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    Why some people think that without them the things wont move and they cannot be discarded ?

    In this world when every thing is firmly established with its own rules and regulations, we cannot seek the change nor we can change to the level of expectations from us. Every one may have the knack of doing things much to the satisfaction of others and sheer for that reason they are liked and preferred. But some people feel that without them the organization or the system wont work and thus they are indispensable. That is totally wrong. This world has been working and doing better than yesterday even though some good people have given sacrifice or died. So irrespective of our wanting in the society, over the period of time everyone is irrelevant.
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    It is very correct. Nobody in this world is indispensable. The time will be running and will not stop for anybody. Even time can't stop its moment. Likewise, the Organisations will be running. Some people come work and go. Another person will join but Organisation will not stop.
    Men may come and men may go but I go on forever. I remember this what I read in my class X. So if somebody thinks that the organisation will stop if he is not there, I say he is foolish. You may be good at your work and you might have left your mark on the happenings in the Organisation. But when you are not there somebody else will take care and see that the system will run. Nobody is indispensable in this world. This is the fact and the person who realised this fact is the Wiseman.

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    In an organisation, no one is indispensable, this is the unsaid rule that many employees come to understand. Some employees or members of a firm or a small unit often overestimate them and live in an illusion that the firm is profitable because of them alone and they are superior to others. For instance, in a restaurant, the chef might feel his/her contribution is greatest but equally important is the ambience, the service, the people who attend to the needs of the people etc.

    In a good sense, many sincere employees worry about taking leave doubting about how work will go in their absence but once they go on leave, work goes on may be at a variable level of quality and efficiency. Such thoughts should not be encouraged, especially within a team as it would have an adverse impact of the others and the productivity.

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