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    Getting your dream job with a successful ride

    Many of them find it difficult to place their career after their graduation. It is mainly because of their lack of interest or due to the shortage of skills in the profile which leads to more depression. A successful ride with unique goals can make you land your dream job.

    Most of them work in companies without having a proper interest in it. To overcome it one must find skills which other professionals don't have and must highlight in your profile and it can lead you to get a good job and make your life more wonderful.
    This is my entry for TOW 'Ride'.
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    I am not convinced with the author notion connecting the tow topic with this content. Getting a right job cannot be a ride, but a consistent and persistent hard work put fourth by the person concerned.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    What that author mean here is one should have a successful ride in getting required skills and education which will make him have a good career. When we join in a job which is not suitable to our skill set and qualification, we can't enjoy the job and we can progress better. Instead of that if we have all the required skill set for the job we will be successful in our career. One should always try to get a job which suits our interest and skill.
    So to be sure of a happy career you should ride on the success of acquiring the skills and technological inputs.

    always confident

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    No one has the perfect life.

    Even the richest person on this planet is not satisfied & continues to strive for more. But one thing that we needs to take a note of that each of us managing the things by doing negotiations with what he already has & what he doesn't have.

    The same is the case with the students & their career also. They continue to do their best but still not able to perform because of some reason. But the life doesn't get end here. Throughout the education & the time they are into jobs or business, they are doing some kind of negotiations & managing the things. This is a part of life & happens to be surprises on the different moments but the positive persons continue to work on their weaknesses & in due course the time comes that they achieve the things.

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    The successful ride which author is talking about is actually a complete struggle for the job. Everybody here is living life differently. We cannot just plan out everything and continue. Even if we plan about the right skills to fit for the job, we will be left at some or the other point.
    We need to undergo that series of struggle to get the right job. Until and unless we won't face anything, we won't be able to figure out our qualities or skills. Every individual is not same, so not everyone can ride things as per plan.
    It is all a combination of circumstances that form the path and we keep traversing it, looking forward to improvements.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    To have a successful ride to the dream job is difficult, not all can have it. The ride needs to be planned well, one needs to have enough reserves and ability to put in hardwork and efforts. The path we chose, the credentials we have also matters a lot.

    Many people believe in luck but for success, luck is often quoted to be 1% and hardwork at 99%. In real life there are a few people who have a short and extremely successful ride to their dream jobs, like a smooth ride on a new toll highway. But for each such successful person, there are many who have a long and difficult ride on bumpy roads and by lanes before they land their dream jobs.

    One should not be jealous or envious of the smooth rides of successful people and at the same time we should not be depressed if we have a hard ride because we would have learn't a lot from the hardships along the ride.

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