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    Among all rides, I can say this Hundial ride is very nearer to my heart.

    I hope people would have enjoyed all sorts of rides viz commuting for routines like a cycle, bike, car, jeep etc., and other amusement rides which have different kinds of flat ride, gravity ride, vertical rides etc.,

    The one I am talking about is Hundial ride
    Let us see first what is Hundial(Offertory box)?
    Hope people would have known about Hundial which is a collection of money of various kinds, notes, coins and in temples other forms of metals like gold, silver, diamond, and platinum too. Dropping is a common function of Hundial both for collection, it is inside and for counting it is outside. And in temples, while dropping for counting, the mixing of various kinds of currency is possible and there are many procedures followed for segregation of items dropped in the Hundial at various temples and count and deposited into the bank.

    What is Hundial ride?
    I always feel whenever I visited Tirumala, the whole of the hill is a hundial and the way the TTD authorities organise for sending pilgrims inside the temple is similar to Hundial where at some point, they mix of various forms of Darshan Sevas(either free or cost) pilgrims and in some point, they segregate via various routes inside the temple and finally pilgrims reach the sanctum sanctorum to see the God. Very recently about a week back, I visited Tirumala via SriVari Mettu and had a darshan and while going inside, my mind thought it as a Hundial ride and when I see this weeks' TOW, ride I thought I can write it here. Hope those who have visited often in various forms of Darshan may correlate their trips with this ride and others may visualise this Hundial ride as per their imagination.

    One more thing I would like to share is I have taken this route(Srivari Mettu) which I sincerely say, I came to know from one of the ISC member shared in this thread

    TOW Entry.
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    It is true. When we go to Darshan for Tirupathi, sometimes we will be going by bus to Tirumala and sometimes we will be going by foot. But in between both the routes will get mixed and get separated and finally get mixed at the endpoint. Similarly inside the temple also all, various Darshans will get mixed up at one place and then only we see the Deity. Whatever Darshan you had when you want to go to drop something into the Hundi you have to go in the same single line only. The ultimate aim of every person is to have a Darshan of The God. But different routes. Mixing and getting separated and finally the same destination.
    The same is the case of our life also. The ultimate point of the life is to get merged with HIM. For this, there are many routes to follow. People will follow the route convenient to them and liked by them. But the destination is same. This is the fact of life. Congratulations to the author for her excellent imagination.

    always confident

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    Those who visit temple has the compulsion to visit the big Hundi which is kept to accept any big donation and it kept vigil under closed tv cameras. When the demonetization was in in full swing, the hundi kept inside the santorum recieved the maximum old currency notes which were banned and later the TTD could not exchange it for new, as the date of exchange has been over the the hundi was getting old currencies in much bigger form. It is learnt that TTD has 134 crore rupees of old currencies which the RBI has not exchanged so far for various reasons. So Hundial ride also includes this.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thank you Rao for your explanation of Tirumala trip and your compliments to my post.

    @Mohan, you have taken a ride to Hundial within Temple premises which is also combustion after darshan in this temple.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Frankly, I learned a new word "Offertory box'. Second, hurriedly, I misread the title as 'Hundai ride' and was expecting a narration about a ride in Hundai vehicle.
    I appreciate the imagination of the author to compare the mixing and segregation of pilgrims to that of the money and other metal offerings obtained from the offertory box.
    Interesting reading.

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    Thank you @Venkiteswaran. This is what I wanted, I wanted members to ride (imagine the ride) along with me(though the ride is really the name is imagination) to get blessed.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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