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    Modi challenges Rahul to take 15 minutes and list out his outrage on poll platform ?

    Time and again Rahul Gandhi has been accusing the PM Modi for not giving him the time in Parliament to list failures of NDA government and for this jibe, PM Moid has thrown a open challenge to Rahul Gandhi to choose any on going Election platform in Karnataka and he may talk in any language but without script. This challenge must irk the Congress president as it more a remark than a challenge. Do you really think such talks would yield any positive effect on the election outcome in Karnataka ?
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    By this challenge, Rahul Gandhi is bound to accept and will make mistakes. This was a clear plan by BJP. They want Congress to make mistake by saying anything which will affect them with respect to the poll campaign.
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    These type of issues are common in politics that too in the times of elections. We need not take them seriously. In my opinion we have to see many issues like this. Please wait for some reply from the other party. It will go on like this. Finally elections will be over and everything will be forgotten. Again fresh charges on each other will start.This is as usual.
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    This whole is a part of politics & nothing.

    We all know that no one is clean but still in order to attract more mob & creating an image of a responsible party, each one is intended to raise more issues so as to gain more advantages in the coming election in Karnataka.

    Adding that the Congress leadership is not behaving like a mature personality with no achievement in their bags & want to further subdivide the society as we have seen in the case of "Lingayat". On the other hand the current ruling government in the center has a lot more to talk about. That even the current leadership of the BJP is very effective as well as showing the maturity whenever required but the same with the Congress party is missing. So the Congress party has nothing to offer but to keep on diverting from the main issues of development.

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    In a speech on the public platform, there is nothing wrong if the speech is made by referring to notes. Whatever is spoken should be authentic. It is always better to quote facts by referring to notes than talking extempore giving the wrong information intentionally or unintentionally.
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    But Rahul does not perform better even by having note in front of him. That is the dig by PM.
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    The exchange of challenges between these top people is a healthy sign as once these challenges are made public the individual will strive hard to come up to the expectations and in overall perspective for the country, it is good as leaders will try to give their speeches by memory rather than black and white.

    The whole media and public will be watching this political wrestling and it will be quite amusing to see how individuals start faring better.

    People learn when there are competitions and challenges so definitely we should take it positively.

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    Mr Modi is an expert in taking everything to a personal plane. He does not talk about corruption, as the Chief Minister candidate of the BJP was the fountain head of corruption, when the BJP was in power.

    Mr Siddharamaiah, is now playing up all the anger against the Centre. Generally, the BJP is seen as the worst party that is anti-South India. There are so many reasons why the people feel so.
    Irresponsible statements from the so-called BJP leaders to not help the party in any way.

    Whether or not the Congress President has the ability to speak extempore is not the issue in Karnataka. Development is. Beyond Bangalore and Mysore, development of any significance is unknown in Karnataka as the power situation has always been bad. Successive Governments have only made the situation worse.

    So, people are looking for solutions to their problems. They are not looking for more problems. Mr Modi has to wake up from his deep slumber. However hard he may try, the dismal non-performance of the BJP in various spheres, will never bring them votes.

    The Congress is likely to get more votes than the BJP and also win more seats.

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    An unscripted speech or Speaking Extempore is generally associated with apparent good oratory skills. What intellectuals imply when someone speaks without a script is that 'the person has a good grasp of the subject/issue or the figures'.

    In political terms, if one has to speak for instance, the defence minister, he/she should know the dynamics at our borders, the forces stationed, the key figures etc. When the leaders speaks sensibiliy without needing to refer to the notes, it gives an impression that this person is knowledgable and has the grasp of the sector/service he/she represents.

    In this context, the challenge from the PM is to demonstrate that Mr.Rahul Gandhi has the grasp of issues and facts about our current situation of Inidia (economy, helath,education etc). This is a smart move by the PM because we have seen many video clips of how Mr.Rahul Gandhi has to pause and at times stammer to get a few relavent lines as an answer.

    I agree with @KVRR: Just because one has great oratory skills, it doesn't mean that they can hoodwink people with half truths or false figures. skills should be backed with honesty answers and views. If you look at the American elections. Key Presidential aspirants have a face off like debate live.

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    More than a 15 minutes scriptless speech on an election platform, I would call both Modi and Rahul to stand on either side of the platform and have a face to face question & answer session. This will help us to know who is the great among the two. I am sure, Modi will override Rahul, and Rahul will fall flat on the platform itself. It is the political immaturity that won't help Rahul to stand against Modi. Modi will emerge victorious.
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