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    Have you missed a lunch or dinner for being late to a function or marriage ?

    Now a days the invitations are sent to limited people in relations and friends for marriages and functions and the menu is ordered as per the cards distributed. One of my friend who went for cradle ceremony to which limited people are invited was surprised to find the lunch was over and they had to procure separate lunch for him from nearby hotel. My friend was taken aback for having such a cost effective function. I think it is good not to waste the food and shortage if any can managed by getting food at once from outside. What do you say ?
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    At least nothing such has happened to me so far & found myself to be the luckiest to have something that kept my stomach full. Often & when such ceremonies are arranged then the party go for the preparation from the starting till end. So this found to be less possibilities that food got end up. But still if this happens then take it easy & enjoy with what has been left behind.

    I am of the opinion that the food should not get wastage.

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    So far I never had such experience. My habit is to be well in time always. Many times I go early and wait for the people to come. Especially in Hyderabad and surrounding places the hosts themselves will be late many times. One day I went to attend a reception after marriage. I was called for the same and the timing given was 7.30PM. I was at the venue exactly at 7.45 PM. But no one was there except one guest. We both waited upto 9PM. At that time only hosts started coming. Then I left the spot at 9.45 PM. I was the first to leave.
    I always feel going late is not a good aspect. But people never care for time. Wasting food is not good I agree. At the same time the guests should not feel that they were not treated properly. The arrangements should be done properly.

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    I do not have such an experience in India but yes, one such episode happened when I was in the US on a short visit about 15 years back which I shall be describing a bit later.

    In our country wherever I have attended a party there is no scarcity of food. In fact, in many of the parties, you do not feel taking anything after consuming the starters. Plenty of food is wasted on such occasions.

    Let me narrate the US incident now. The place was a town in the north of Texas and it was an evening get together and an introductory party of scientist and technical people in a hotel and there were about 100-120 people invited there. Unfortunately, many of us did not notice the exact time given (which was 7 to 8 PM) and we thought it is starting at 7-8 PM. So when we reached there by 7:35 the party was almost at the last leg and the drinks and snacks were already been consumed. We got a little remaining piece of refreshment here and there and a small bottle of mineral water. Sharp at 8 PM it closed and guest were shown the way out as another party was scheduled soon in the same venue. So definitely they have put just sufficient snacks etc and there was no wastage!

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    Let me ask a serious question? For your friend, attending for the event followed by lunch important or having lunch at the function is more important? Don't mistake me, he attended the function late and seems missed the lunch and tried to highlight a mistake on the part of the organizer in his circles terming it as a 'cost effective lunch'. Can't he manage his time to attend the function well on time, if he feels so that it is important that the cradle function is a must for him.

    Yes, the organizer could have anticipated the attendance on little higher side to avoid such adverse criticism and should have prepared himself for the loss of some value of money for such wastage at his cost of prestige. Otherwise, such incidents are subjected to open discussion just it happened in this case.


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    I always give priority to punctuality. I made it a practice to attend the functions right on time. Also, I expect my guests to attend my functions which I host. I never had any occasion to miss my lunch or dinner. After the lunch or dinner, I go to the host and compliment the food served even if they were not upto the mark. One should never talk ill about the food. We should think that the food served is the food provided by the God for that day. If at all, the host run shortage of lunch or dinner, I would bear it, come out and have it outside or at my home. Never to show any displeasure to the host. I am sure, no host will leave their guest without getting any lunch or dinner for the invited guests.
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    Yes punctuality has to be followed for any event to be benefited.
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    There's nothing wrong in the approach of the hosts. At most functions, it is standard practice to order or prepare food based on the expected number of invites issues.

    If we attend any function or a party, the good intentions of our visit to bless the couple or bless the child or grace the occasion should be and is more important than what food we get.

    There is recent trend noticed at marriages that guests and visitors enter the hall, look around and then go to the dining area even before they can wish the host or any family member of the hosts.

    The same trend is noted in conferences and society meetings, the crowd for the session will be smaller than the crowd for the drinks and the food.

    For me, I have missed dinner at a few functions because in Bangalore, travelling in the evenings is a nightmare, I don't mind.

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