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This thread is the Special Prize Winner of the Topic based monthly TOW contest for April'18 on the topic - 'Ride'
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    Riding the wave of contentment through vivid, varied experiences

    There is happiness. And then there is contentment.

    When do you feel happy? You achieve a goal which you have always aimed for, seemingly impossible perhaps initially, but you do reach there eventually. What do you feel? An exhilarating feeling of happiness, a thrill, an excitement of having ridden the crest of the wave. You feel happy on meeting relatives and friends after a long time. You feel happy when you get a promotion or a hike in salary.

    On the other hand, there is just a simple contentment. When do you ride this wave? When you have this feeling in your heart of a very deep satisfaction; of just simply feeling pleased. You sort of give a gentle sigh, content. I feel this often.

    I feel it when I have submitted an article to my absolute satisfaction, something which I feel has been written well.

    I feel it when I have finished reading a beautiful book, fiction or non-fiction, when I turn the last page and let my hands rest on it, my mind quietly going over what I have read.

    I feel it when the credits roll at the end on the silver screen, my mind serenely pleased & silently applauding for having seen a good film.

    I feel it when I watch in fascination two squirrels playfully chasing each other up and down and across branches.

    I feel it when watching God's play on nature with the sky's changing hues - pink, purple, gold - as I return from work with the sun dipping over the western horizon and a lovely wind caressing my face.

    That feeling of pure, utter contentment cannot really be described. It is just there, inside. Yes, it does sometimes burst into full-fledged happiness, becoming wholly part of it!

    When was the last time you simply sighed & rode the wave of deep, utter contentment?

    [This is my entry for the Topic based monthly TOW contest for April
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    Once you have contentment you will get the happiness. When I received the best reviewer of research articles by a well known research journal in material science three months ago and the citation they have given I felt very happy and I felt contended as the honour given by the journal is so exciting for me. I felt I got the reward which is more than what I really deserve.
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    The one I am going to write here, even I have shared in few forums and some members (editors!) too may remember that. When there was an announcement of conversation contest, I mistook an actor instead of the author and write it with my favourite actor.

    Very recently for a shorter duration, I had an opportunity to live in New Delhi and when I had chat with some of the north Indian friends and for them, everything I talked about South is very new and likewise whatever they talked about north is new to me. To correlate that, I mentioned a film namely Nala Damayanthi in Tamil where a scene comes when the hero takes a bottle of Mavadu(a kind of pickle prepared in one community of TN) in Australia, the person sitting at the security enquired about it to nearest person of North but he could not identify it while a person from Srilanka easily identifies and the security personnel says how two persons from the same country are not known about each other while a neighbouring country fellow could easily find out. That is the case with most of us that we are unaware of many things within our country. I am not talking about bigger issues but small day to day issues. Then she recollected that film is also there in Hindi as Ramji Londonvaley with the same actor as a hero. Then I thought though he is my favourite actor, I was not aware of many things about his films in other languages and hence googled it and when I looked the wiki, people may not accept(or understand!) the joy I have undergone by seeing his mother's name is also same as mine. That again reminds me another chat about the same hero sometime before with my nephew when I saw the film Rang De Basant and I was seriously saying I should have acted as hero's mother's role.

    Though this is very funny the happiness long last for quite some time.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Few of the portion get the poetic briefings. A good attempt.

    Personally, I don't have much attraction left for the wordily affairs with having the fact that one day everything would get eliminated on its own. We are born on some day & we would remain no more on some other day. And with this someone else would replace us.

    Keeping this onto my mind I do divert myself to some spiritual activities. This gives me peace from inside & I began to feel delighted then. I began to feel in the place that doesn't carry any desires or intentions but simply I want to be there. I do feel that it's a great experience which is beyond this wordily affairs.

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    Every task we achieve must have the total satisfaction and contentment so that we get immense pleasure of having achieved it against the all odds. Even if we achieve the half, the satisfaction wont fulfill our aspirations. Small children who are in the learning spree of walking one step by step would have the full happiness and contentment that they did achieve something new and their expression can be seen with full of happiness which cannot be measured. And we the parents must give much impetus to induce the same child to attempt further big walks without support and thus the child goes on exploring new walking experience.
    K Mohan
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    Good poetic thread.

    Let me check whether I feel happiness or contentment after seeing the latest movie The Avengers: the infinite war!!

    Don’t remember forgetting to remember anything

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    A superb input Madam.

    Moments of absolute happiness are found even through the social media. Facebook helped us to connect to many classmates of the same class and school. We met and we shared all those times of innocent fun, laughter, and all that was common in terms of happiness, in those good old times.

    Someone recalled the sheer joy of having listened to radio, as at that time, even the TV had not arrived in India, to hear the latest score of the India-Australia series in India. When the match was played at Chepauk, we were all exited, more so, about Solkar's fielding.

    Happiness, as you have pointed out madam, is in sharing my experiences or writing on something, based on the learning from such experiences. Happiness is in seeing a very small child play around, and also watch the child say very funny things. Happiness is also present when we get to visit the restaurant on weekends. as we have enough time, to share all that we wanted to share. More so, with very close relatives.

    Happiness is or contentment is also seen, in my opinion, when I go to some ashram, pray in absolute peace and also meet up with other devotees who have similar wavelengths. Contentment is absolute when we donate something to the poor, and their eyes light up immediately -- be it an old sari, or a couple of old pants or shirts or whatever.

    Likewise, happiness and contentment is also experienced when we see the younger generation doing so many good things, like planting a huge number of trees, in a city like Madurai, where the climate in summer is just horrible.

    Thanks a lot for pointing out many experiences. The more we are contended, the more happy we are. Yes, one's experiences, that are unique, are very important.

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    Wow, what a lovely poetic thread. Describing that ultimate feeling of contentment, after having a real big achievement or maybe after achieving the one that we have always been aiming for.
    Life is completely incredible I would say, in a moment you can laugh and you can cry.
    This thread reminds us of little things that make us happy, the sober beauty of nature.
    Seeing the birds and the sky, the stars twinkling at the night. They all give a sign of contentment to our heart. They all give a sign of peace.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Wonderful thread. Many people ignore to ride the wave of contentment because they keep waiting for the big one and in the meanwhile miss many small ones that are worth their own weight.

    Yes, in life we need to achieve great things to be happy and contented. But there's nothing stopping us from what small things that go well in our day to day life. A smile on the children's face, someone telling a word of thanks or wishing us well for a job well done. Witnessing a beautiful sunrise or sunset from the top of the building or apartment. Even an inquisitive child that makes you think of your inner self.

    So, yes by all means ride the big ones but also don't miss out on riding the small waves of contentment and happiness in daily life.

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