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    Infinite loop of thoughts

    In software programming, there is a term called infinite loop which means that computer program gets stuck into a loop and keeps on running doing the same thing without terminating. We need to give some commands to break this loop.

    Similarly, I find that sometimes when we tend to keep thinking on and on continuously our mind also gets into this infinite loop mode where different thoughts keep on coming without a break and you really cannot come out of it and focus on required things. Sometimes this happens during sleep time and you are not able to sleep for long hours till this loop is broken.

    In software we have means to break the infinite loop but how can we handle this when our mind gets stuck in the infinite loop of endless thoughts. How do we break this loop? Well, meditation can be one technique.

    Have you ever experienced this infinite loop of thoughts and how do you handle it?
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    The other way to get out of if the infinity thought process is to get away from the situation for a while. Suppose you are confronted with a problem at the office, just get up from the desk and have a tea break, surely a solution would flash in the mind. Likewise at the home when a problem comes all of a sudden, just relax and think or listen to some soothing music of your likes, surely your brain would divert to look for some solutions. That way we can always have command over the problems and get it solved. One thing is sure, every problems comes with a solution and that to be explored with cool mind.
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    It all depends on the count element as in C language. What is the count element in real life?
    Infinite loop of thoughts happen only when you have free time. Mind adjusts itself to execute the nearest operation first. Which means you'll work hard to achieve success in the operation that is to come in near future. So occupy yourself as much as you can.
    I guess the count element is business then. Give a step input to this count and keep increasing it.

    And when it comes to thoughts while sleeping, there are many issues that can be a factor. But a remedy to solve it immediately is the change of phase. If you can't sleep, don't sleep. Sleeping by force tires you more than not sleeping. Go take a walk. Drink a glass of water or milk. All you have to do is to relax your thumping heart due to adrenaline. Medidate. This would regulate the adrenaline and you no longer would be anxious. Hence no unpleasant thoughts. Infinte loop can be broken by Esc always. Similarity in life escape the thoughts by relaxing your mind.

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    There are some situations where from we can't turn our thinking from that situation. In such times we should know how to get a diversion. For this generally what I do is I will take out a fiction novel and start reading that. Initially, we feel a little uneasy but as you go on turning the pages you will get immersed in the story of that book and you will forget about the thoughts you are getting before. Slowly when you start thinking about the novel you are studying you will get a flash thought about the incident that is disturbing you for a solution. This I experienced many times.
    In my 32nd year, I shifted from one company to another company. After joining my new company the in charge there tried to test my ability. He has given me a problem and wants a solution for that within 24 hours. For one hour I thought about that and forgotten and gone into my routine. As usual, I have gone back home and slept. All these times I was not thinking about the issue given by my senior. At about 2 AM I woke up from my sleep and an idea flashed in my mind regarding the issue given by my senior. The next day I proposed the same solution and I was rewarded for the solution. What I want to bring in here is whether we think or not our inner mind will be working on important aspects and help you with a solution always.

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    Such infinite loop of thoughts often run in people who have an analytical mind who need a logical explanation or conclusion for a problem. But sometimes in life, there are situations that are far from logical or some questions that really do not have an answer. At such times, the mind keeps churning like an agitated body of water. It also makes the person feel vulnerable and self-doubts can start creeping in.

    For me, one such situation was when I had failed in practical exams during my graduation. Many plans were made based on an assumption of a positive result. It did take me a couple of weeks to come out of the cycle of Why? Why?, self-doubts and self-blame.

    Over time, I have realised that somethings happen and it's beyond our control, I don't dwell on looking for answers at such times but rather move on and take up a new task and divert my attention. I have a couple of hobbies that I can engross my self into, these help me in such situations. Lastly, too much of coffee doesn't help to break the loop.

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    Realizing the facts & of the possibilities can be very helpful in unrest less thinking.

    We always gets hanged up when there is a confusion or when we are not cleared of the facts or in another words having doubts in mind. During all these we keep on repeating the whole picture in order to come up with a solution so as to establish the scene as desired. This is very difficult in the real or in the practical life.

    If we observe the professionalism then this could not be the case but being a human being we carried with many other emotions within us. This emotions & the feelings play a pivotal role in developing more confusions & doubt & during the course this keep on increasing in case these are not settled.

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    An exhaustive thought process is always like that. There will be ifs and buts, there will be jumps from one level to another, there will be call for remote ideas and then coming back again to the present thought process and things like that.

    It may not look as structured as a higher level computer language but it resembles the same in some respect.

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    I can equate with one other example too. Sometimes if we google for something, it may go on and on with various other things and I feel we struck into infinite loop and time also runs into various hours with the waste of energy too.

    Also often, this infinite loop of thoughts occurs during sleep and we may feel like disturbed sleep and tired and after very much time, I will break the loop by chanting simple mantras or just calling god's names. After some time I will take some water also to break the loop.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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