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    Humility: the Art of making others respect us, forever

    A few days ago, the most successful franchise of the IPL, the Chennai Super Kings, (CSK), lost a match to the Mumbai Indians. It was a close match, but Chennai lost the match since it did not have the fifteen or twenty runs it normally gets, as a routine, after having batted first.

    When the expert asked the CSK captain, the former India Skipper, Mr Dhoni, about the loss, he did not blame it on his team mates, as most captains do. Dhone is often referred to as Captain cool, or Mr. Cool. He merely said that it was a good thing to loose a match or two, as the team could identify what it missed and then make it up in the next match. He was decency personified, and never blamed the pitch or the opposition.

    This is the best example of humility, from a well known celebrity.

    How does one achieve humility?

    Simple. A few ground rules will suffice. The first is to always think of life as a journey, not a destination. Closely aligned to this realization is that death snatches away everything from us, and hence the more we are good to us, the more everyone will remember us.

    The second is to develop empathy and forget the "I". This is easier said than done, more so, in politics=dominated organizational cultures. However, even here, we can make a mark if we try.

    Third, is the most important thing -- to ask for pardon, for our mistakes from anyone, big or small. This leaves a lasting impression on others.

    The fourth rule is to smile, even in the most trying circumstances and exhibit positive body language. This will attract us to others, and make them respect us, as we will be seen as people on whom they can bank on, for help.

    The fifth rule is to always think only about the good of others, and get them to work on their strengths only. Never comment on their weakness, unless asked for.

    If we try the above rules, humility will become a way for us, and help us to maintain very good lives and relationships with others.
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    Rightly said by you, we should accept the defeat with positivity. It only make us to learn as what we did wrong. However, it need a heart to accept the mistakes and ask for sorry about it. In normal life we often find that we all try to save and hide our fault if we do mistakes instead of accepting it openly. I got reminded an old proverb - The tree which bend in storms are likely to stay longer, those tree which does not know to bend, today or tomorrow get rooted out."

    It is different that we don't learn from this best example.

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    Doni became the cricketer of one of its kind that remained undisputable throughout his career & at the same time as a role model for many.

    We need to see that the IPL is a competition with other good teams. So for sure in a match one has to win & another may lose the side. This is important that Dhoni is a captain of his team & as a responsible person he didn't even denied the fact & carried on with his responsibility & accepted the defeat.

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    Humility is a special trait in very few people. Everyone tries to blame others for any losses and take the credit of good things. They always feel that I am OK and you are not OK. But many times we know that we are also a part of the misdeed. But they never have the courage of accepting the mistakes and getting it rectified. In professional life also many of us show this tendency more. Big bosses never accept their failure, they try to make somebody at a junior level a victim.
    Humility such a good quality we will see more in female. In our house either our mother or wife, they always accept that what they have done is wrong even though they know that they are not at fault. They go to an extent that they are the culprits to protect the children from their father.
    We will be seeing this trait in many accomplished people. They simply accept their fault and never find fault with others. Dhoni as an accomplished person maintain a very positive approach and never say some individual is responsible for the loss. A real leader with concern for fellow players.

    always confident

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    There is nothing wrong to accept the defeat or failure with all humility and that will in fact increase the face value in the minds of others and also proves to be challenge to make corrections for next fight. Humility is the biggest asset one have to corner the attention of others. If you take the story of Shirdi Sai Baba which is now showing in National channels and also regional channels, the way he lived with humility has brought him more followers instantly and the way he used to corner the selfish persons and their overtures are also in shown in best way to make them corrected for future life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Nice post by the author. Humility is a human trait that will help us to build very good relationships with others , our closed ones or even in our neighborhood.
    As I earlier said, we should have a down to earth attitude in every situation. We should always respect everyone's opinion and listen to it, till they speak. Even listening is a very good habit.
    No humans are different. We all are here to help each other.
    We should never downgrade anyone, whoever it is, be it is in terms of their dreams or jobs or their career. Everybody needs equal respect and honor. If we are able to maintain such an attitude towards others, we could maintain humility with each other. There should be that humbleness in our words and tone, that could make more friendly environment.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    A nice thread that has highlight a noble quality in an otherwise commercial IPL. Great are those who can achieve stardom and still keep both feet on the ground. Such humility often raises the stature of the person concerned.

    Gautam Gambhir stepped down as DD captain and has offered to give back his entire paycheck for this IPL. This is a honest and humility, wherein instead for finding excuses, he has taken responsibility and given way to others so that if there is a chance to make an comeback this IPL.

    Sometime back I had read about Tripura's longest serving CM, Mr. Manik Sarkar who lived on a meager amount given by the Party and in return he would donate the CM salary to the party fund for which he was respected.

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