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    Never encourage the commercial God men and Yoga Gurus

    As a nation, we all need to be very much alive to the dangers from within. We need to work against people who exploit the religious sentiments of others and make huge amounts of money. If they are commercial, they are not God men at all. Even if they had done, or doing, or will do very good things, they are not God men at all.

    India has been home to the likes of Ramanamaharishi, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, and several others who have only taken spirituality, by leading the most humble lives. Not by showing on, accumulating wealth and doing all sorts of fraud to keep going and multiplying their wealth.

    No names need to be mentioned. However, the objective is to identify at least one or two or these hugely commercial Gurus , so that we can discourage them. And also convince others to not go to such Gurus at all.

    Around ninety kilometers from Chennai, is a famous God man. He claims to be the reincarnation of some powerful Goddess. For doing what is called Pada pooja ( washing of legs) of this great God man, one has to pay rupees ten thousand. It is so unfortunate that there is a huge waiting list here.

    Guess what? This God man has made at least two hundred crore rupees. This cunning fellow has reinvested that money in so many colleges. It is reported that he wanted to convert his empire into a deemed University. IT raids have happened, but no one knows what happened after the raid.

    There is this yoga Guru, who talks about Art of Living. This Guru, who peddles common sense, has a flourishing empire. If Members want to learn Yoga, they can do so from someone qualified from their own environment. They will be more sincere.

    Worse is the case of another Guru, who literally runs fake campaigns to support the ruling party at the Centre. He has a huge ashram on the outskirts of Coimbatore city. He has eaten away hundreds of acres of land, and has reportedly dug up areas near the mountains as well.

    Attend any introductory session on Yoga of this outfit, and you will find a very young girl, who will invariably ask for donations. She will even cry to help us understand how great their Yoga Guru is. Fact is, this Guru has spoiled the beautiful city of Coimbatore, by spoiling the environment. There are cases against him, for encroachment. Nothing happens, because he is so powerful.

    Not all Gurus are like the aforesaid Gurus, who should never be encouraged to flourish. There is this small temple called Thapovanam, some three kilometers ahead of a small town called Tirukovilur, on the Tiruvannamalai to Tirukovilur route, in Tamil Nadu. This God man, called Swami Gnanananda, during his life time, never commercialized himself. He merely prayed for his devotees. He would just bless them. Today, his disciplines, who are there even in Germany, attend to simple poojas at the small place. The trust has audit, and for regular devotees, a simple lunch is provided right at 10AM. Dinner is also given for those who stay back. Both in the early morning, and in the evening, regular poojas are conducted, at very nominal cost.

    Donations are encouraged, but they go to just maintain the temple and its environs. One has to see the place to believe it. Similarly, Swami Chandrasekhara Swamigal of Kanchi, was a great God man, who was never commercial during his life time.

    Members may highlight other frauds done by God men too. We should totally shun them. I do not know if there are frauds going in other religions too. If yes, that should also be apposed, tooth and nail.
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    I do agree with the author that the so called religious gurus and yoga gurus are exploring the weakness of the followers and thus earning lots of money and wealth without any expense. For example even Ramdev who is the yoga expert has been asking his followers to set up Patanjali shops and earn through them. Thus within no time Patanjali group has diversified and even overtaken multinational. All the gurus have sprawling lands, gardens, bungalows and lead luxurious life not caring their followers. Even the sentence undergoing Asaram Bapu has got so many properties which are earned through gullible means. We should not such babas at all.
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    In this world, there are very good and well-recognised gurus like Jayandra Saraswati Swany of Kanchi Peetham and Bharathi Swany of Sringeri peetham. Becoming disciples of these gurus will not harm anybody but will help immensely in our spiritual life and we may learn the path of Moksha with their good advice and guidance.
    Many people these days believe in Godmen and some people who are trying to encash the weakness of these common people deceive the people as if they have special spiritual powers and Yoga powers. Finally, the followers will be deceived and these pretending Gurus will make merry with the money of his disciples. These days we are saying many people like this. So the individual should use his common sense and should understand whether the Guru is a real Guru or trying to make money from the people and in case of any small doubt also the people should not believe and follow him.

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    Selling faith/religion is a money making business in India.

    Babas and Babis are flourishing with political patronage.

    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    In this Gurus filled world, We should be able to identify the real Guru and fake Guru. If any Guru demands some sum from anyone, he is really a fake Guru and we should ignore such Gurus. A real Guru is he who is not interested in money but interested to help his/her followers through his blessings only. I hate Godman and Yohi and the guys roam around in saffron dress.
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    We are living in a world of fictions.

    In all the fictions few rise to some fame & became God like. With cheap publicity, the other believers also finding this relevant & began to make them the ideal idol & go on with the rituals & this starts the blind faith. We can call this a superstition.

    This has become the integral part of our society. We created a numbers of Gods & still the more is in pipeline. This is beyond the education as everyone tries to impress the God by making offers to them. This is sad that we got two world renowned idol of our culture but emphasized to doing Karma but we forgot the basic teaching & instead accepted the fake babas.

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    My respects for the true Godmen and spritual leaders.

    This thread highlights realities but unfortunately this trend cannot be broken because there is a constant supply and demand for these people. To understand this we need to dwell on the human behavior on both sides.

    On one side there are common people who are unfortunately burdened with more than a fair share of hardship and need someone confide in or find some solace. Solace and support in India is offered by religion and religious places and hence there is a constant demand that keeps growing.

    Next comes the list of influential people, these individual have mastered the concept of power equation and indulge in break or bending the law/rules. To back them up they need a group of politicians and God men. Again we have a demand for these God men.

    People in official power and political parties have to do things that cannot be written in black and white, they need to have a dependable vote bank and a 'safe place' to keep their wealth, we can go on listing.

    Now moving on the other side, who would not want to be a God men. You don't need education or riches, you just need the gift of speech, a few well placed connection and a piece of land. Your empire starts to grow and why struggle when every need of yours can be met by an army of staff and people. Over a few years you become an influential power. Why not have it, instead of struggling as a salaried employee and face all the hardships.

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