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    Why do cartoons/animated movies stay evergreen?

    Yesterday we all watched the mesmerising Finding Nemo (we've lost track of the number of times we've seen it).

    Tom and Jerry, Donald Duck, Nemo etc, these have an appeal that many of us find tempting. Time goes by easily, we have a good laugh and at the end of it, we feel happy watching these light-hearted animated movies, wherein to voice and the animated character often is bigger than the movie stars of our regular movies.

    If you love animated movies that are wholesome family entertainers please share why so?
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    Animation has caught the fancy of humans since the dawn of civilization. The earliest animation can be equated to the cave paintings of animals and other objects which still attracts a large number of visitors to such ancient places. These were the first signature of animation as a creative outlet of prehistoric men on cave walls.

    I remember when we were in our schools we were very much enthralled by the comic booklets like Phantom or Mandrake and every month waited for the new episode. The visual effect of these comics was mesmerising.

    Today because of technology same thing is transformed in the form of animation video movies and definitely they are very entertaining and engrossing.

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    Yes cartoon series or animation series are for all people and all ages. I am the die hard fan of Tom and Jerry. Every time I see the cartoon I connect the character of Tom with me as it is deceived and intelligently avoided by Jerry. In real life too we want to do many things but fail against the intelligence and deft moves of others and thus we remain in the same place and wont develop. Firstly we create impression that some thing would be done with available resources, but unaware of the opposite person plans, we tend to subdue our performance and thus the enemy overtakes us in every matter.
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    Cartoon series or animation series are for all ages of people and everybody like them. If any kids are there in the house the TV will be always in these channels only. They never allow others to change the channels. I am not very much conservant these animated or comic movies.
    Whenever I see these programmes on TV I remember a show on streets during my childhood days with various paper toys and leather toys. They used to play Ramayana and Mahabharatha on screen. It is really a feast for the viewers.

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    Because no matter how old we become, their is still a child inside us. May be that is why we say -"Dil to Bachcha hai ji" (the heart is always like a kid).

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    I think this makes move you to your childhood days & you feel delighted. & so this doesn't make part of your bore some listings of your busy life.

    I agree with "#635128", that because of no matter how old we become r we are but their is still a child within each one of us.

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    Right thought, cartoons always have a special impact on all of us, despite of whatever age we are in. I would agree with Jeet sir here, maybe the major reason is that there is a little childishness in all of us, which makes us like such animation. So, whenever we see any cartoon movie or video, that little kid in us becomes awake all of a sudden. This delights us completely.
    That is why they have an evergreen scope. My most favorite cartoon used to be the Powerpuff girls during my schooling.

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