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    Is BJP inching towards Deva Gouda for support in case of hung assembly ?

    As the PM Modi entered the poll arena in Karnataka, the equations as to who will win the elections has been widely discussed and predicted by astrologers and numerologists. There is a clear edge for Congress but after Modi entered the fray the tilt was towards JD party and thus PM made a comment that " We have had political differences with Deve Gowda Ji but there is no denying that he is among India's most respected leaders.". It seems even PM Modi is not sure about getting absolute majority for the BJP alone ?
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    The equations will change as the election date approaches. There in no permanent friend or foe in politics. Based the seats each party will get and by joining with whom we can get into the government. These things play a vital role in this matter. We have seen this many times earlier days. Karnataka in not an exemption for this. I think Deva gowda is going to play a deciding role in Karnataka elections. His swing towards BJP may give an edge to BJP. Modi and Shah may work out a strategy in which all parties except congress may come together and see that congress may go out of power on Karnataka. Definitely we know that these two are masters in manipulating things against congress. But we can't assess the minds of Karnataka voters. Let us wait and see who is going to win the deal.
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    The present CM of Karnataka was the Deputy CM once while he was with JD(S) and there has been a Karnataka coalition government (JD-S and BJP) in 2008. So, there is reason for BJP to try and revive ties with JD(S) to oppose the Congress in Karnataka and improve BJP's chances. So, there is history between BJP and JD(S) and coupled with the common principle of two different adversaries joining hands against a common opponent would be crucial to watch.

    Already, the media is debating on the statement made by the PM about Mr. DeveGowda. It is do or die situation in Karnataka for both the parties with the 2019 elections in mind. If you see the poll campaign ads in papers it is more personal about what wrongs each opposite party has done. If it comes to dethroning, either BJP or Congress would not hesitate to make alliances with other parties. Lastly, there have been few leaders who have crossed over on both sides.

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    This seems to be the case as the PM Modi has appreciated the Deve Gowda for his tenure in his latest public speaking. This is all about politics & the number of seats. Although, the election result doesn't seems to be one sided but like what happened in Gujrat, the same case would be here.

    Anything is uncertain wherein the actual predictions can't be possible. It would interesting to wait & watch the outcome.

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    The three way contest in many places will divide the votes and BJP has the compulsion to take help of JD S party.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The equation in political fights always changes as per the situation. Some parties show it openly by purchasing the candidates while some do it gracefully in their own style. Whatever way the equations move it is ultimately to grab the power as a ruling party or as a ruling coalition party.

    Politics is like a war and as well said - everything is correct in love and war.

    The gullible public goes on discussing these issues due to curiosity as well as to pass their own vacant time. Astrologers and forecasters also make a hay when the sun shines.

    Every party tries to get a majority but if it does not succeed it immediately jumps to plan-B. History is witness to that and that is the way a democratic set up works.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The edge is for Congress. In the case of a hung assembly, Mr.Shah, the master manipulator will have upper hand. The BJP, which wants to come to power by whatever means, is trying to woo the Deve Gowda party.
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    The Telugus in Karnataka wont vote for BJP for having betrayed on special status. Tamil in Karnataka wont vote for BJP on Cauvery issue. That is the reason BJP has to bank on regional parties with good stand.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr Deve Gowda and his son, Mr Kumarasamy, were and are possibly even today, among the most corrupt politicians of India. Yet, it is a shame that their party is likely to win some seats in Karnataka and decide who will form the next Government in the State.

    The Congress Government has not had a great success in terms of any meaningful development. Yet, since certain emotional issues are at play, the Congress party is likely to win more seats in Karnataka. As Mohan Sir has rightly pointed out neither the Tamils who have settled in Karnataka nor the Telugu speaking people will touch the BJP, which talks big with its alliance partners and then gives them a royal kick.

    How far the Deve Gowda party will support the BJP is unclear. On an earlier occasion too. the two parties never saw eye to eye. The BJP seems to loosing in any way, and cannot hope to get a majority on its own. The corrupt face of its Chief Ministerial candidate is likely to bring back memories of the most corrupt regime in the State. So,, the BJP may even try to buy some MLAs from rival parties. It has engaged in dirty games in other States and Karnataka may not be different either.

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    There are many issues in the Karnataka Election.
    Most important is the polarization based on caste reservation status that has been announced by the present government. There has been a huge outcry against this and many mutt pontiffs have endorsed or rejected it.
    Next is the Cauvery water issue followed by rebelling in the ranks of each party and leaders changing party.
    The CM contesting from two places and the BJP leader Mr. Yeduraappa's son not getting a ticket has also stirred some discontent.
    As far as corruption goes, most people of Karnataka feel that all are in the same boat.
    If you look at all of these, a single party majority seems difficult for BJP/Congress. It would be likely a coalition and here BJP's moves to keep JD(S) as a potential alliance party is going to be very crucial.

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