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    Why so much obsession for aadhaar card linking?

    I visited the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) website yesterday to book a ticket. I am surprised to find that a registered user who links his aadhaar card number with his IRCTC account can make 12 bookings in a month instead of 6 allowed. Further, a lottery system is also introduced for a limited period for those registered users of IRCTC who linked their aadhaar card with their account. They will get a cash prize and refund of the ticket fare. I cannot understand this obsession with aadhaar linking. In what way, it will be useful to the IRCTC? We find many incidents of leakage of aadhaar details to others. I do not know whether it is dangerous or not but why our details with unauthorised people?
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    The earlier Govt introduced Aadhaar and the present Govt is pushing it aggressively. It means the ruling parties are taking it seriously.

    What I perceive is that Govt had an idea that once Aadhaar is established they will do away with ration card, voter card, PAN card etc which unfortunately does not seem to happen.

    Aadhaar was a good thought but it could not be designed and implemented with that vast and massive scale which is required in this country.

    Now present Govt is desperate to establish it for good governance and pressures are being seen in various places by various agencies.

    Still I hope that Aadhaar will pick up fast and establish itself in future.

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    The Aadhaar card was introduced by Congress government when BJP was the opposition Party and now BJP is trying to push it when Congress is in opposition. So we can say that both the major parties in our Country are encouraging the Aadhaar card.
    If we were identified in all areas with a unique number probably it will become easy to know about our various activities by the law enforcing authorities and it may become easy for them to identify the people. In one place we give Aadhaar card, in another place we mention our PAN card and in another place we give our Passport number. It is difficult for the administration to know whether all these four of the same person or of different persons with the same name. Here if they standardise everything with one number it will become easy to know the identification of the person.
    I think slowly all other cards may vanish and only Aadhaar will continue to identify each individual.

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    When the courts are questioning the compulsion of every department to be linked with Aadhaar, the government does not have the right answer or explanation with them and hence asked the respective departments to announce prizes and sops so that people are forced and have the compulsion to divulge the details of Aadhaar and then the government can convince the courts that people are voluntarily disclosing Aadhaar details with concerned departments and hence need to further strengthen the system. Slowly Aadhaar is getting the status symbol of every Individual.
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    It is nothing but to encourage the citizens to have an Aadhaar Card. Many citizens haven't got an Aadhaar for themselves. As railway is a place where every citizen make use of the facility, government has sought this method for ensuring every citizen to possess an Aadhaar card.
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    Our details are already with the unauthorized people but we are not aware of this.

    I give you an example here. While operating your smart phones or the laptops, you agree for certain terms & conditions that you never read but still you agree to this. With this you agreed to the interference that the company make into your systems. Another example is of account of you with the google when you use the Gmail account or or other such sites. Any communications on behalf of you is confidential but if we know the fact that these are stored in the servers located far of places & can easily be interfered with.

    Now coming to the subject matter of linking Aadhar. That availing Aadhar can enable a person to enjoy various benefits of different services and schemes offered by the government. From LPG Subsidies, Pension schemes, Housing schemes, and many more. Aadhar Card to make life easier in the matters of taxation too. It's like one way access to everything. This is going to be the unique identity of each one of us. Centrally controlled & administered by the government of India.

    Aadhaar Card System helps to clean out duplications and fakes, and provides accurate data to enable implementation of direct benefit programs which is already mentioned above.

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    I am interested to know how the aadhaar linking to IRCTC user account will be useful to them. None of the members so far touched the point. Is it justified to give extra benefits to those who link their aadhaar to IRCTC user account?
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    It can be guessed easily that Aadhaar is implemented under some international compulsion. Why I say so is because when UPA was the ruling side, BJP opposed Aadhaar tooth and nail. But since the moment they came to [power in the central government, they started implementing it with more force and determination than the earlier UPA. They appeared to be more in hurry to meet some deadline. All these show that there is some international pressure and compulsion which our government cannot resist or protest, as something binding us on this may be there. Only those who are privy to such international dealings.

    The basic aim of Aadhaar card may seem correct and with well intention. It is a single unique identity base for a person in this country. That way it will serve as a central reference and identification of a person,with its biometric data. It will become the single and central data source on a person as anything related to the person will be linked and refereed to the Aadhaar number.
    It will be "Kundali' of a person in letter and effect. That is where it is doubted. Anyone who gets hold of the Aadhaar by hack, trick or criminal methods will have the full data of a person-public and private. That can create havoc. Moreover if the Aadhaar data abase is possessed y any other country they can create havoc in this country by using the day the way they want. Those criminal or inimical forces who get hold of the central single comprehensive data of the human resource of this nation can 'engineer' their machinations in any way they want.
    Unless we become totally on our legs like China blocking Facebook and other similar 'poachers' of data,and use our own software and hardware isolated from the world network with our own secured network, it will land us into trouble.

    Though started as an enticing and impressing aim of weeding out fake beneficiaries, now Aadhaar has taken much wider dimensions. The modern data software and networking knowledge has become so common and universal that those who are just smart and determined can steal and leak data. I hope our government will be alert and take all pro-active measures to safeguard our nation's data privacy and security .

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    Very well explained. I suspect the same with digital transactions.
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