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    Why is there no social action against any injustice?

    When lakhs of people assembled at one place and demanded that a sport be conducted in keeping with the Tamil tradition, on the sands of the Marina Beach, the second largest beach in the world, at Chennai, for over four days, the entire world had to sit up and take notice.

    He was public anger at its best. Here was social action at its best.

    However, we have not seen such social action against heinous crimes like rape or excesses of the ruling party or against corruption.

    Are we so insensitive? Have we lost our basic ethics, that we are so much unconcerned about people? Unless the people speak out, the judiciary, the ruling party or any other such center of power will never sit up and take notice.

    The question is: who is to bell the cat? And how can we mobilize all our resources, particularly youth resources in this regard? Members may highlight their own experiences or instances of social action that has lead to desirable results. The only thing is that such social action should have come and should have been sustained through and by non-political sources. Let us all do some serious introspection here.
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    In our country people forget the difficulties they faced easily. They never take others problems seriously . Many incidents that are happening in the society may be discussed for two or three days and then forgotten. The agitation in TN is serious because more people are involved and it is a common problem. But when the incident is particularly to a single individual the reaction will not be that much. This is because they are not getting effected.
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    We are questioning the gender bias on one side only. And we are only concern when a girl is forced to do something which is not justified or which is not as per law. Whenever such incidences takes place, the first blame goes to the man. The news hungry media & the NGO highlight the story in so short period of time that we began to believe so at once. In many of the facts it is found out that the women took the advantage for being women raising a fake scenes. And if we might remember the case of a challan by a traffic police that in an instance & without investigation the traffic police was blamed for any nuisance & was suspended just before his retirement but later on it was found out of fault on woman's end as she was without helmet & driving with triple. The recent happening of Kathua, which in the initial stage looked something but now as the case is going ahead, new mysteries are coming up.

    There are other facts which we are not aware of or don't want to know as & because our mentality has been set.

    With all these I am not denying the fact that there is nothing as such that we call as rape but we often not serious in our approaches. For writing a blog or for making a note is not desirable as most of us does this. But instead we need to be more responsible towards our existence in the society. Most importantly we don't require any political intervention but proper investigation till the truth comes out.

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    When we talk about the Bull Fight and the lakhs in Marina gathering, the people love to participate and watch the BF as a time pass activity. But when we talk about the heinous crimes such as rape and corruption, more people are desirous of involving in rape and corruption, but they cannot. This is the sole reason why people in the society don't seek for social justice for the social injustice.
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    People cannot take all causes on their head and converge at one place to demand actions. In case of Jallukattu, it was the prestige of TN at stake as many would earn name and fame through that stamina sport and thus there was huge response across the country and the government was made to bow and concede to the demand. In case if Injustice being discussed, the government is already posted of the situation and even strict laws were enacted to punish the guilty. There is no second thoughts in that. And for some cases , it is the government to take action and not the public to sit on dharna.
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    A thoughtful thread, it is not that we are insensitive to injustice happening around us. We are angered and frustated that this keeps happening again and again.

    For someone to protest or join a protest, it is not simple. There are so many evils and injustice, which one should we fight against. Do we have the time and energy to fight against all evils?

    No, because the average man and woman have family, dependents, a job and are very vulnerable to hardhsips that can be inflicted on them and their families by the powerful and well connect people. There are many instances where normal people have risen above and questions injustice, they and their families have suffered verbal abuse, physical abuse and even killed. Can we do this?

    No we cannot do this individually but we can certainly do this if there is a NGO or a local/leader/party or Government or even a Media house starts the initiative.

    For instance we had the rally for rivers, candle light gatherings for justice of the recent rape victims. People participated in good numbers, but we need someone or some organisation to take this further and bring about a change.

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