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    By having some food at a Dalit home, what signals our politicians are sending to the country ?

    When ever the elections comes be it in a state or for the Parliament, the leaders would travel extensively even on foot, enter the Dalits home, eat food and give pose to the media cameras and the next day their images appear all over the news papers, social media and electronic media. By having such impromptu lunch or dinner what signals are these leaders sending to the country. When they are in power they wont take any action supporting the Dalit cause and suddenly when election comes they wake up to their cause and assure to fight for their rights ?
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    Mr Mohan, why be so specific about Dalits? Aren't they one amongst us? Why try to create a divide. Politicians may visit houses for various reasons. Let us be fair and not create a difference. Let us remain citizens of India as the Constitution emphasize.
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    But every politician is making the issue bigger and hence it is shared here. For you and me it does not matter.
    K Mohan
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    What Mohan said is very true. Come election times, the political leaders resort to tricks like this. They want to show that they are treating all alike and mingle with them. Over a period of time, this becomes new normal.
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    Simply that we can still be befooled by them easily.

    Adding that each time we prove so by casting our votes in their favor. This will happen again & again till we finally having an understanding that we are awaken & with a decision depicting that we don't want getting befooled repeatedly.

    This remains dependent on us that either we should learn or keep doing the mistakes.

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    Saji just tell me one good reason for deducting points to this thread. If you have felt the thread was irrelevant, then should have removed. And when you allow it trend, then why deducted points when other members do respond ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    These are all the cheap gimmicks by the politicians. We are unfortunate in this country as we think a VIP coming to our house and eating in our house is a great reward to us and we think the society will think very high of you. As long as people are in such illusions definitely they go on playing the tricks. We feel happy and we go on encouraging them by giving our votes to them. But we never realise that how much money of ours was spent on this simple tour of that VIP to have a meal with a poor man. If that money is given to that poor man, he can manage minimum a year's food for his family with that money. But we the Indians always in the mood of getting fooled by these politicians and they will encash the same. It is proved beyond doubt many times and it is not going to help anybody except votes for that politician.
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    There are no signals to be sent, it is like a marketing strategy or an advert. Politicians have to be visible and in the minds of the people who vote for them. Such acts of staying overnight in villages, hugging people, seeking blessings of the elders in a constituency are an attempt to connect with the electorate and this plays a crucial role in places where in the margin of victory is very thin. A few votes on either side would mean a win or a defeat.

    People also know about the attention and photo opportunity acts of politicians and we just play along. A statement related to minority or reservation groups draws attention. For instance, in the Karnataka elections both BJP and Congress have challenged each other as to give a chance to a Dalit leader if the leaders have genuine concerns for the Dalits.

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