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    Does using a capital letter mean only shouting?

    Do you think using words in capital letters conveys that one is shouting? Share your views on this.

    I am not expert in English and this is why I am here with this post.

    As I know that when you have to point out some important word, or try to highlight some word, one can use the capital letter. Though generally, it feels that using capital letter is like shouting which is true too.

    However, requesting the expert member to please discuss this subject, whether to use a capital letter or not?
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    If we need to emphasize on something then as a general rule we tend to highlight those & this could be in the form of using capital letters or by bringing the words or the sentences within inverted comas.

    Its a good practice but needs to do in the right way or else the same world feel absurd.

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    Jeet Singh,

    In the world of Internet communication, capitalization of an entire word is not considered good etiquette at all. It conveys an expression of anger and is considered downright rude. Sharing this site with you that I had found some time back -

    You often write 'FORUM' or 'EDITOR' too. Please stop that. Refer to our own forum posting guidelines as well, which clearly states "Do not write in ALL UPPERCASE. It is like YELLING or SHOUTING." (all caps here put on the guidelines' page is valid since it is lucidly explaining what the guideline is.)

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    Yes. Mr Jeets. The words in capital letter looks awkward in between the running small letter words. Certainly it looks like shouting or yelling. There is no need to high-light the words Forum or Editor. Our ME had been insisting and advocating the members not to use capital letters in the texts unless otherwise they call for it. It is better to avoid capital letters and follow the guidelines of ISC. Only short forms or abbreviations can be written in capital letters. e.g SMS, GD, TOW etc.

    Do you write a letter in English in capital letters to your relatives or friends? Of course, we do not have any capital or small alphabet in our mother tongue.

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    Generally using Capital Letters in between a running matter gives an impression that you are trying to force somebody and you are blaming somebody. That is why people say don't use capital letters in between.
    When we write a note the heading can be in Capitals or if you feel it is urgent you can write urgently in capital letters. It gives an indication to the reader that the matter is urgent. That is why it is better not use capital letters in the text. In some office, they use some words in Capital so that the reader will understand that is the important aspect. But it is not a good practice.

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    Is the above written word pleasant in any manner to read ? With its capital and exclamations?
    The only place to fill all capital letters is in an application form because small a and o look alike. Small c and e too.
    Otherwise it is not advisable in any kind of platform. All capitals in a comment or in any statement online shows you're yelling. No one knows who started it but yes as the social media progress so did this custom of branding all capitals as shouting.

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    What I understand that by using capital letters in between, you are doing a attention seeking diversion from the reader and thus he is forced to read the entire content and then respond. And our ISC rules expressly prevent us from using capital letters in between.
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