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    How to make our public places very neat

    Several years ago, plague hit the city of Surat in Gujarat. The Government swung into action, but many lives could not be saved.

    Since then, there has been a sustained movement, one is told, to keep the city very clean. There are cleaning campaigns involving the youth, there has been additional emphasis on waste water management and disposal of waste.

    Result: today, Surat is ranked among the cleanest cities of India. Mysore is the cleanest city of India. One is amazed at the superb attitude of its citizens, who care to search for dustbins in public places. I have seen this and I have been amazed at their very good attitude.

    If only every Indian thought on those lines!! In Chennai, the auto drivers happily spit on the prestigious Anna Salai ( also famously known as Mount Road), which extends to a distance of thirty kilometers. Reprimand them, coax them, counsel them -- nothing will work.

    Similarly, one of the dirtiest towns of Tamil Nadu --- Tiruchirapalli -- has seen a huge face lift in the past seven years or so. Today, it finds a pride of place among the cleanest cities of India, in survey after survey.

    There is no use of blaming the Corporate or the State Government. We also need to be deeply concerned about public places and the need to maintain them very neatly. Each one of us has a role.

    We should discourage the use of plastic bags, but even if we do, give them to some agency that faithfully hands that over, in huge quantities to those agencies laying roads. Today, in many States this is being followed, and the roads are supposed to be better in terms of durability.

    It is high time the Central Government and in the States recognize the need for utilizing the plastic waste only in construction of roads. If there is any other innovative use of plastic waste, Members may please discuss it here.

    Our children need to be told the huge disadvantages of making public places very dirty. They should never spit on the roads. We, as parents should not do so either. Since they learn from us, we should be vigilant and conscious of our responsibilities.

    Members may share their own personal experiences and how other agencies, including voluntary organizations are doing something in this regard.
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    Keeping public places in neat and good condition is the responsibility of every citizen. In this regard I appreciate the gated communities being spread across many cities have the great habit conserving their environment as they wont litter their premises inside the compound and the maintenance staff are always vigil and remove the pieces of paper or garbage if found immediately and put in the right place. Even old city of Hyderabad has become clean conscious as many pan shops are forced to be close not to sell pan. As people have the habit of spitting on the roads. So awareness is slowly created to keep clean across the country.
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    Last month when I visited Visakhapatnam, I am very happy to see the roads and streets very clean. The citizens of the city are able to maintain the city very clean. I saw a school going girl after eating chocolate, kept the wrapping paper in her bag. I asked her why you have not thrown it. She has, I will throw it in the dustbin after going home. If I throw on the road the roads will be dirty. I got delighted with the education they got and all students and citizens understand this concept our country will definitely become a good hygienic and clean country.
    But in many big cities like Hyderabad, many people are not getting the concept understood properly. They keep their houses clean and throw the waste on the roads, This attitude should change. In Hyderabad, many places need a lot of improvement to come to reasonable status.

    always confident

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    I have seen in one local paper about the corporation people doing whitewashing on the median walls. They put the photo with a note,'today white but tomarrow...'. This indicates that the turning white into black or red is done by government by forgetting our people are the culprit.
    I am seeing one person alighting from bus instantly spitting goggling water from his bottle on road itself instead of going to the road side.
    Without correcting ourselves we are expecting everything of on government. Keeping our city is our responsibility as that of our house.

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    This needs to get started from our own home & then others will follow automatically. The problem is that we do feel that we have some level & this feeling being carried in the minds of others as well. We need to change out mentality in order to succeed in what we have promised about or committed to.

    We find both types in our localities. Means few are conscious of this & while they keep this as their habit & telling others to contribute the same but the society also having the another kinds of people too. We can't teach them nor they do have any intentions.

    Once travelling by train I saw one good instance that the child asked the mother that if he could go to the toilet then mother relied as the train is stopped so wait for this to move & let it pass the station. That small child understood the whole concept at once. While being in India its difficult to imagine such incidences but its not fiction. Its good to see that we still got few that takes care of the surroundings. We just required the mindset & the commitment for doing good.

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    Taking about Plague and Public places, the village of Eyam in England (1660s), had the honor of preventing thousand other deaths by completely isolating themselves from the rest of the country. They lost around 250 of their own villagers but saved countless others in those days where in medical care was frugal.

    People need to learn from Eyam,Surat and Mysore for civic responsibilities and the fact that we can do it, if we have the mindset and support. Just visit any nearby park, there will be people plucking the flowers, trampling the well laid grass lawns, throwing rubbish and adults sitting on the swing meant for toddlers. Such is the level of civic awareness and misconduct in public places.

    What would work here is have assertive watchmen or security staff, in one of the parks, there are guards who would whistle loudly when people make such offence and address them in a loud voice that the people around will stop and look at the person creating nuisance, this is the same for youth who indulge in eve teasing. Such simple measures would be helpful in the start.

    In Bangalore, last year we have two women who started the Beautiful Bangalore concept to educate people in the big popular parks to keep it clean.

    Since the last two months, in Bangalore we have had the Clean Bengaluru project started by the municipal authorities. Also in the run up to the election. thousands of the flexi banners, life size cut outs all have been cleared.

    If you look at shutter bugs visiting places to take pictures, they have to pay a hefty fee for their cameras, if you apply the reverse logic, litter bugs should be made to pay a penalty regularly to discourage them and others.

    Lastly, we should have education for the common people, like the ones that children have in the school to highlight the simple ways to keep the public places clean.

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