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    No sales in petrol bunks on Sundays.

    As per the call given by our Prime Minister Mr Modi to regulate fuel consumption and preserve natural resource., the Indian Petrol Bunks owners association has decided to close the bunks on all Sundays from May 14th this year. To this effect today the petrol bunk owner's association executive committee member Mr Suresh Kumar made an announcement. This is an initiative taken with a concern regarding the environment protection by the committee. In the first phase, the decision will be implemented in 8 states which include, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Puducherry, Maharastra and Haryana. I doubt very much whether this decision will help in reducing any fuel consumption. All people will see that their vehicle tanks are full of fuel by Saturday evening itself.What is the opinion of other ISC members on this?
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    I got laughter after reading this post because the order wont serve the purpose for which the one day lay off is meant for. In fact the people would purchase more because on Sundays long drives are planned and without fuel, it wont work. So they fill full tank for the cars and also in jerry cans so that their Sunday leave is enjoyed fully. And for the black marketeers , this would be one more chance to earn some quick money. The road side vendors shall store the petrol to be sold on Sundays and thus the government is creating a situation of scarcity and black marketing through this decision .
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    Not a welcome decision. It is not a wise thought by a wise PM. It would create problem for the road transportation of goods as well the public. It would be ideal to close the liquor shops on Sundays and holidays or on anyone day of the week, not the petrol bunks..
    No life without Sun

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    isn't this news from last year (

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