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    The silent water conservator

    He will take a plumber with him every Sunday from door to door and fix leaking taps free. He will take up one apartment complex every weekend.He has so far he conserved about 5.5m litres water till date. He studied some statics somewhere a tap leaking a drop for a second will waste 1000 litres of water a month. So he started this work by naming his one-man army NGO as "Drop Dead" and the tagline is 'Save Evry drop ..... or Drop Dead".He was invited to meet the president for a national award but he politely declined the same.He is Mr Aabid Surti from Mumbai. Let us take him as a role model and at least try to fix our leaking taps in our house so that we can conserve water for the future generations.
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    Glad to hear about the noble task of Mr Aabid Surti of Mumbai. It is astonishing who much of water we can waste within our homes. For instance, if we learn the close the tap while brushing our teeth in the mornings, we can save around 750 liters/month/person. High rise buildings have water under high pressure and hence the water wasted by keeping the taps open while brushing, shaving and while the maids are cleaning the vessels is quite high. We can also make a difference if we follow this at home and encourage our children too.

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