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    Learning a language has no barriers

    In our country India there are my languags and one have to learn at least one more language other than mother tongue
    One Mr.shafi of Thazhakandi village in Kozhikodu (calicut)District of Kerala, learnt Tamil besides his mother tongue Malayalam and translated many Tamil novels into Malayalam. His contribution of this type is more than 250 small stories and 12 novals of many eminent Tamil authors.
    His education is only up to tenth standard and he is a daily wage worker. He told that he learnt Tamil by reading Tamil cinema posters & Tamil newspapers.
    This effort induces everyone to learn additional languages.
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    Sir, you have correctly pointed out how the importance of learning additional languages. This urge has no national boundaries. For example, even the Americans and those from Germany have evinced a keen interest in learning Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and other Indian languages.

    Many Indian classics have been translated into several languages, most of them foreign languages. This is exactly how it should be.

    However, no one should ever be forced to learn any language, be it Hindi, or Tamil or any other language. It is the fundamental right of any citizen to learn any language. Learning many new languages including foreign ones, can even lead us to good careers. For example, those with a very deep knowledge and skill in German or French, get good jobs as teachers of these languages in schools and colleges.

    Knowledge of many languages leads us to greater understanding and even help us in our commercial transactions. For example, now, knowledge of Hindi is so essential to get across to business in several parts of India. Knowledge of this language can open up new frontiers of understanding and business.

    In India, it is but essential that children are taught at least two more languages, apart from their mother tongues and English, which cannot be neglected at all.

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    It is always said and believed that by learning other languages and more languages we stand benefited. For example every Hyderabadi has the chance to learn Telugu, Hindi, Urdu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi besides English and their own mother tongue. I bet such kind of atmosphere and chance we may not get in other cities or towns. That is why people from Hyderabad can live anywhere in the world and they wont have any communication problem. The more the languages we learn, we get friendship growing from people of other states too and that is additional benefit for you.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In many countries specially europian countries it is very common to know a few additional languages other than the mother tongue. In big countries like India it is very necessary that children should be exposed to a third language after their mother tongue and English. It will help them while working in other areas where this third language is prevalent.

    This is also a good gesture to speak in the language of other states. It gives one special respect from the local population.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In fact, there is no barrier to any learning. Anyone can learn any subject they want. It may be language or any other field. One should have the desire for learning. One of my relative went to Russia and learned the language there and submitted his PhD thesis of Civil Engineering in the Russian language. He has become an expert in the Russian language. He was a Professor in Civil Engineering at Andhra University. He started Russian Diploma course in Andhra University and he worked on a part-time basis in that department of Andhra University.
    So if we have any liking for a language we can learn the subject. I learned Sanskrit from my father and I can read and understand Sanskrit.
    There are no boundaries for any language and you can learn as many languages as you want. Many people who move out of their own state and settles in another state will definitely learn the language there.

    always confident

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    It is just the passion, attitude and the importance of the new language that makes us learn one. Even a school child learns languages informally while he/she interacts with their friends and classmates.

    My grandfather, who never went to school, could read and write 4 languages apart from our mother tongue because it was important for his business work. Similarly, if one has the desire to learn, then he or she does not need to have a formal education or a course, it can be done by self-learning like the one mentioned by the author.
    But, there are some people who will live in another part of the country for many years but never make the effort to learn the local language.

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