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    Children need your time to ride on the horse of success

    Parents want to make a good career for their children. Parents work hard to provide them all the facilities. They arrange good food, good clothes, good educational institutions, good tutor, etc. But the biggest problem is that the parents do not have time to negotiate with their children. I have observed many parents do not know in which standard their students are studying? They think that their main duty is to provide money for the children. They do not think that the children need their time to share their problems, to negotiate their career opportunities, to talk some important events of their life, etc. Do not forget we had listened to stories with our grandparents and that time was the golden period of our life. There are a lot of benefits of talking to your children. You can know their problem, can solve them, can watch the progress of your children, you can know about their company, you can develop good characters in your children, etc.
    For the success of children, it is necessary that parent provide their time with children and negotiate with them. Once provide your time to your children and let see they will certainly ride on the horse of success.
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    It is the duty of the parents to see that their children will become the good citizens of the country. They should be able to know the ethics and values of life. Simply giving them the and asking them to get educated is not the only way they can do. They should give sufficient time to the welfare of the children. In my earlier days my grandparents used to spare a lot of time for children and teach them very good stories which can educate the children regarding moral values. The parents these days are so busy that they may not even see their children at least for a few minutes a day. They will run after time for money. This making a wide gap between children and them also.
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    I refer one incidence when I was travelling to Mumbai from Delhi. I was in the sleeper class & usually we got to see a lot of individuals travelling & occupying the reserved coaches but although carrying the Monthly Passes. So the same was with me that time. I just a casual discourse & when we interacted with each other, I found that most of them were early to leave the home & late to reach that their own children don't recognize them. In fact & in the first place I didn't believe them.

    This is the sad part for anyone residing in the NCR areas of the metropolitan cities. Another big issue in the family is the growing concern of the generation gap.

    Because of the limited resources & growing needs each o ne of us is bound to face the circumstances. Although the author has made a point of being open with their children but due to lack of time this is not possible all the time. But things needs to get prioritized in order to get the attentions accordingly.

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    A nice entry for the TOW contest.
    Many a times, parents do not have enough time to interact and bond with their children (apart from the holidays).

    It is often a catch-22 scenario. Children need our love and affection during their formative years to be stable. At the same time parents need to earn enough to give their children a good start in life (education etc). So, somewhere we have to compromise and make it up later.

    Some well to do families have other commitments and business needs such that, even the affordable are unable to afford to spend time with their children.

    We can make time if we really want to, if not daily at least every 2-3 days one can make an effort to spare sometime for the kids, hearing their stories, their day at school, their difficulties at schools, with friends etc.

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    A very good thread. Fully agree with the author, parents should have a good relationship with their child.

    Every child needs their parent's attention to play, study and for every kind of activity. They need their parents for appropriate guidance in every single step. Children need to share everything with their parents for a better career and for a better life. To develop that understanding, it is the duty of parents to devote proper time to their child for their nourishment and care.

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    Nice thoughts coming out of author's mind connecting to the tow topic. Yes it is imperative and importance for every parent to give time for their children not only in routines but also for their studies and practice. It is invariably noticed that children are sent to the tuition and they are advised to mend their own ways in behaving at the school, home and at the tuition center. Thus the child is left in lurch as the parents would reach home late. There is no one to consult, ask for doubts, nor want to clarify some urgent information. So children feel depressed and annoy over the parents for their first priority to the job and not for the child's education and growth. Even the diary notes sent by the school is not seen by the parents and thus the child gets the punishment for the indifferent attitude of parents. So for every parent there inclusive involvement with the child on every basis would ensure child's success for sure.
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    Thanks, everyone for responding to this thread. I am a teacher and in-charge principal of a school and I have found that this is the biggest problem related to education. Parents are ready to spend money but not ready to share their time with their kids.
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