mentality.

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    These days there is a big scarcity of people who are skilled in a particular field. An ITI Electrician working in an organisation may start with a maximum of Rs.12000/- a month. But a freelancer electrician will earn minimum Rs.1000 to Rs,1500/- per day. Any small problem in the house we call him his charges are Rs.250/-- minimum and depending on the work he will demand. So there is no relation between an educated person's earnings and uneducated person's learning. These days getting a servant maid is a very difficult task. We have to accept their terms and conditions or that say We are not interested. But the work they and od the struggle they have can't be compared with us. Our earnings will be definitely higher than their overall income and we can't compare their lives with ours. Our type of work and the Physical work involved is very less when compared to those people. But it is true they have a lot of demand and we can't hire them so easily.
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    For that matter "we" and "they" are indispensable in the society and both of them complement to each other. If we are earning good salary and perks, we suppose to engage maids, servants, special cooks and attenders. If our salary is low and just coinciding with the budget we have, we cannot think of extravagance and try to do things by ourselves as we cannot afford to others. But what I generally feel that if we loose the job we are the sufferers as no one would respect us nor give us the credit to be adjusted in future. But for the maids and servants, they can always approach the present master or past masters where they worked and get the financial help and other things in kind. So I feel they are the winners in this society. The other day a rich person during demonetization was asking me to spare 40000 immediately for urgent requirement and ready to give hefty interest too. That means in crisis everyone matters.
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