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    How will be our last ride from home to the crematorium or graveyard?

    We are sure to ride from home to crematorium or the graveyard one day. We don't know how our last ride will be. Our last ride is decided by us through a will or by the desires of our kith and kin or relatives and friends. Won't this be interesting if you write about your last ride ! Will it be on the bamboos? Will it be on a decorated chariot pulled by horses? Will it be on a latest car? Will it be on a simple Ambulance? Will it be on a well mortuary van? etc etc etc.

    Members, Kindly showcase your creative writing skill in this riding thread.

    @ This is my TOW entry on Ride.
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    Anyone experienced this ride??

    Interested to know from the experienced people!

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    It is good to expect anything, but practical difficulty to also be thinked before writing such will or note. we specify bamboo or van etc., and if the same is not availlabe in the place where our last rites are done, the situation become chaos. For this it is better to offer our eye to eye donation center and body to nearest hospital as 'ang dhaan' even when we live and inform the offer intimation to near kith and kins.

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    Our last ride from home or hospital can be with eyes or without eyes, with heart or without heart, with kidney or without kidney. But there has to be a last ride to the cremation ground or graveyard. This is what I am talking about.

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    For any human being, there will be a lost ride which will be destinated to cremation ground or graveyard. It may be by any means it can't be avoided. but we don't know how it is and how the people Organised. Even we write the way it is to be done it is not sure that it will be done in the same way. But let us do some good things while we are on this earth so that at least some people will remember about us after our demise also.
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    This is none of our business.

    Our concern must be the our karma so as to know about how we would be remembered when will be no more in this world. And based on our culture we only supposed to get the things which our karma lead to.

    So stop thinking the negative things but try to use the maximum of this time, the more precious & never to get repeated again.

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    If our health was normal and died suddenly, surely we are going to be cremated with all the organs in tact and that would be the befitting farewell to the dead body. But I am totally against the post mortem done body which looses the importance if the organs were taken out and bodies given with pieces.
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    Just now I was reading in online newspapers about Trump's praise for Kalpana Chawla and for her case, the last ride is not from home but towards home but not reached the earth. I always imagine whether her body would have touched the earth either in land or in water or fly or consumed in space.

    So if our last ride is something like this beyond our imagination but one thing is sure, it is written as soon as we born and it will be performed as per the destined.

    However, I always imagine something to happen like the one happened for KC.

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    We all will have our last ride someday. But I don't think there is any point discussing that. Because, in the end, we will be dead. Every life has its death pre-decided by the almighty.

    So why to waste time thinking about the death day, let us all live life happy and make our present worth remembering. Let us all leave cherishable footprints among each other's hearts.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Wise people think of their last ride, and whether they should be buried or turned to ashes. They think about their honour and respect even after their death. As we are seeing the last ride of each and every individual who passed away and left the earth, there is nothing wrong in thinking about our own last ride. In fact, like the birth, the death should also be celebrated in a grand manner. There is no other alternative than to ride to the crematorium or graveyard. Let our last ride be pleasant. The ride may not please us, but would certainly please our family members and friends.

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    I agree with both @Pooja and @Sun and it surely depends on the age. Not only this, there are many things which our perception is changed after some age. Whatever we feel at a young age, there is certainly a change in our mindset after we get older and older and after some 60 years, surely mindset is always related things with death only.
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    The last ride would obviously be one that would mark the end of our story on Earth. Having seen many well decorated processions made by some families, I feel disheartened because, these would the very families who wouldn't have look after the person when they were actually alive.

    So, with this in mind, it is better to show our respects to the person while they are still alive, rather than make a grand show of showering respected after the person has died.

    It is all destiny and the influence of what we have done in the past that would decide how the mortal remains would be dealt with.

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    I think late Kannadasan,the Tamil poet and lyric writer for Tamil movies, has answered the question perfectly.

    "veedu varai uravu
    veedhi varai manaivi
    kaadu varai pillai
    kadaisi varai yaro? "
    ( Relatives up to the home, wife up to the street,son up to the Ghat...don't know who will accompany till last?)

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    In our society, the last ride is always on Janaza made up of steel and totally covered the body. In other society, I have found that on the last ride the face of the person is opened and the people can see the face of the person. I have also observed after the age of 100 last ride is with great people and the children arranged music band baaza.
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