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    How is that we are still United as a Nation?

    There are differences of opinion of people of India, on various issues. The politicians of particular States, who are very powerful, stroke passions of people and divide them on various lines.

    There are conflicts in States and among States on sharing of various resources and on the most important resource -- water.

    However, we still stand united as a Nation. How does this happen?

    India is possibly the only huge democracy in the world, where the family as a Unit has survived for generations. In the villages it is still common to find entire joint families living a very happy life of peace and happiness. There is a huge amount of caring and sharing and this gets reflected in various forms of behavior in public. People are wise to understand that there should be unity between people of various regions and communities.

    Secondly, the Nation as a whole is deeply religious. Talk of the scorching heat in the month of May. This has no effect on the millions who visit various temples, undertaking journeys for as many as six hours in the peak heat between 11AM to 5PM, and still get to visit the temples in places like Madurai, Kanyakumari, and so on.

    Those who are deeply religious will never do anything to disturb people. Since they are God fearing,they are generally averse to anything that is not in tune with the basic tenets of peace, as it were.

    Thirdly, there is a growing recognition that manpower has to be on an pan-India basis, for mere survival of businesses. Migrants from West Bengal, Orissa, and the North-East and the North Indian States, where the development projects are relatively less when compared to the Southern States, migrate in thousands to the latter and are happily engaged in construction projects.

    Fourthly, we, as Indians have common interests in very important sports like Cricket. The passions that run so high has to be seen to be believed, in common places, whenever a India-Pakistan Cricket match is on.

    Fifthly, we have different resources in various parts of India, and it is but natural that people of various regions develop bonds that cut across any barrier.

    I firmly that National integrity and unity will always thrive in our Nation.
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    This is the greatness of this beautiful country. Unity in diversity. Diversity in Unity. These two will reflect surely in this country. There is no threat to any religion or community here. Everybody can live happily their life. Only the selfish political leaders provoke the people against each other to get the favour of a group of people. This nature only is the reason for some disturbances. These days even in villages people are not worried about their caste and religion. Anyhow in cities, we don't even know what is the caste of our neighbour.The people from one state go to other states for livelihood and will also have a good peaceful life.
    As a matter of fact, I feel if India was not divided at the time of independence we might have developed further we might have developed better religion tolerance and we might have become the subcontinent in the world. But again politics played its cruel role.

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    This is important to note that we only come to know our sub-identity when there is an election. This is the time that we are misguided leading to the differences within us or else we are so busy with our life that these becomes the useless things.

    In addition, because the majority of population belonging to a culture or having background wherein they are flexible within themselves to adopt whatever is good. This is the beauty of this land which keeps us united. The author has also concluded with the examples from the religions as well as sports too that being different in perceptions but having a common goal. In our professional life also, we although related to the different regions & backgrounds but still happily engaged with each other.

    Instead of the above we got few who works for their own interest that raise petty issues consistently in order to settle their motives. We must be keeping vigilance over them so as not to lead to the havoc.

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    Though we are divided by states, language and culture, we are united as Indian with bondage, love and affection. We all fought together to get freedom irrespective of state or religion or language. India is one nation like a hand with its fingers as different states. No power can part us. We look different but work together as Indians for the betterment of India.
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    That is the greatness of India to which every country envies us. We have different states, different languages, different style of dresses, different festivals and yet we are united by our country and we all stand together at the time of crisis. Suppose there was a cyclone effect or earth quake in some parts of the country, every one of us would reach out and help them either with cash or kind. This bonding is very great and cannot be found anywhere in the world. That is why many come here to study and write thesis on our tradition, culture, and the most the harmony with which we live.
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    In a country as large as ours with multiple states, different religions and beliefs, it is no surprise that we have a difference of opinion, views and clashes over sharing common resources.

    By and large, people practice what they believe in and let others do the same without disturbing them. There would be isolated events, the vested interests are at play, there is a sudden escalation of tension across groups/religion and states but it slowly returns to normalcy, that's India.

    If all of us keep the interest of the nation ahead of our own personal agenda, then our unity would be much more stronger.

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    We are still united because of the inherent ethos of Indianness which exist since the time of the Vedas. Now, many people with vested interests are trying to destroy the ethos-we must not allow them to be successful to carry out their devilish agenda.
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    As other members have also mentioned, ours is a great democracy having unity in diversity. We have differences but we are one entity. India is now emerging as a developed country in areas of space, defence, international politics and things like that.

    The whole world is watching the developments in our country and to some extent, they are astonished with the pace of progress we are going ahead.

    Corruption is everywhere in the world, may be ours is on higher side.

    People say there is no corruption in China. But there, the leader of the ruling party is chosen for life time serving as head - meaning that there is no other capable person in that country! Is it not corruption?

    So we are better placed than many others and Govt is trying to contain the evils of nepotism, corruption etc and let us see how we progress ahead as the biggest democracy in the world.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Is India is the union of states? Is India a federal setup? what is India first define.....
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    Indian system is a federal system where the states vest an equal influence as the centre.
    But I don't think its our religious background, family values that are the crucial points for our unitedness. We are united under one word " Bharath Matha". Yes partly because our legend says that this land has been inhabited by us Indians since ice ages but also....when were we even united?
    We Indians always embraced our multiverse. Our diversity. We were hardly united. India had like 5 true empires throughout its history.

    Our eyes opened up only when we faced a foreign enemy. Ironically the British who divided and ruled are the very reason India was united and still continues among the democracies of world. So...can we agree that the British brought us together. United India is only a few decades old. It's far too early to be promising and trusting that we'll stay this way.

    Czech and Slovakia were united. Now dismembered. Austria and Hungary were once a single province but now bifurcated. All the Balkan countries once assimilated into Yugoslavia are all independent now.

    I just remembered. Jharkhand, Bihar, Telangana,Chattisghar, Uttarakhand etc. Weren't these all states once a part of a much bigger state?

    These provinces and countries stayed that way for centuries yet got disengaged with each other because we'll never know when dissatisfaction can happen.
    Our nation is a baby before them. The United India is far too young for us to proudly announce we are and will always be united.
    We've seen more partitions than unifications in past six decades. Let's face it. Unity in diversity is a mere notion. We're highly unhappy. India is one of the most depressed nations.
    If discontent and depression are what unification brings, then don't you think India was good the way it was before? A galore of provinces.

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    Yes, What Aditya told is right especially on Quora some members are firing some important questions 'Is India losing South India'.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    There are many who feel jealous and burning seeing the unity in India. Even when the people are homogeneous in religion and ethnicity, many nations are in trouble. Many countries where there is only one religion are in internal war and disturbances.
    It is in this context that the some outside forces are not able to tolerate the unity ,peace and stability in this great country. They do all tricks to foment trouble in this country by propagating division and difference of all kinds. Unfortunately some innocent, gullible, vulnerable people fall into their trap and echo those lines.
    There are a very minuscule number of people who work as paid agents in this trouble making. The external troublemakers are clever in using our media in their heinous plans. Those in the media who are either innocent and gullible and want to make a name by being 'anti-country' anti-something easily fall into the trap. Then of course, there are those who do not get their vested interests fulfilled. They also join the anti-India tirade.

    But the great Bhagavat Gita verse 'Yada yada hi dharmasya...' will prove itself and save the country. The more the inimical forces try to destabilise this country,the more united this country stands.

    The basic reason is the invisible, omnipresent string of unity like the thread of a garland-the feeling of patriotism and Indianness.

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    If a Person thinks that I am intelligent all are innocent leads to more Foolishness. It's not important that India as united or not as a Country India is developed or not is the important question. Yesterday Jaya Prakash Narayana former IAS officer and former M.LA said that out of 42 big countries India stands 39 among 42 big countries.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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