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    Protecting our children from negative influences

    In most families, it is commonly seen that children have nothing except the smart phone in their hands, and are engaged on endless chatting with their friends, even at the age of seven or eight. Most are members of some social media or the other, and those around fifteen years, seem to be so happy on Facebook, exchanging everything from the mundane, to private photographs and even cell phone numbers.

    Facebook is not bad by itself. It has helped several people to re-unite after several years, and there are hundreds of people who have been lost and found, only through Facebook. In the 2015 massive floods in Chennai, it was Facebook that saved several lives, as the inputs alerted the various agencies in relief work.

    It becomes very dangerous for women, only when even cell phone numbers are exchanged with strangers.

    As parents, we have a huge duty to correct our children. Constant counseling can be of great help. When we lend a helping hand to children to do things that are extra-ordinary, when we help them to make new friends in the neighborhood and from our own known sources, they are more likely to keep away from making friends with strangers. It is totally unwise to become friends with total strangers. So, we need to be pro-active here.

    Similarly, we need to be ever vigilant with our children on use of the smart phone. Not a single male, should take any photo of our girl children, in any private place. They should be told not to talk to any stranger, and accept any offer of coffee or cool drink and so on. Third-rate rascals are on the prowl. We should be very careful and spot any danger in this regard.

    The former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Ms Jayalalitha,. was the queen of corruption. Yet, one good thing she did was to ask women constables to constantly patrol bus stations and other public places to minimize any act of violence or any untoward incident. big cities like Chennai or Coimbatore, are quite safe for women only because of such measures. So, wherever possible, our girl children should be taught all the methods of self-defense.

    Similarly, we also need to understand that there is a great danger by watching the worst of TV serials in any language. Parents need to avoid such serials, for the larger benefit of children. For, if the parents themselves watch these serials, the children will naturally not respect the parents or their advise.

    Keeping a tag on every email exchanged by our children can also help our children in this regard. We should be careful not to do a police job. But, most children tend to obey and respect parents, when they start understanding the meaning of such advise.

    The list goes on. Members may also share their own personal experiences in this regard.
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    I would instead like to give them a free hand so as to make them understand about the wordily things. Due to technology & the internet this become impossible to restrict the children for what is good & what is not good.

    As the time move they will automatically be shifting to what is required. But during all this we keep on doing tracking & monitoring so that they doesn't get deviated from their path.

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    Yes children are bound to be influenced by negative things shown on the social media and the television. Even in daily sit coms the worst robbery, cheating, advancing against the females and all kinds of tricks to fool others money wise are shown and the children are the great observers and they too watch the television with the mother and they tend to learn the negative things first. It is better to keep off the television when the children are round the corner or let them be allowed to enjoy the cartoon channels. Now a days recording of serials are possible and that can be seen during leisure when children are away.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    On one side the children are got addicted to televisions or mobiles through their friends. In many families though the children do not having any habit of watching televisions or meddling with mobiles, some parents making them to watch televisions programmes like POGO, etc., or handing a mobile with them by setting a game or play etc., in order to get away from their disturbance to the parents. Later on the children got addicted and the parents got annoyed and start beating the children.
    The basic reason for this there is no alternative to them as playing outside in Gardens, parks etc., Parents should make them trained to go to temples or worship places even from small tender age in order to get attentive of their minds in to such divine thoughts in their rest hours. In olden days parents strictly advised their children to sit for prayer in evenings exactly at six o clock so as to make the children to avail themselves at the home by six o clock.

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    What we need to understand about children and negative effects are two things. One is that even within the four walls of their own rooms, they have access to devices, internet up to drugs. The second is the moment children leave our doorstep, we have no hold over them in terms of what they do, where they go and what habits they pick-up.

    The best is to spend time with them, take them as friends and tell them what is available, what is good or bad and the consequences. We should trust them, I personally think this would work better than controlling them.

    What we do at our homes is have all our phones and computer account passwords known to each other. Each of us know that our phones can be used and messages and calls be also be seen. The landline bills and internet bills can be seen by all of us. We respect our freedom and privacy with the knowledge that if needed our correspondence can be seen by all four of us.

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