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    You create your own destiny

    We create our own destiny, we are responsible for what we are today. Our hard work, rules and regulations and how we want to create our life are in our hands.

    The title itself has a broader meaning. Some of us go and chose what we dream of, while some of us are not able to do it. Some of us, out of uncertain circumstances chose to a working professional in the corporate world, even if we do not like it.

    Some people still don't believe that they create their own destiny and they say its all written by God and is pre-decided. We can make ourselves the way want, we can twist and turn ourselves.

    Are some things really pre-decided? Our jobs, the people we meet, is all this destined to happen?
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    I feel that our destiny is predecided. But we will feel that we are doing everything on our own.
    Once about 3 years back my wife and second son had to go to a marriage on a particular date. She has given me the slip for getting the reservation done. The same I have handed over to my PA for getting the reservation done. He got is done and handed over to me and in turn, I handed over the same to my wife. She kept the tickets in her handbag. I took them to station on the day of the journey. I reminded my wife to get the tickets with her. She told that she had taken them. We went to the station and get on the train. But the seats which are reserved for our people were occupied by someone else. Then I had taken out the tickets and started looking. The date of journey was one day before. That means our reservation was done on a wrong date. But we never cared to see the date. Is it not destiny? Then I took bus stand and fortunately got tickets in Volvo bus and they continued their journey.

    always confident

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    Often people speak about destiny, fate and how we are mere pawns in the hands of a superior power. There is some truth in this. The happenings around us are orchestrated by a higher power and hence much beyond our control.

    Destiny is something that happens, how it impacts us can be changed by our outlook and how we take life. Some are resigned to their fate and take whatever happens to them without much of a fight. Yet, there are some who in the similar situation would be positive and try and modify the effects on them.

    Hard work, dedication and being prepared when the chance comes by can help in making the best of our destiny.

    There are many stories of the self-made leaders or billionaires who have tasted success due to sheer hard work which enabled them to transform their life as just another ordinary person. Such stories lend credibility that yes, we can to a certain extent crave a path to or away from our intended density.

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    As we grow up with the age, we sow the seed for our own life. If we sow the right seed, we get the right and desired yield. Same is the case with the life, if we sow the right thoughts and take actions accordingly our destiny would be as desired and cannot be different. And we are all alone responsible for our own destiny as we do not want others to advise nor take command over our life. With available knowledge and available experience we tend to surge ahead to which some are successful and many are failure. Nevertheless intelligent are those who make immediate corrections to their life and proceed.
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    "Vithiyai Mathiyaal Vellalaam" a Tamil proverb. Vithi means Fate or Destiny. Mathi means wisdom. Vellalaam means overcome successfully. It would be a temporary success, not permanent. However, finally the vithi(fate/destiny) triumphs at the end. Nothing can change the fate written on our pate despite any attempt to change it.
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    There is a famous quote, "Where there a will there is a way" or "As you sow so shall you reap". Although said in a different ways but can drawn the same meaning.

    In whatever way, the future as well as the destiny, both are within us. Or in another words, we are the result of what we did yesterday & what we are doing today is a basis of about what we are going to be in the future. Both are interrelated here. Our culture too put the emphasis on "Karma" that without this there is no life.

    The life is like our bank account wherein the debit balance represents the sad part while the credit part refers to the happiest moments that we earned through our karma. Our life continues to driven till everything settles. So, If we continue with the hard work & patience then certainly the life has got something beautiful for us or else we must be ready to face the consequences.

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    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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