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    Our final ride: memorable or unnoticed?

    In the journey of life, man is constantly running till he drops dead. This happens literally out of the blue or in some cases, the final ride is a harrowing experience.

    Once the soul has departed, the mortal remains start the physical final ride from the residence to the resting place.

    How many people would miss us? who would cry for us? how many feel sad that we are no more depends on what we have done in the run-up to the final ride.

    There are noble souls whose final ride is thronged with people from all walks of life and well-wishers who come out of respect and heartfelt desire to accompany the person for various stages during the last ride. Many stay till the last rites that mark the end of the ride and say a silent, sincere prayer to keep the departed soul happy and trouble-free.

    Yet, we hear or see few people whose last ride is unremarkable, not more than a handful of people to be with them for the final ride. Many who hear, sigh a relief saying it's a good riddance. At times, people feel happy that a person is no more and the world is a better place without such people. The final ride of such people often go unnoticed.

    When we look at the ride of life, the last ride is the one that truly reflects how one's ride in life has been so far. Along this ride of life, if we are kind-hearted, lend a helping hand to the needy, if we don't harm others to satisfy our greed, carnal desires, and deviant mind, rest assured, our last ride will be a ride that would befit a truly noble human. A ride that would be remembered and wished by people that it came too soon. Many would pray to God, why couldn't this ride come to him/her later?

    My entry for the TOW 'Ride'.
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    Excellent input, Sir. Yes, it is very true that only if we all do good things, are seem to be good, and always think good, others will respect us, seek our advise, help us in times of need and so on.

    In fact, the more we understand that money alone does not make a difference, we get close to earth. Once we understand that there are so many eyes watching every move of us, we will all behave in ethical ways, and also understand that the Superpower, whom we refer to as God, is watching us. If we good things, we will reap the benefits. If we do bad things, we will reap the bad effects in this birth itself.

    We need to understand that death closes all. Only one reality is there --- there is nothing permanent in this world. Everything is a sort of transitory. We need to understand this huge reality and act accordingly.

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    In this world, we can see that people tend to forget the good things which we have done and most of them highlight only the negative thoughts and this kind of experience makes it worse to sustain in the world. Successful people have bitter experiences and they tend to ride with positive thoughts and they take their negative thoughts and change to successful path to stay ahead in life. This is the case for normal people like us and we must accept the things which we have got and never complain about things which we are not deserved to get. Always help people at their difficult times and sure one day you will get the returns for it.
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    Wow what a nice thought and connecting the topic to the Tow subject. In Tamil we used say that one must maintain good relations with at least four persons so that at the time of death they would help shift the body to the grave yard. Who ever be the person, he has to face the death and the turnout in the funeral will testify his good deeds, good behavior with others and above all his reaching out to others. Those who do not care others and make selfish living are going to die without any ones help and that would be pity situation. So at least one must fear about the death and help thereof on that day from others.
    K Mohan
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    The final ride whether remarkable or normal or unnoticed, the person who is riding or ridden by somebody else don't know what is happening exactly there. Already the atma has been separated from the body and there are no relations or botherations to atma. Only one wish Atma will have that is to get merged with HIM. Even they don't remember who he is in his previous life.
    But the good deeds done by the person during his lifetime will be remembered by the people here and that is what a person needs. People should think good of him after his departure also. If we can achieve that we can say we are lucky. So we all should try to do good to the possible extent and should not harm anybody during the lifetime. One should always have this concept in mind and behave accordingly.

    always confident

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    Leaving the spiritual world aside we keep our selves busy with the physical attraction of life. This we also refer to as the material life.

    I appreciate the author for being carefully choosing the words & the submission is also as per the main heading. Everything just good in itself with interesting briefings.

    While throughout we prioritize the things but still not satisfied & keep arranging for more. It's true that we don't know our future & the only reason that we keep striving for more but during the course we forget to give the importance to the spiritual life. The hard fact of insecure life makes us to do anything which might not even be justified. But we are just a human being striving for more.

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