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    Cost of medicines and devices: Are we being misled?

    Cost of medicines, devices that are used to support and save lives are on the rise. The medical community is being blamed by many sections of the government and the public.

    When we look back, there has been a sudden spurt in the players in the private sector of the healthcare industry. There is a wide range of charges and billing system criticized. Similarly, there are various brands of the same medicines that are priced with a wide range. We had a big hue and cry about heart stents and the medical community was blamed squarely for this.

    If we just trace back, who grants approval for so many private hospitals? who regulates the pricing? It's the Government.

    Who should regulate the MRP for various brands of the same tablets or injections? It is the Government. Who should fix the prices of the stent and the import charges etc,? It is the Government.

    The Government, on one hand, needs the revenue generated from the private players in the healthcare sector. On the other hand, it seems to be pacifying the public by portraying the medical community as money-making ventures. Are we being misled? misinformed?
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    It has been a known factor that governments has accepted the failure in respect of giving best medical attention to the citizens and patients , and that can be done by private hospitals only and the government hospitals are lagging behind in providing quality medical services. So the private hospitals has formed into a cartel and forcing the government to accept their pricing and they get hugely benefited through rate contract with every department they provide the medical service. So government is the culprit here and they cannot escape the blame. For example why CGHS doctors refer patients to other hospitals, when they are expert to do so?
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    There are many companies engaged in manufacturing of medicines and medical accessories. Everyone gives a different cost of their product as per their level of quality, employee expenses and infra structure. This has brought a lot of ambiguity in the MRP of drugs from different sources.

    Over and above this there are some monopolistic formulations which are adding fuel to this fire.

    Unfortunately Govt is unable to find a way to combat with this situation and anomalies and ambiguities are continuing.

    It is really surprising that same medicine from different sources can have such price differential.

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    A medicine with a new molecule recently discovered will be patented by the company discovered that molecule. They will spend a lot of money for the development and then be patenting. These expenditures are to be recovered from the customers only. So the costs will be high. If any other company takes the rights of the discovering company they have to pay the royalty to the discoverer. That will add up to the manufacturing cost. All these things give some differences in the cost of the medicine or the device.
    These days some generic medical shops are started where you will get common medicine for a low price. Many of the medicines which are very common will be available. It is better to purchase medicines from these shops.
    Coming to private hospitals it is a business for them and the big bosses in the government always encourage them so that they can get some share. These people will never try to improve the services in the government hospitals. This attitude is to be changed and government services should improve. Then only the corporate sector will have a check.

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    Although, we are evident of the commercialization of even the health care industry but we need a correction here.

    I would request to take a note on "Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushadhi PariYojana Kendra (PMBJPK)" which is a campaign launched by the Department of Pharmaceuticals, Govt. Of India, to provide quality medicines at affordable prices to the masses through special centers. These are established by the government itself with an objective to provide generic drugs, which are available at lesser prices but are equivalent in quality and efficiencies in comparison to the expensive branded drugs.

    We can access the site through,, & it does even facilitate to search your medicine in that. The more details can be find inside.

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    In addition, I would like to clarify that instead of opting for the costliest medicines as prescribed by the doctor , you can have the alternatives which in a similar case can also be equivalent in performance. We can ask the doctor that if the alternative gives equal satisfaction.

    This is a good initiative by the government. In addition, in the 2018 budget, Arun Jaitley announces Rs 5 lakh insurance for poor families in 'world's largest' healthcare scheme.

    So the government is on its way for the biggest social reforms in our country. But we also got the responsibility here that we need to get aware of these with an effort for making others aware of this too.

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    #635042: It is a good step forward but these centers cannot replace all the other pharmacies and online drug sellers, so we need some standardization. This again is in the preview of the Government.

    #635043 "I would like to clarify that instead of opting for the costliest medicines as prescribed by the doctor"

    I am glad that you mentioned this. Recently one of my relatives had to be given an Intravenous antibiotic ( Meropenem). the price of 1 gm of the medicine is from 1000-2500 ruppees. Now if the doctor chooses the costliest one, we are likely to blame him/her for making money.

    If he/she chooses the cheapest brand, 'How can the doctor say that it gives equal satisfaction?' So, if it does not work, then we will blame the doctor for not giving a good quality medicine. So. let's imagine ourselves as doctors, how can we assure the quality of the medicine?, which side would we err on? would we go for the cheapest or the one's that are little expensive but have given better results?

    Do you understand the predicament of the doctor? Why leave this is the hands of the individual doctor, when there is a chance to standardize the MRP of a particular medicine.

    'world's largest' healthcare scheme. Already the experts are skeptical about the funding for this program, it needs around 11,300 crores/year to start off.

    So, back to square one, I'm not saying that either side is good or bad, but when things can be dealt with much more effectively at the beginning itself, why is the Government/media portraying the medical community in bad light? Why give a chance for bias to creep in?

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    Its just the opposition parties & the agencies who wants to get highlighted with the cheap publicity. Pl. take a not of this too & beware of those with an understanding of spreading the positive news also.

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