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    Learning from mistakes

    As human beings, all of us do mistakes.

    Mistakes range from very silly to the most serious ones about marriage, careers, job switches, saving money, parking money in unreliable saving instruments, buying houses or apartments, picking up fights with neighbors and so on.

    Be that as it may, what is most important is that we should compulsorily learn from each mistake, and also look around for mistakes done by others and their serious consequences.

    One of the most silly mistakes is forgetting to take things we need to take, when on a holiday or even official trip. For instance, we would tend to think that we can buy a small tube of toothpaste from the friendly neighborhood shop of the hotel where we stay. But we would be caught napping as the shop would open only after 7 AM. We have a bad mood, right in the morning.

    It is always wise to know about facilities available at some places. Small hotels and coffee shops at Chennai, open at around 5 AM, but those in Bengaluru open upwards of 7 AM. So, even for a cup of tea, we need to wait till 7 AM. The best alternative is to stay very close to the Railway Station, where the coffee shops would open much earlier, in every city.

    These are silly mistakes, but the learning can make us much wiser.

    Likewise, when we change jobs, we should never go to any "project company" even if is part of a huge group. For instance, there are companies like the JK group that announce new projects. There is no guarantee that these projects will take off at all, since the business environment is always changing and the markets may not open up at all.

    We should learn from the experiences of others, when it comes to closing differences of opinions with our life partners. This is easier said than done. However, with some serious introspection, and advise from elders, we can minimize many a big damage. Once again, learning should be even noted down.

    Saving money is fine, but one should always choose the Nationalized banks or private sector banks, like for example, KVB, that give the public sector banks a run for their money. Chit funds or Fixed deposits in companies come with huge risk. These are best avoided.

    Hence, what we need to do is to always learn from big mistakes or small mistakes. Making notes will help a great deal. We also need to revisit these notes once a month to know that we are on the right path.
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    From each mistake we are bound to learn lessons. Fools are those who pooh pooh the mistakes and wont learn from their bitter experience. And when you are embarking on holiday or official trip, you must plan everything and keep everything ready at one place in a bag. And even after completing a journey those things should not be removed and be kept in the bag itself so that for undertaking another journey , we need not run around fetching everything. And regarding change in job, first of all it is a bad idea to change a job unless until it is extremely impossible to continue. If at all change is must, then have one ready job same working style and then leave the present one.
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    It is natural that we commit some mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. But when we have committed a mistake we should accept that we have committed a mistake and take a stock of the situation. We should analyse our action and we should identify where we have committed a mistake and see that we will not do the same mistake again. This is the need. But ignoring our mistakes and doing the same mistake, again and again, is nothing but suicidal.Some mistakes like not carrying a razor with us when we are travelling may not be very serious but switching over a job unthoughtfully and not knowing fully about the Organisation will be a serious mistake. When we go on a road we see beautiful mansions on both the sides of the road and we think the house is excellent. But we know the exact picture of the house only when you enter the house. Similarly, we know the problems in the job on hand but we don't what bigger problems are awaited in the new job. So we should be careful and take all necessary precautions before taking a decision on such issues.
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    The author in his submission has taken a note of different instances like those from personal as well as of professional lives. But the very point taken is of mistakes that each one of us commit, adding that if we continue to learn from these mistakes will lead us to achieve big in our lives.

    As the Bill Gates has said that during his school days he used to postpone the things but later as & when he observed other students then doing the things on time, then he also started on the same path. Likewise many others lessons can be taken & implement so as to make better use of those.

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    I feel it's better to do something even if there is a risk of making a mistake rather than sit, ponder and do nothing. Here we haven't even tried.
    It is human nature to make mistakes, each mistake becomes another chapter in our life's experience. Someone has said that work experience is nothing but a whole bunch of mistakes over a period of time before getting hang of the task.

    Blessed are those who learn from others mistakes and their own mistakes. The fear of making a mistake should not discourage us or others. I may be unsuccessful in a task and make mistakes, but there is no reason that the next person doing the same task should also fail or make a mistake. For any task there would be a risk involved, based on the risk, nature of the task, what we stand to gain or lose would be the guiding principles keeping in the minds the mistakes made in the past by us and others before us.

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    Yes, I fully agree with the author that we should learn from the mistakes. We should learn from the mistakes of other people. Our life will short if we learn only from our mistakes. We daily commit mistakes. To err is human. But to learn a lesson from our mistakes is very important and it makes us human being. If we are not ready to learn a lesson from our mistakes then there is no difference between human being and other animals. Animals also learn from their mistakes.
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