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    While travelling in train do not put the waste underneath the seat

    Railway coaches are cleaned only at the destination and between we the passenger alone are responsible to keep the coach clean and good. The more garbage is thrown beneath the seat, the more the cockraches and rodents take their position and there are every chance of our luggage getting damaged due to rodents bite etc. Moreover every passenger is responsible to keep the coach clean and even the toilets has to be flushed and keep it clean for others to use. But seldom passengers follow this.
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    It is true. Not only railway coaches, anywhere and everywhere it is our responsibility to see that neatness is maintained.The whole night people will be cleaning the roads in cities. But next day morning people commuting will throw all the rubbish on these neat roads. People should not spoil the places like this. There are waste bins and we should use them for dropping the waste. In every railway compartment dustbins will be there. Everyone should use those positively and see that the compartments are maintained neatly. It is our duty. But how many of us follow this. Even educated people will also behave like this which is shame on their part. Please maintain cleanliness every where. This will prevent diseases to spread.
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    The author raised a valid point. Many of us do not care about others. They pour or spill the water or cooldrinks on the floor of the trains without caring others. By having lazy in raising themselves they keep the coffee cups, chocolate papers etc., into the net before their seats without caring others. Similarly many of us while using ATMs they do not care about others and dropping the print out papers from ATM there itself without dropping into the dustbin provided therein. My seven years old daughter whenever come with me into the ATM used to pick up all such papers and drop into the dustbin by saying the place is to be kept clean.
    People should have their own awareness to use the dustbins. I used to keep all my bus tickets after my travelling is over into my pant's back pocket and when I am alighting finally for house, I drop all the tickets into the dustbin kept on the way to my house.

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    This remains a good practice if we keep ourselves reminding of good habits occasionally. And this is one of the habits that keeps us with a good feeling of the localities around us. But the problem is that our attitude of cleanliness got no space when we leave our house. We usually ready to criticize others who not follow this but at the same time not showing the readiness on our end.

    Its a common feeling of inappropriate expressions on our end by the time we have stepped onto the railway station & this continues till we reaches to the other end. And within these time span we try to ignore the dirt around us as we don't find any other alternative. We are just constrained to use the toilet outside. Although each one of us can't be blamed but still the irresponsible behavior can easily be seen as keeping to ourselves so as not to irritate the co-passengers.

    But at least we can do the things we find would make feel good for others. Although we already in the job but do it with more intensity because this is still your country.

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    A good message to train travelers, what I have seen in on long distance trains with berths, most families keep the rubbish clean in the area around the six seats, the common areas and toilets are not often well maintained because of too much use. Recently, I was told on a train journey, that the toilets and cleaning work is contracted out to private parties, if needed I can contact them.

    With regards to the coaches kept clean, this is one of the few situations where in I see many people give money to the poor people who clean the floor of the coach and then ask for money. I also give them because at least instead of demanding like other beggars, these poor people at least do some work and keep the area clean.

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    The author has raised a very valid and good point. The rodents come heavily after any food stuff found underneath the berths. Yet, many passengers, knowingly or unknowingly, keep food in such places, with disastrous results.

    Between 7PM and 10PM, there is always some unauthorized cleaning, in terms of some poor person, who would offer to clean the coaches for whatever he can earn from the passengers. Under very close supervision, in a running train, it is fine if we encourage these poor guys, as most do a very good job for the five rupees we tend to give them. Of course, there are crooks among them, who walk away with our belongings.

    In long distance trains, the Railways have introduced mobile cleaning, and uniformed personnel, approach each passenger to pass on the waste stuff, for them to clean away. In the AC coaches, the attendant is supposed to clean such stuff, or arrange for such cleaning. In some day trains, like the Pamani Express that runs between Tirupathi and Mannargudi, I was surprised to find the Railway authorized personnel, cleaning the train, so often.

    We, as passengers need to cooperate with the Railways. If there is a huge amount of waste material uncleaned in long distance trains, am told, the passengers can even stop the train and demand that the Station Master organize the cleaning. This is a good thing. Let us also know our rights, in this regard.

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