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    Why many people are not bothered for environment?

    The Earth environment is the most important thing to us. The human race cannot sustain and survive if we do not protect and keep our environment clean and green.

    This doctrine has been in the media for quite some time and people are supposed to be aware of this vital information and crucial factors of conserving nature.

    Still, there are many people who do not respect mother nature and act in most irresponsible ways. They will throw garbage here and there and ignore signboards requesting good manners. Why are these people so rude and indifferent to such important and critical matters?

    What is the opinion of our members on this?
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    I don't feel that they don't understand or are irresponsible. I am saying this as their homes can always be found clean & well arranged. But I would agree that they don't know the implications & that's why not behaving as the case should have been.

    When I was still small, I used to listened to loud music but as the time changed which lead to change in taste & now I only opt for the moderate music. Likewise, as I came to know that the papers are made from the trees then I started using even the used papers for rough work. Many more I have adopted that I wasn't doing earlier. But the problem is that I got delayed to this jobs. I do find that the younger generation has more craze for speed & fashion & in a way more careless about the importance simplicity around them. But as the time passes the current generation will get to know the things that they couldn't get agreed with in their past lives.

    Another instance could be of more interest to the readers. That now I am living independently, I know that if not in use, the electrical appliances must get switched off in order to not to get the less Monthly charges. This wasn't the case when I was staying with the parents.

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    Everyone of us should maintain the environment. We have no right to abuse the nature. We should enjoy the nature. If we are not taking care of the environment the next generations will not be able to survive on this
    earth. we have to know how we can protect this earth. Conserving the water, preserving the trees minimising fuel consumption are some of the actions we all should practice. If any man is not following these principled he should be given proper mentoring and see that he will follow the points.

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    It is very true that there are some people who are not caring for our surroundings and the precious gifts of nature to us in form of water, air and fertile soil.

    As a good citizen, it is our duty to educate these people and explain them the value of these natural resources and how to keep the Earth as green as it was available to us in the beginning of human settlement.

    The society is responsible for the bad approach of some people towards the nature. It means that society is not able to bring them in the main stream of our thinking process.

    Knowledge is power.

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    This question has to be answered keeping several issues in mind. Even educated people are not concerned about environment. They forget that they are also a part of this environment.
    Nature has provided an atmosphere where different types plants and animals can live provided they do not disturb the settings there. Coexistence of different plants and animals on this earth make possible since the set up is not highly disturbed.
    Let us are the needs of man if he is to exist on this earth. Basically he needs water, air and food. Water is coming from the earth. Air is also there in the environment. Food he makes out of different natural products. If nature is not producing them man cannot survive here.
    Polluting water, air and soil definitely will cause question the very existence of human beings. But the issue here is that the very human beings are creating a situation which question this. Misuses of water, soil and air are the basic issue here.
    Some persons are not bothered about this issue. They act as they please. A selfish approach from many is creating problems. Even from the authorities which are to take care of the well being, are acting against the environmental protection. The hills and forests are removed in the name of development. Food items are highly contaminated for making money. Like this a major section of the human community are living as they please without thinking about others. This is the problem.

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    Many Individuals think that keeping the environment is the task of the special task force and the government. But they seldom realize that we are also part of the government and a good move to protect our environment should start from us. By keeping our house and the neighborhood, we are indirectly contributing to the cause of environment and thus highly regarded. I have seen that most of educated lots feel that they should not be disturbed or distracted from their professional jobs and keeping the environs clean is job of the civic authorities. Such kind of ill thoughts must be removed.
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    Many people in India have the mindset that their homes are their own and keep it clean and neat. What happens out of their house is not their headahce or responsibility.

    Some people believe that why should I try to keep the environment clean when there are so many people around me throwing rubbish and garbage around.

    Recently we had been on a holiday, during the boating, we had a couple of rough people throwing choclate wrappers in the water, this was not pinic spot but a lake in a nature reserve. When the boatman questioned a arugment started and, we had to pacify and come back.

    I think like the traffic fines, we need a system of fines issued daily in each ward and locality for the people. This alone would not help, we need to provide enough staff and areas for throwing garbage etc and maintain the place. We also need to educate, educate and hope that people change.

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