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    What Do We Mean By "Flattering"...

    There are occasions wherein we tend to appreciate the person or his actions which although not suitable or appropriate but we don't find any other options or the alternative but to continue with the recognition and enjoyment in his or her support.

    This showing of gratitude is an important tool for an individual for climbing the ladder of success. Although not making the part of professionalism but this has become a routine interference in our life. Even the devotees offer something to their God in order to make the job done. This is how this has proved to be the essential part of our culture wherein everyone wants to make their superiors happy.

    Everyone in this world wants to receive recognition and be successful & that's not a secret but remains an identified fact. And although, few have achieved it but in due course & however most have failed.

    But this has been & in the mean time & also in the future, will be the most preferred means to achieve your desires.
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    It is true people will always try to get appreciated. Whether we deserve it or not if somebody is praising you, you will tend to help him. Using this weakness people will try to get advantage. As a human being many people will tend to get appreciated. Some people try to flatter the other person when they need something. A man really if he knows his stuff he will never get tempted for these. But people who are not that good but wants to be appreciated get into such flattering effect and get into trouble and put others also in trouble.
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    As rightly pointed out by the author, we often do this flattering for purely economic reasons. We all have a family to support, and it is needless to say that we need to dance to the tunes of the bosses, however irrational or stupid they might be, or their actions might be.

    Do we really have a choice? The answer is no. Flattering often happens in multinational organizations too. It is there everywhere.

    It is very common in remote locations, more so, in organizations that manufacture commodities like cement. Since they are really customer facing in the real sense of the world, as long as the quality is very good, and the brand name is very good, the CEO needs to constantly monitor only the quality parameters. Once this basic requirement is met, the CEO never gets questioned. He or she ( this is very rare) builds a huge empire of "yes men", who actively promote the "maska" culture.

    Do we really have a choice, even in our families? Do we not put up with the most irrational behavior of wives ( in some cases), merely because hitting back might cause huge problems in terms of very big fights? Of course, we, the men, are also guilty of harming our wives through some actions, like using unwanted words to bring home an argument.

    So, let us all know how to do the maska, and do it very successfully. Let us not feel ashamed about it.

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    You are right. Flattering helps. But the females like the flatterings more than the males. Few may agree, many may not agree. What is the fact? Please come out with your good comments on my comment.
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    Most people can be bogged down by flattering and they simply love to have good appreciation from others even for no reason. Those people wants others to comment on their daily dress wearing, the color and any suggestions to improve upon. Like wise these people would go for shopping not to buy anything, but to show their attitude in front of others and naturally seek flattering words from them. One thing is sure, the best way to flatter one self is to stand in front of the mirror and say many things and that would cost nothing and also one can avoid going into public and then get negative comments.
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    Flattering is one of the very common traits among people and it is used by many people at a number of occasions.

    Some use it to get support, some use it to please others, some use it to take advantage and some use it to go up the ladder in any profession or career.

    Due to the vehement use of this attribute in society, no one seems to bother about this much as it has become a part and parcel of our lifestyle.

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    Shwoing our gratitude and flattery are two different things.

    Gratitude is one that is often associated with noble thoughts, high morals and deeds. When we receive help that comes without any reciprocal expectations, we then express our heartfelt gratitude to the person who has helped us.
    On the other the very word flattery bring us images of something the people do purely for their own benfit and not truly from the heart. When we receive flattery we are cautious and know very well that it is coming because we have or in a position that can be (mis)used by others for their own personal gains.
    Flattery can be by words or actions and many junior employees, household staff, regular traders, people who seek donations and even distant relatives indulge in this.
    Do we use it in our lives very often?, it depends on the person and his/her principles. Often people who resort to flattery have some thing lacking in them, in terms of commitment, skill, ability to work hard etc.

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