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    Humans Ride from Stone Age to Nuclear Bomb

    The Science & History says that our civilization started in this open universe where we had only Earth to live and survive. We had a God gift call "mind" with us and we have used it for our survival. When we had nothing to protect, we used "stones" as our weapons. Time passes and we invented "fire", created "caves" to live. However, along with mind, we had "desires", desire to be happy, desire to conquer lands, desire to be a king and desire to rule the world.

    This desires never ended, it is still continue, the longing for more and more made human lives difficult yet we never felt to stop it. Yes, we can see this desire as our "progress" too but where we have invented great things for the world, we have created the dangerous weapons too to destroy the humanity. We were successful to fly like birds and we are success to find other planet, we have not only reached to Moon and Mars but trying to go for infinite journey in the space.

    At the same time we have invented devastating Bombs, Atom and Nuclear bombs, for what? More than to protect us, we have made it to conquer others. The once innocent desire reached to a destruction level where if not stopped, no one can stop us to go back into same "stone Age". We will reach to the same point from where the human civilization started. Yet, no one thinking about it, everyone is busy showing their eyes to each other.

    Whether it is Korea or America, India or Pakistan, China or Japan, if we all together do not come in one stage and if nothing is done to stop all bullying, we should be ready to go back in the same "Age". Because, if ever human civilization will be left after the destructions from these bombs, it will be only countable and then we will have nothing but "stones" in our hands. I only pray that the Ride we had started, let it be fruitful rather than fruitless for entire humanity.

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    It is true. There are many technological advances in human life. We have travelled a long way starting from the stone age and to nuclear bombs. Unfortunately, we are using these developments for the destruction of the universe. But if we use them for our benefit alone we will be more successful. As expressed by the author if we are not going the peace way we may have to go back to stone age.
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    Being remain unsatisfied is good but after a certain limit we need to make control of this which is not the case. We already having something & then we again go on doing investments on that so as to make more out of it. This has been the case so far & will continue to be in the future as well.

    Our desires never get satisfied but instead unstoppable.

    So what we are up to is that we are writing the stories of our own destruction. That how we came from the stone age to the time that everything is easy available, that how comfortable our life has become. But this remains the human nature.

    Its like when we have more money we have more varieties of food available & so we become fatty & in due course of losing weight we go to gym. So we have the case that the individual is doing more hard work to earn more money but at the same time due to unhealthy food gets on bed & ending with spending those money to doctors in order to get well soon.

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    Human beings are the greatest witness to the vast changes that occurred in this world and though there are destructive element, we supported by keeping mum on the issues.
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    As we ride along the path of progress, we have discovered and invented many potentially double edges technologies that can help or destroy us. It is entirely in our hands as to how we use these new discoveries to help us progress and become efficient.

    Unfortunately the power that some inventions have becomes irresistible to some people and Governments who use it for establishing supremacy or threaten world peace. Hope that we realize the importance of Mother Earth and mankind before it's too late,

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