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    What is this? Father is Congress. Daughter is BJP - Is it not an advantage to the family?

    What is this? and why is this? While a father is a hard core congress man, his daughter is a hard core BJP girl. Is it for the survival of the family? Whether congress rules or the BJP rules the country, the family is very safe in our country.

    Your comments please!
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    Best way of protecting family business!
    Each member of the family should have affiliation to different political parties.(Congress/BJP/Janta Dal,Lok Dal,Communists,secular,non secular,……etc etc…..)

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    It is not new in Indian Politica. Vijayaraj Scindia is in BJP and she was a minister in earlier BJP governemnt. Her son Madhava Raj Scindia is in Congress and he was a minister. The family is safe. They will be in ruling and they will be opposition also. Good.
    In East Godavari Dt of AP, there was a family in which one brother is in BJP another brother in Congress and sister in another Party.

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    So, we can call them as unprincipled opportunistic political family which is not interested to care the public, but interested to safeguard their own family life.
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    This is the intelligent move from some families who want to be in politics no matter which party comes to power. Shame on them on stooping such a low level to enjoy power.
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    We are trying to put two different things together. What is wrong in having an affiliation to a party. Both are adults, they have the freedom to decide which party they like, whose ideologies and work impresses them. Nothing to prevent or state that members of a family should choose their party affiliations based on what father,mother or a sibling does.

    There are such instances wherein family members belong to different parties. People of India and press fondly refers to the Congress party as a dynasty party, even in that if we look, in Mrs.Indira Gandhi's (Congress) family one daughter-in-law and one grandson are in BJP. As long as they stand for their belief and do not indulge in party hopping for the benefits, then it's fine.

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    The family you are talking about has grown in feud. There is no good understanding but misunderstanding between the family members.
    Enmity and hatredness exists between the members without any cordial relationship. The family I talk about is grown well with love and affection without any difference of opinion except for the political party they have choosen to serve. I can call it as a mismatch between the father and the daughter.

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    Thanks Mr.SuN, agree with you, even if the family has issues or no issues, one should be allowed to choose a party of their choice based on what appeals and makes them to believe in the party. I think you must be referring to the current TamilNadu BJP party president ?

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    You are right. I am referring the same Beautiful King of TNBJP. This itself a coalition family. It is a balanced family. It is an opportunistic family. It is an all time politics family.
    But it is not a perfect principled family.

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