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    Sir, You don't need to say Cut I will say it

    Recently in an Interview with group of people and media, Superstar Amitabh Bachchan was narrating and interesting incident which has happened while shooting. He remembered that in olden days when shooting was done with "Film Reels", the actors were very concious to not to waste the film unnecessarily. So whenever they do mistakes the actor himself/herself use to shout "Cut-Cut". In recent shooting, everything is done digitally so there is no problem no matter how many time one retake. The superstar forgot this in a shooting and he shouted for "cut" when he made the mistake. The young director came to him, take him aside and softly said- "Sir, it is me who will say "Cut" and not you." However, Amitabh Bachchan said he agreed with the director because he was correct.

    It was one of the wonderful moment when he share his experience and made people laugh out loud.
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    The more the achievements the more we would be having the stories associated with those. When we work in a professional manner & got interacted much then often the things are enjoyed. Instead of what the author has pointed out about an instance, we could have many more.

    One interesting example could be of the famous film "Sholey". As read somewhere, initially this was a flop & the audiences could understand the story. But as a strategy, the team started fake news that this was going to be the super hit movie. This strategy got an impact on the audiences & they started coming back & proved one of the block buster of its time. There were famous dialogues including of Dharmendra & Gabbar Singh. Although the Amjad Khan started his career as a villain which would be remembered last long till the movie industry exist but he later on also performed for comic roles too.

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    Lovely narration of how old habtis die hard and how times have changed in the life of an individual.People who have acheived a lot and still humble abide by the changes and do not put themselves superior to others.

    I remember my first camera many years ago was an Afga with a film roll. I used to be very careful before I snap a picture because of the fear of loosing one frame. After some years, having bought my first digital camera, initally I would be hesitant to take snaps randomly even though I could delete the image, it took some time to adjust.

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    It is true that our habits will not go that easily. I used to take photos in a reel camera. I used to think no exposure should not get wasted. The same attitude is being continued even now with digital cameras. But my sons say to me not to worry . They take hundreds of exposures and they enjoy this.
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    Some old memories wont die that easily. Probably Amitabh Bachhan also went in trance of olden days when for every scene so many Cuts has to be said to bring best from the actors. And we see a actual shooting of olden days film making we wont like to see the original movie. The artistes are chided for not going through the script, taking more time to emote and not emoting properly are the main complaints. Some producers and directors even walked out of the shooting arena just saying "pack up" which is the indication of deep annoying over the the performance and the artistes would seek pardon and do rightly.
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    This post is very informative and is humorous as well.

    Well, not many know that one South Indian Superstar, who was also a legend in real life as a Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, used to take personal interest in many departments like the song sequences, the music, the story narration and even what the leading ladies should wear!! More so, in the inevitable dream sequences in his films!!! His name was MGR.

    So, he was virtually the director, though his films had directors who were his personal friends too. For example, one particular director called Veerappan, later went on to become his friend and philosopher too, in politics.

    In those days, the best of technology was not available. Yet, MGR became the phenomenon that he was destined to become, through perfect planning of his image, the stories and lovely songs that are melodious even today.

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