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    Respect the pedestrians and follow road decorum

    Pedestrians are the people who walk beside the road and traverse their path by walking alone. These are the people who are vulnerable to everyday road accidents. This involves the cyclists too. The people driving the cars and bikes or scooty need to understand that roadside is meant for pedestrians. They need equal respect.

    Most of the accidents happening every day in our country involves a majority of pedestrians. The reason behind such accidents is people do not follow the traffic rules and the rules of driving on road. People continuously keep pressing horns that causes too much of noise pollution and does not even help in reducing the traffic. Nobody follows the proper lane.

    In metropolitan cities, there is no proper lane for pedestrians to walk their way. So, they come in between the traffic at times, which causes a nuisance on the road. Roads are being developed at a higher pace without proper understanding of how to manage these roads and traffic. There is lack of administration in our country, the public does not follow the traffic and road standards, which causes unnecessary problems.

    There have to be appropriate measures to run the traffic. Also, the government should start a campaign to make people aware of the rights of pedestrians. They have the right of way much before the people riding in a vehicle. In fact, whenever we see a pedestrian, it's our duty to stop our car or bike and let them cross the road first.

    Let us be more civilized human beings.
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    Nice thread from the author. As we know many of us are in urgency and want to reach the destination in time as we always leave the originating place late and there by show the hurry attitude on the road and that includes violation of traffic rules and not following the rights pertaining to pedestrians. The Zebra crossings are for the pedestrians to cross from this side to that side and vice versa, But invariably I find people are not having patience for those 10 seconds to which the pelican lights show green for pedestrians and the motorists starts moving terrorizing the roads users. Please have patients and restraint from moving in advance at the signals. And one more advise. Foot paths are for the road users to walk and not for the vendors to sell their products. The local traffic police instead of clearing them, support their business by accepting weekly bribes and that must be done away forth with.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A very pertinent thread for the safety of the pedestrians. Due to the carelessness and indifferent attitude of these reckless drivers the life of pedestrians is in danger. Anytime an accident can happen.

    One surprising thing which I observed is that a pedestrian complains about this attitude of the drivers but when he is driving a vehicle he totally forgets it and starts doing same mistakes or offences. This is really a miserable and ridiculous situation. It means our mindset needs to be changed in toto. The whole society is suffering with this and the culprits are speeding up their vehicles on the roads with anger and rage. Sometimes I feel we are not cultured enough to possess vehicles which are simply a license to trouble others.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A very nice post pooja. We all should appreciate your concern for the walkers. Many times accidents will be happening due to carelessness of drivers and not following the rules as required. I have been observing in cities two wheelers travelling on the footpaths. They don't even understand the flight of these pedestrians They want to go early. That is the only point. Let all others go to hell. They never bother about the problems faced by the walkers. The usage of horn is also very irritating. Unnecessarily drivers go on using horn which will create a lot of sound pollution. The maximum time saving will be very minute but risk is tremendous. So we all should give respect to traffic rules and should not create any problem to fellow human beings. A good thread.
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    A very good point. In fact, if one visits a superb bazaar called Pondy Bazaar in T Nagar, Chennai, the main commercial hub of Chennai, one can see how the pedestrians suffer, since the hawkers have virtually encroached on every bit of space available to sell everything under the sun. This is a huge business, but the pedestrians, who are also customers have to just put up with all the trouble. Yet, this is a superbly well maintained locality in terms of the number of huge trees. every single person does like shopping in such places.

    Pedestrians who prefer walking should be specially protected. It is fine to have walking tracks in parks, like what we have in the city of Bangalore. This superb city also has superb gardens in such parks and walking is a big pleasure in such places. As far as the safety of pedestrians is concerned, it is wise to have the subways at some key places, as is provided at Chennai. This will help people to freely walk from one side to another, without bothering about the possibility of some one hitting them.

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    I don't fully agree with the author here.

    Although the author has suggested for a proper solution along with following the traffic rules but I object to the negative comments throughout. The "lack of administration in our country" & "the public does not follow the traffic" & "Nobody follows the proper lane" & "In metropolitan cities, there is no proper lane for pedestrians to walk their way" & "road standards".

    How come that we are so insensitive while using the words.

    Throughout, one word has been placed everywhere, which is "pedestrians". I want to ask whether the pedestrians are out of their mind when they come out to open roads. More often we can see that those don't even care about the "pedestrians crossings". Adding that they don't even uses the over bridge facilities that the government administration has provided to us. Many more can be listed here with the pictures. Recently somewhere in UP, one bus was damaged killing >8 children in that bus. The bus driver himself was heavily injured or might have died on spot. This happened in the railway crossing & the driver had earphone listening to. Who we need blame here anyhow?

    How often have we seen the pedestrians without using the earphone even while the time they are crossing the roads?

    Concluding that the safety remains the responsibility of each one of us. There are still the huge area that can't be covered with safety measures. Simply not possible but we do have other options like to use our mind everywhere because the mistake just happen.

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    #635319 : Mr. Ved Prakash, the truth is the truth, we do not follow the traffic rules, we really don't bother about traveling in proper lanes. We do make a heck of everything on the road. Anyways, no one walks on roads without using their mind.
    Pedestrians do suffer on daily basis. Even if you keep them aside, how often do we as 'good' and 'responsible' citizens follow the traffic rules? I have seen people driving rashly without even caring what the harmful effects could be.
    We just speed up our vehicles and at the end face disastrous accidents. People don't follow the road standards properly. Every day we see a numerous number of road accidents occurring because of carelessness by the people.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Pooja - you said nobody walks on the road without using their mind. Actually, yes, there are such people. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was walking towards a very busy junction. Due to some construction work, the footpath was not accessible so I was walking carefully at the side of it, away from the traffic. As I came closer to the junction, I saw a girl coming towards me. She was totally absorbed in her phone, her head down, looking at the screen. A vehicle turned the corner when the signal changed to green for the traffic and would have hit her, had I not quickly shouted out and pulled her by her arm to the side. I scolded her, telling her she should pay attention when walking. She just laughed, said "Sorry!" and went past, continuing to look down at the screen, heedless. Huh? Apologizing to me for being negligent instead of realizing her foolhardiness?

    The other side of the coin - yes, vehicle drivers don't care a hoot about pedestrians. I was walking once on a footpath when a guy came up on to it via a small slope off the road, riding his bike. I reprimanded him, asking why he was doing so. He pointed out in a direction beyond my shoulder, saying he just wanted to go to the nearby building. I stood firm in front of him and did not budge. A traffic policeman standing at the nearby crossing came over and also admonished him. He made the bike rider back off and get back on the road, telling him he could go around and park at the spot on the road in front of where he wanted to go & not on the footpath which had been his intention. I was thrilled that the policeman did not budge too!

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Instead of using "few", we still using "we". Its not fair. So this can't be "each of us" but "few of us". I still don't feel it appropriate.

    If we all are irresponsible towards road safety, then its not possible for any one us reaching home safely & the thing could have been worse then any one can expect.

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    In many cities the vehicle drivers do neglect the pedestrians much as if the entire road meant for them. One day a two wheeler person sullen a walker by saying what urgency to him. In many places two wheelers are moving over platforms also.

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    There is no traffic awareness among our people. We are least bothered about traffic safety.
    Traffic rules, symbols, signaling etc are to be taught in schools and are to be introduced in school curriculum as a separate subject.

    Don’t remember forgetting to remember anything

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    If you look at the issue as a whole, it is a sum of wrongs from all parties concerned.

    Everybody is in a hurry in the busy metros. There are wide roads and footpaths but these are occupied by people and illegal parkings, cabs and autos that park side and side to get a quick fare.

    The vehicles we have especially the two wheelers motorcycles are too fast and too powerful for our Indian roads. By the time the rider has crossed few hundred yards, the bike just zooms off.

    The traffic rules are not implemented and riders are not fined for their mistakes. Some of the riders of both two and four wheeler ride as if they are on a race track, zigzagging and overtaking, overspeeding etc. Even school zones are unsafe. The water tankers and goods autos add to the problems.

    If we look at the pedestrians, some of them walk across busy major roads to avoid walking to the pedestrian crossing or the over bridge. There are plenty of jay walkers who just cross whenever they want to.

    If we just have some common sense, patience, follow the rules and have stricter traffic police, practically the difficulties of the pedestrians can be reduced greatly.

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