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    Really the Sky has no limit

    It felt as if I am rediscovering myself, the more I am connecting with nature, it brings me only happiness within me.

    Today what I saw in the sky, may be watched after such long-long time. It was around 5.50 am early morning when I step out for jogging. After reaching in a higher place, I saw the beautiful moon almost full, setting down. The brightness was little dull because of early light of the Sun (which was yet to rise fully) but the attraction of the Moon was not lost. It was really a wonderful/amazing/beautiful scene which can't be explain in words. From the East, the Sun was about to rising, the morning light vanishing the darkness and the same time the Moon was setting in the West. As if telling me that my duty shift is over, as if blessing me for the very good morning.

    How I wish I could see the Both Sun in the East and the Moon in the west at the same time. I don't know if it is possible to have such scene. However, I am searching in the net if at all this possible?

    Really, the Sky has no limit for its surprises.
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    When I referred to the heading then in comparison the subject matter is found to be different. When we say that "Sky Is The Limit", then often this concerns to the opportunities available but any how this is interesting for me to give my opinion too.

    What the author has referred to is the poetic vision of considering the things. Two different phenomena but existing the same time. I had been to English Literature for some time & do enjoy the alliteration & other features being used. The nature has the capability of adjusting by itself. Movement of air is completely the nature's phenomena. When there is a difference of low & high pressure areas then it cause the air to move. The intensity of the movement would be depending upon the differences between the low & high pressure areas.

    In a different instance & during the time we didn't have the gadgets, we used to monitor the nature in order to find out the changing aspects. If we know about the Koose Munisamy Veerappa Gounder, commonly known only as Veerappan, was a notorious Indian brigand and dacoit. He was active for nearly 30 years in the scrub lands and forests in the states of Karnataka. He was said to be so much efficient in the nature's observation that for long it wasn't possible for the police to grab him.

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    I would say the sky has no limit to the endless pleasant surprises with which it can enthral us with. For instance the ellipse, the cloud formations, the star constellation, the various stages of the moon, the rainbow, the northern lights, the different shades of sunrise and sunset.

    Dawn and dusk are the times when the moon and sun's presence overlap. Often, in early evenings on a clear day as the sun is about to set, we can see the moon, of course not as bright as it is during the night.

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