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    Let not the small cats spoil the party

    We have a party at the Centre, whose leaders proudly claim that they will go to any extent to promote only one religion, that is , Hinduism. There have been many announcements by the so called "National" leaders of this party.

    Such statements ( more often than not, very stupid) are immediately thrashed by those from the opposition, who sense a case for going all out against the party.

    Be that as it may, the local leaders of the same party, are absolutely foolish, and they make all sorts of ridiculous statements against the local leaders. They poke fun at the local leaders and are out to destroy the peace that Tamil Nadu, is well known for.

    We have one firebrand leader, who has no fame at all, in Tamil Nadu. He is the number one hated person, who speaks absolute trash. He has now been branded an idiot in so many quarters, and is the toast of many memes in you tube and in other social media as well.

    The State leader, whose father is a leading and perfect gentleman from the Congress party, makes ridiculous statements against the emerging DMK superstar, whose name is Stalin. He has a huge following and is carefully nurturing the anti-incumbency wave sweeping the State.

    This lady does not even understand that she is totally spoiling the atmosphere through irresponsible or even funny statements, that do not hold water in Tamil Nadu. Criticize the local parties for their mistakes. This is fine. But to call them anti-national is absolute rubbish.

    Both the strong regional parties are fighting for State rights, and rightly so. The local leaders of the big party, who are nothing but the small cats, should not make irresponsible statements, and bring the worst of reputation to the so-called national party. This party has a big chance of making it big in the next ten years. What it lacks is mature leadership at the State level.

    Though one is not sure if such small cats are present in every State, suffice it to say, such leaders can never make a lasting impression. Only if they make responsible statements, and are in the forefront of good issues, they will be able to command respect. For example, not a single State leader of this party, is fighting for basic things like water. If they lead small agitations in the small towns, there will be good support.

    It is high time that these small cats see reason.
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    Every party works on its ideology and ultimate goal for which they make ready some leaders to tell the actual truth of the party which moves in that direction and hence some small time leaders do spoil the chance of the big party.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The importantly I want everyone to take a note of the fact that Hinduism is not a religion, Its a culture. That not one party or the religion has the capability of defining the culture of our country but its the chemistry of existence of many with an question to fulfill the objective of life which is the ultimate truth or the moksha.

    Now coming to the point that, politics is now getting cheaper each moment. The good thing is that when something reaches to its peak then there a chances that the same would be going through a big change. So & possibly we are going to witness this change sooner if not too late. What they are doing is their business & the important is that we need to keep more vigilant on those by casting votes in favor of good people.

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    Our country is a great country with many variants at united. Unity in diversity. Diversity in unity. These concepts will reflect very nicely in our culture. Many of us believe in God and Hinduism says having belief in God and praying him and expecting everything good from him will lead us to a good life. As expressed by the author Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life.
    Anything is possible in our country. Politicians will always take the advantage and try to do all gimmicks for a victory in election. But I think a day will come and all the people will teach them a lesson and see that good will prevail

    always confident

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    Just recently we had a report in many papers about the PM Mr.Narendra Modi, instructing his party leaders/members not to make hasty,controversial comments and give the media a chance to make fun of the person making the comments.

    Many leaders make speeches and speak out of turn to grab the attention of the media and then find that they are being trolled or ridiculed by the press and public. We have had the Tripura CM claiming that internet existed in Mahabharath times and many more such statement that become the focus of jokes.

    What the leaders or the holders of various posts should realize is that, while they get a chance to speak and make ridiculous statements or comments, they are infact harming the image of the main party, be it BJP or Congress.

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