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    Are you a kind of person who want to solve the issues

    Silent is not always Golden, it can create further more issues and misunderstanding.
    Yes, I am here to talk about relationship with two people. We do have our friends in an organization where we work. Also, it is only natural to have different opinion when you have different people in your group. Sometimes, we do get carried away and argue for some matter. But, it is the most important that how you walk out after such incident. Do you try to solve out the issue or keep silent to get solved it by time.

    Yesterday, one of the day when I had verbal arguments and disagreement with one of my colleagues. The situations got heated up between us. Entire day we didn't talk but at the end of the day I went to him and had talk face to face to solve out the issue. After talking each other for sometime, we felt relaxed and the matter got solved. Now, had anyone of us could not initiated, the problem would have become into a big misunderstanding and it might have continue. As it is me, I don't keep quiet when things to be said. It may or may not go well with people to people because everyone have their own temper and attitude. However, the main point is we should better solved it out the issue and misunderstanding by talk instead of keeping just silent which only create further misunderstanding.
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    If we are about to opt for the clarifications then we got two different approaches. The clarifications within the family members are more on the personal grounds but on the other hand the professional ways of sorting out differences would be different. But one thing is for sure that if there remains the ambiguous situation then the situation would get worsen. The relationship & the understanding in both the ways are critical & in case of lose of hope & confidence the issue would remain unsettled with having miserable circumstances.

    As a solution in resolving the same, the priorities needs to get defined having the target decisions with proper & timely actions.

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    Many times difference of opinion will arise among the people on certain issues. First of all we should take them as issue based but not person based. Then it will become easy between the persons to come to a solution. But the ego of the person may not allow this arriving at a solution. But we should always keep in mind that relationships are above these misunderstandings. If we practice this concept we will not have any enemy to us.
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    The difference of opinion will always arise when it comes to discussions, arguments and counter arguments between two people. They may be colleagues, relatives or even family members but it happens at times.

    We have a morning chit-chat group of retired people in our locality and sometimes the discussions go to such level that some of us become angry and practically start shouting. But it subsides and next day new discussions take place. There are some people who take things to their heart and feel hurt but it is to be avoided by all of us. In fact, if we cannot tolerate other persons outlook or view then there is no point in discussing an issue.

    It is a common thing to have a difference of opinion but it should not lead to unnecessary enmity in between the friends or colleagues.

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    Everybody will not carry the same thought. When one person will feel that they are not wrong at their place, they will not make any effort to talk about it. Same will happen with the other person, so they both will not talk and ultimately some bonds or friendships are broken.
    I feel sometimes there is a self-ego that everyone carries, that does not allow them to solve out there matters further. Although many times there would not be any kind of enmity, just there won't be any further talks and only silence. This differs from person to person. This is how a person maintains their social behavior too.

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    With in a team or in an office, there should be at least one or two people with a difference of opinion on how to approach a particular task. I'm always concerned about staff nodding their heads yes sir, we agree with you. I'll be happy if someone says 'But sir' . This means that, there is someone who has a different thought process, that would make me see a problem from a different angle.

    So, if one has a mindset of being authoritative, very defensive when questions, follows a very strict hierarchy then, he/she would not like arguments and would love silence. But a person who is keen to solve issues, will discuss, re-discuss after a break to get the better solution. I'm a person who likes to solve issues and not allow things to settle down in due course of time. The only caution would be to know when to stop an argument before things get out of hand and knowing how to prioritize the issues with relevance to the current situation and environment.

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    What I think that being at logger heads wont solve problems and in fact bring bad repute to the persons. Ego is the main cause for the people who do not be humble nor expect others to say sorry. They want to prolong the small issue which is not that serious to have face off. In every day walk of life, every misunderstanding and misleads can be cleared and amicably settled provided both the parties have the inclination to settle the issue once for all. If Ego comes in between and no one takes the lead to ask for pardon or excuse, the matter will blow into big baloon and that is not solicited at all.
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