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    When a teacher/mentor become partial

    It was long back when I had entered in 9th standard in my school. The 9th and 10th standard and those years in my school was very tough for me. I not only had to do hard work but had to take all anger from my Math teacher. Simply because I was weak in Math. Many student used to go to him for the tuition but not me. I had to go to other Math teacher than my school. And, this was the main problem for my teacher. I was very good in all other subjects, other teachers behaviour was totally helpful but Math teacher.

    It was a everyday fear in me to face him in the class room. As he enter the class, without looking at anyone, he use to call my name and throw a question which he knows I will not be able to answer. And, then he used to create fun to me in front of all other student. However, these all incident not make me weak but much stronger. I passed my final exam with second division and with good marks in Math.

    After even so many years, I have not forgotten that teacher. Now, I think that how a teacher or mentor can be so partial? The student who used to go to tuition to him were looked with proud to him, but the student who were needed more help to understand a subject made to laugh in the class room. How a teacher can do like that?

    Though I have not forgotten the teacher but now I have accepted that there are people who are like that only, even being on top level, it is their nature to be a partial person.
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    It's good to take everything in a positive way.

    Don't forget & at the same time take a note that during our whole life we tend to be with someone who is not exactly like you. Something unexpected does happen for the first time but it doesn't get waived off from our life. But goes on repetition for multiple times as you have life. We don't have any another option other then to continue with it & take a lesson so as to prepare for it the next time.

    We can't have the exact number of population throughout world & so its very much difficult to predict the future possibilities as both are interrelated. We got two options here, either to make learn all of them or teach yourself. The first one wouldn't work but second way is possible. Another important thing is that you are not the only person who are bound to face those things but there are many in line. So stop minding the things & improve.

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    Thanks Ved Prakash,

    Though the situation was insulting and painful but it has encourage me to do well. Had I been down and torn, I could never come up in my life, thankfully it work just opposite for me and I overcome that situation with my head held high.

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    The nature of the teacher can't be like this. They should treat all of them equally and they should take more care for the student who is weak in a particular subject. This world is a mix of all types of people. My mathematics teacher in my 9th and 10th used to take separate classes in the school itself without taking any separate fee for the students who were weak in the subject. He never shouted on any student who is a little weak and trying his best to make the student understand the problem properly. People will be always of different types.
    We all know Dronacharya the teacher for Kauravas and Pandavas. He was having a special liking for Arjuna. When Ekalavya was becoming an expert he asked his index finger and made him incapable and ensured that Arjuna will be of the type. So some gurus and mentors may support the students whom they like much and they want them to be on top always.

    always confident

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    I can understand your feelings and having gone through all sorts of humiliation because of your Mathematics teacher who was insisting tuition class was turned down from your end. What I feel that the teacher likes you very much. In a class when a teacher spots a performer with consistent record in all the subjects, they want the student to be perfect in mathematics too. And in fact appreciate the teacher who know you by name wants to help you with more feeding on mathematics subject. But you seems to be taken it otherwise. What you and your parent might have thought that the teacher was seeking for tuition with earning motive. That may not be the case with all. Some teachers are really having bonding with some students and they want to help during tuition sessions. That means they would reveal the intricacies of the subject during tuition and that would have impact on exams.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    All the teachers will not be like that. It is the greedy one who acts in such ways.

    Definitely, such rude and offending teachers will remain in our memory for a long time.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Rather than calling them partial, I think it is the lack of understanding the needs of students. I personally feel a teacher cannot take credit for brilliant students doing well (they would do well anyway). The true teachers are ones who can take credit for identifying a slow learner, put in efforts and bring him/her on par with the good students. This is where the true skills and strengths of a good teacher lies.

    Teachers are also humans, they come with various personalities and outlook towards students. This happens even at the viva voce exams, I have encountered examiners who would be hell-bent on probing a topic that you are shaky on and make you feel miserable, at the same time I've seen examiners who would quickly move on to a different topic and give us a chance to score in the limited time.

    I have mentioned earlier also, I was weak in English, but luckily had a very good teacher who used to make me read and write more to become better.

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