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    That was the mother's touch.

    One IAS officer was asked to speak as a special guest in an old age home. After giving his compliments to the aged people, he started his speech. During the speech, he narrated his younger days with his mother and the importance of parents. Finally, the overexcited officer cursed the children who send the parents to the old age homes. Hearing this curse, one aged lady slapped the officer telling him not to curse them. The officer prevented the organizers protecting him by telling that this was the mother's touch.
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    Even they suffer parents never curse their children. At the cost of their pain, they will try to keep the children happy, This is true and more than 100% true with the mother. many times we notice, the mother will stay back to eat and eats only after all the children are OK with their food and not be feeling hungry.
    But unfortunately, the children never recognise this mother's touch and neglect her. This is the fact known to the IAS officer and that is why he said that is mother's touch. Whatever you do to them it will be definitely less than what they have done to us. So I request all the younger generation, people, not to send their parents to old age homes and try to take care of them physically. Spending is not the greatest things these days buy physically taking care of them is very important.

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    We need to observe & take a note about both the sides of or life. In this planet both kinds of personalities exists. I mean good & bad both. And this could include anyone.

    I don't support the parents to sent to old age homes. But have you observed the orphan child on the streets & specially on the main square which is highly populated. How come they are there?

    Someone did something & because of this they exists here. But we see the orphans but where are the parents. We are discussing that the child doesn't take up the responsibility when they are grown ups & send their parents to the old age home. Here my question is, where are the parents of those street orphans?

    Possible we could start practicing the projects based on considering all kinds of social issues then only we can have the solutions. But this is not happening.

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    Wow this is the natural expression of every mother who bound to support and safeguard the actions of the children even though they are on wrong side.
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    It is not a mother's touch, It is motherly love. However harsh or badly children treat their parents, they will always want the best for their children and pray that no ill-luck or bad omens fall on them.

    If you recollect, mothers will apply black kajal spot on the baby's face or arms to ward of the 'evil eye'. They will do everything possible and beyond for their children. Such is their affection and love that they cannot tolerate somebody berating their child even if he has wronged.

    This is the scenario here, an old age home, an IAS officer, a stranger curses children of the parents who live in the old age home. This angered a mother, who has corrected the officer by slapping him.

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    It is only the Indian Mother who would not tolerate to hear anyone abusing or cursing their wards. It was a big slap to the IAS officer who felt it as Mother's touch. It is the greatness of the Mother and also the greatness of the IAS officer who will never dare to abuse or curse any children in front or behind their Mother.
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    This is the love of the mother. Mothers will always love their child no matter how wrong they become in life. Even if they hurt their mother multiple times, she will keep forgetting them. Because this is how mothers are.

    From the story, it was also not right for the officer to curse people who send their parents to old age home. Everybody has some kind of compulsion or obligation in life, so even the officer's way was not correct.

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    While the incident does speak for itself, a mother will always be the mother. She is the one who rocks the world, provides the care that children do not often get from busy fathers and also acts as the friend, philosopher and guide for all children, whatever may be the age of the children.

    However, since the rat race is so much alive, children often work overseas or in locations like Mumbai, where the parents are never happy holed up in very tiny spaces, more so, if they have lived in spacious independent houses back home in their native places.

    So, left with no other choice, children do admit their parents in old age homes, where the couple make new friends and live a life of peace, contentment and happiness. They often visit their children and play with their grandchildren, but long to get back to their native places.

    One cannot blame the children, in today's times, when the inflation simply eats away everything, and the deposit rates on fixed deposits are frozen at ridiculous levels by the RBI and the Central Government. Since both the husband and the wife are invariably employed, they hardly find any time for parents, even if they are physically present with them. The mother 's touch will very much be there at these times.

    However, we need to understand that the modern times does play a part at how every single human being perceives the situation on hand. In fact, many parents themselves understand the issues involved and go as paying guests to the old age homes, spending anything between three weeks to a three months, every year, with children. This is a very healthy trend, where there is a win-win for everyone.

    Yes, the mother's touch will always be there. What has now changed is the complexities associated with it. That there is no escape from this situation has to be understood by everyone concerned.

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