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    Does confession help in reducing stress level?

    Many times people insult or offences or behave roughly with others and later on repent with guilt.

    They feel shy or their ego comes in the way in asking for forgiveness for their misdeeds. This eventually builds up as stress in the individual.

    There are people who confess their offence and ask for reconciliation. This helps them in getting rid of the guilt or stress associated with the event.

    What is your take on that? What is your view?
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    Confession of a wrongdoing will always bring peace of mind. Stress builds up in a person when something wrong is done by him. Accepting the fault and asking for forgiveness relieves the tension. This requires courage. Those who are not courageous enough to do so will suffer mentally and carry their grief to the grave.
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    The fact is that we can't do a lie to ourselves.

    Confessions makes ourselves reduced in terms of tensions & heaviness that building within us with an addition that this increases the strength of our intellectual capacity which is one of the biggest factor of our growth & development.

    This should be understood that we got limitations in terms of physical & mental both. And if we keep on increasing the burden on these then will result in reduction of with the overall productivity in social as well as professional lives. This is a good suggestions that be open minded while accepting the things & move on.

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    It is true if you accept your mistake and ask for an excuse, the tension levels and stress levels will come down. To err is human. So nothing wrong with doing a mistake. But accepting the mistake and not repeating the same mistake is the requirement. When we know that we are wrong, accept it. You will become free. No one can blame you for that again and again. But if you are not accepting the mistake, your mind will be working on that and always there will be an ill feeling and we will be thinking that one will be questioning us on that. This will give us a lot of pressure and tell upon our health.
    Once the pressure increases you cannot work to your maximum capacity and you may commit further mistakes. So it is wise to confess our mistakes and going ahead with a relieved mind for further progress.

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    Well getting confession from a person is the part of Correctional studies to bring the truth into fore. But the way law enforcing authorities physically arm the person and the agony they face are cannot be mentioned nor described. So in the fear of going through that worst ordeal many confess to the crime even they have not done it. That is very bad. That means the law enforcing authority can make a person guilt even though he is clean. That is why many "criminals "who are lodged in the jail are being released just because of their good behavior are closely watched and good characters are always released from the jail.
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    Confession, reconciliation and forgiveness have different meanings, in general, if we are thinking along these lines, then it is a big step forward. Because we have a conscience, have the maturity to understand, introspect and accept that we have done something wrong.

    Once we do this, confessing, accepting and making up with the person will help us to unload the emotional burden and the heavy guilt feeling that we have been carrying around till now.

    I would say that a person who does this after committing a mistake on an error has the potential to be a better human being. This is the major point that many human rights groups use to argue in favour of a criminal or a murderer. How much to believe in the person and forgive them would depend on the nature of the misdeed, for instance, one cannot rape an unfortunate fellow human being and ask for forgiveness, this would be blatantly misusing the whole concept.

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    Confession can very much help in reducing the stress level but only it will help those people who do the self-introspection of their behaviour, their deeds etc. It can very much help to those persons who have even the slightest remains of humanity left in them because these persons after confessing their crimes or bad deeds feel better after they get everything off their chest. Confession can not really have an impact on a person who doesn't give a shit about this damn world kind of Misanthrope type. So if you have committed any crime then its better to confess rather than eating yourself from inside.

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