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    Piggy ride on the father's back is the biggest satisfaction for any child

    Invariably we have seen that though there are many types of toys and entertainment things available to a child, they gets lots of satisfaction and a feeling of closeness when they have a piggy ride on the back of the father. And for father too it gives lots of pressure to serve the child when ever they demand. And especially the girl children have lots of attachment with the father and I have seen some girl children would go sleep on doing the piggy ride and thus we cannot forget the golden moments of those days in every ones life.

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    Well conceived for the contest as well as interesting observation by the author. The relation of a child during his upbringing with his or her parents is the biggest attachment in the life and piggy ride or hugging the parents is definitely the greatest pleasure for the children. No toys can replace this.
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    Yes. It is a pleasant ride at home for the children. Unfortunately I do not see any mother doing the piggy ride. The mummy acts like a Mahout during the ride. She takes care of the child. I must say that it is a family pleasure on piggy ride.
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    This is a regular practice in most of Tamil Nadu's villages, particularly in districts like Coimbatore, Erode, Tiruchirapalli and Salem. One can see the elders engaging the children in so many ways. They do this piggy ride, almost on an everyday basis. The harmony and happiness has to be seen to be believed.

    There is so much of affection, there is so much of affection, and everything is so natural. This is exactly why agriculture is still intact in so many parts of TamilNadu. When I worked for a few years at Ahmedabad, I found a Gujarathi neighbor doing it to his two year old daughter, at least for five minutes before he would he would go to his hardware shop to attend to his business. When the child crossed the age of three, the girl child would also be seen in the shop on most days, mostly in the evenings.

    So, the love and affection, often is shown not only through piggi rides, but also through telling them stories, introducing the children to new experiences and so on. For instance, the Pongal festivities is a huge draw in most of rural Tamil Nadu, even today. Children, as young as three or four, are made to have a go at the cooking of the pongal, and though they understand only something, the community harmony gets firmly registered in their minds.

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    It gives a wonderful feeling and very good satisfaction when our granddaughter rides on our back and enjoys the piggy ride. All my brothers and sisters used to get on to the back of my grandfather and ask him to crawl on the ground. He never used to say anything and he used to do that with a smile on his face. My sons have done the same thing with their grandfather. Now I am enjoying that with my granddaughter.
    A real enjoyment in the life and happiness will come by spending time with the kids and we don't look for any better happiness in the life.
    I thank the author for this excellent thread and made us remember our younger days when we spent our time with our grandparents.

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    Although those days are over with a confirmation that this never to come back.

    I don't remember those type riding but I do have toys still bitten by me. Those are settled somewhere in the showcase peeping through the above. Observing those, I see much changes around & within me. Along with those plastics & rubber toys, more hi-tech toys has been placed to each other letting us having the feeling of technological differences.

    All those made us feel of the life cycle that once a small child but now a grown-ups getting more into attraction of wordily affairs.

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    There is a song in Tamil for this ride also.

    'Yanai Yanai Alagar Yanai
    Alagarum Chokkarum Aerum Yanai'

    Elephant those who are carrying and this Elephant is equated with Chithirai Thiruvizha of Madurai

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Mohan sir, i think by error, instead of pleasure its comes a 'pressure to serve the child'.

    A wonderful thought of using the word 'ride' with bonding between father and a child. The piggy ride would be called an elephant ride in our homes, grandparents also love this and even before the grandchild can sit alone, they would take with the child on their backs for a ride with someone else holding the child.

    These rides, swings etc all are simple pleasures of family life that has to be enjoyed when the child is small and playful.

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