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    After Mamta, Deva Gouda, Karunanidhi, Stalin, and now Akhilesh Yadav. KCR garnering support.

    We have seen politicians making tall promises and even talk about bringing change in the leadership. But seldom those said these worked on that line. But Telangana CM KCR who is angry with the center for not adhering to the requests of the states and not releasing the funds sought for, has been pitching for federal front by garnering support of erstwhile parties which were in power or not. By doing so KCR has been one step ahead of Chandrababu Naidu who is now left alone in this exercise. So in politics one has to be strict, quick and at the same time impressive to others.
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    Yes Sir, KCR is quite fast in getting together parts of the opposition in different States. However, what will happen to such an alliance at the time of General elections is very difficult to answer now.

    If Karnataka does not favor the BJP in a big way, as is very likely, then there will be a huge churn at the national level, with the Congress party trying to garner new allies. At least some of these leaders may not favor a grand alliance, given the inherent contradictions between people of such diverse cultural backgrounds.

    Yet, KCR has done the right at the right time. Chandrababu Naidu is on a totally different wicket. He has rightly pointed out the double games played out by the BJP. There will always be a "we Vs they" divide which will be milked by him to the maximum extent.

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    KCR always pitched his performance at right time. His timing has to be appreciated and the outcome would be fruitful post Karnataka elections.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    KCR is more a power hungry man. For him nothing is more important than being in power. He wanted his son as CM. So he has to go out of that seat. Hence he is trying to go to Delhi. But he may not become PM so easily. There are many people from different parties waiting for the top post. So I feel as our state is small chances for him will be less. The moment this fact is told to him his approach will be different. Never expect the front to go a long way. We have already seen earlier also the fronts which failed miserably.
    Coming to Naidu he always says that he is not interested in the country politics and he wanted to remain in the state.

    always confident

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    Politics is about having a track of favours asked and favours owed among various smaller parties.

    Any party directly or indirectly keeps its own survivial in mind and start chosing friends and making enemies at a given point of time.

    BJP has kept channels of communication open with JD(S) in Karnataka, the PM praised Mr. DeveGowda as a respected leader known for his good governance etc.

    Chandra Babu Naidu stood his ground and broke off with BJP. Now KCR is trying to keep the various party communication lines open by meeting them and having a good relationship. When it actually comes to the crunch time, then all these efforts will pay dividend.

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    When there was a thread about the opposition unity and common font against BJP, I had mentioned that the opposition parties have many aspirants for the PM post. Every party has its own PM candidate aspirant, sometimes more than one in the same party.
    There is no bar to wish or dream and hope for a position. Hence we cannot blame KCR in this.

    There is a saying in Malayalam that 'Grahana samayaththu njanjoolinum vishamundu"-(During eclipse even an earthworm can be venomous).
    We can modify this saying and rephrase as 'during election times every leader is important and multi potential'.

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    The next general election would be the most interesting of all that one side we have Modi JI & on another side the rest of the opposition parties. Completely unexpected & difficult to make any predictions. No one can be very much sure of about how the turning would be as is evident from the state election in Gujrat wherein we saw the close fight between the BJP & the Congress. The same was the case in UP too for the elections of local bodies that the BJP couldn't perform as expected.

    We have still a long way to go till we caste our votes for the coming general election during next year. This could be the close fight or possible the whitewash of the Congress party. The alliance of the left parties are weak from within that no one in those are flexible enough to keep the coordination. Anyhow the time will tell the final outcome.

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