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    "The Prime Minister and the Ministers are on election campaign."

    This is the reply of the Government of India when the Supreme Court questioned the non-implementation of its order on Cauvery management board and the plans on how to share the water. The Supreme Court earlier gave its verdict on Cauvery water sharing by Karnataka and the Tamil Nadu States. It gave six weeks time to the government. At the end of the given time, the government informed that it was not able to understand the judgment and sought clarifications and time. The Supreme Court then set 03-05-2018 to finalise everything. The plea of the government is now that since the Prime Minister and the Ministers are on an election campaign in Karnataka, ten more days time is required. This is an example of the good governance by the Prime Minister and his government. The Prime Minister feels elections are more important than the duty to the country.
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    I have never seen the previous governments being criticized so much as we are witnessing with the current government. Through all categories of medias we are just referring to what current government is not doing. What I feel that if the same was the case with the earlier governments also then our country could have been a much better place to live.

    I hardly saw the Congress Party being blamed for something which they did when they were in power. But in context to the current topic I would like to say that the PM & the ministers are also the workers of its party & they are simply contributing so as to extend the achievements of their party.

    And for the author's comment that, "The Prime Minister feels elections are more important than the duty to the country", I would like to add that the current PM still remains the most workaholic wherein he works for 16hrs that too at the age of 66 is a commendable effort he puts in for the welfare of country. He is also someone who hold himself and his team accountable. I do have a doubt that he can be compared with anyone in whatsoever way.

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    I would say this the frustration of a congress supporter rather than a complaint from the general citizen. Everyone knows that Cauvery water dispute is not the issue which has just come out open in last 3-4 years but years old. However, I would like to know from the author what the previous Government did for this dispute? The decade old party and their ruling did nothing to end this dispute and expecting everything to get solved by the current government is asking too much. The PM modi do not have the "Jadu ki Jhappi"(The magic stick) that he move it and all the problem get solved. Above all the PM is too good for the country and states, it is different that some people can't see it and keep their eyes shut from it.

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    I do not agree with Mr Ved Prakash Anand. The Prime Minister has not even bothered to convene a meeting of the State Chief Ministers so far, on the vexed Cauvery issue. He has always maintained a huge silence, in spite of the huge protests that have been going on in various parts of Tamil Nadu.

    To claim that he is a workaholic is to miss the wood for the trees. If one sees how much stress the Public Sector Banks have been undergoing, it will become abundantly clear that despite the so-called workaholic Prime Minister, its record in terms of achievements -- I mean the BJP -- is a big zero.

    Sir, do you know what is the percentage of retail inflation, that is, what we get to spend for the bare minimum essential commodities? The price of every single commodity has gone up by leaps and bounds after the ridiculous implementation of the so-called GST.

    In one stroke, the great Mr Modi, destroyed the livelihood of millions of farmers and small traders, who were hit so hard, after demonetization. Sir, are you aware that 98 per cent of the money in circulation came back to the banks? How many benami transactions were encouraged, and what really happened? The rich have become richer and the poor have become very poor.

    The only achievement of the Modi Government is that they have promoted a huge amount of contract and casual labor, through a huge number of incentives to the employers. Sir, please do come and see what is going in various industrial hubs of Chennai. Only few of the supervisory staff are on regular rolls. Engineering graduates and diploma holders are taken only for three years, at the end of which, they do not get regular jobs.

    Is this justice? If they do not have regular jobs, how will they get married and settle down? Are contract jobs, and "fixed term employment" the answers for our unemployment?

    Sir, how is that the BJP ruled States like UP have record corruption? What is our great PM doing there?

    Working for 16 hours, for the rich cannot be termed a great sacrifice. This gentleman will go down in history as the only Prime Minister who has effectively destroyed agriculture and promoted jobless growth.

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    The author may please understand the precarious situation of the PM in this matter. If he takes the action now favoring Karnataka , the already strained relations with TN would further sore. And if he takes action favoring TN, then the BJP will have straight beating at the hustings and there would be total washout in Karnataka Elections. For BJP, Karnataka is the entry point to the South seats and it has to wrest the power from Congress , otherwise the charisma and the popularity of PM would be waning and that would have greater effect on general elections going to be held in 2019.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The title of this thread is the ridiculous reply given by the government to the Supreme Court. The verdict in respect of the case regarding sharing of Cauvery river waters was given by the Supreme Court in February 2018. The government was asked to constitute the Cauvery Water Management Board and finalise the other details by 31-03-2018 by the Supreme Court. After waiting until the end of the deadline, the government asked for more time. The Supreme Court then fixed 03-05- 20018 as the date by which the arrangements to be made by the government. The government failed to do so and the above reply was given by the government as an excuse for not complying with the direction of the Supreme Court.
    I can understand the frustration and inability of the Modi supporters to give an objective response to the above. It is the question of implementing the Supreme Court order. It has nothing to solve the problem as the judgment was given. No magic wand is required for implementing the order. What all that is required is the will to implement the order which the government did not has. The obvious reason is politics before governance. The duty to the nation is treated as secondary compared to electioneering.
    Mr.Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister now. He should take the interests of the nation as the priority and then only his duty to his party. Mr. Mohan has rightly explained the situation which clearly indicates the preferences of our Prime Minister and his colleagues.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Yes Sir. You have rightly said what most objective observers would reason as the best reaction to the ridiculous excuses given by Modi and Co. If the BJP thinks that the party's interests are far more important than the burning Cauvery issue, it has no business to be in power.

    At least the Congress Governments did something to force the Karnataka Governments to give water. For example, the great Deve Gowda, when we was in power, was literally forced by the Central Government to give water to Tamil Nadu.

    Only when people who support Modi come to T Nadu, they can understand the larger issues involved. Karnataka has been very proudly claiming that the entire Cauvery is theirs, The Supreme Court has clearly said that no river can be the sole property of any State.

    In co-operative federalism, unless the Central and State Governments work in close collaboration, nothing can be achieved. If our great Modi had even bothered to convene a single meeting on the issue, much earlier, things would not have come to this pass.

    The late queen of Corruption, Ms Jayalalitha, also did nothing. She often thought that she was the Supreme Goddess and every single human being on earth has to prostrate before her. She had irritated Karnataka like never before. That she was brave in whatever she did, was only one point. She created more enemies everywhere, than friends.

    No Prime Minister worth his salt will behave as irresponsibly as Modi has done. Those who support him even today, with his miserable record of achievements in the past five years, must kindly see the larger picture. Winning hearts is more important than merely securing votes. BJP will forever compete with NOTA in Tamil Nadu and will not get even the deposit in every election. That the shameless AiADMK is playing into Modi's hands is something that none can tolerate at this critical juncture.

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    It is nature and everyone prepare himself for the next examination. The next election is the examination of the government and every minister. Every leader of political parties is on the election campaign. I live in Madhya Pradesh and there is also an election for Vidhan Sabha. Some months ago all minister including CM stated that they are going to control fees of private school by making rules. But as election are near, a couple of days ago CM stated that if the private school provides facilities they can increase the fees accordingly. So, there is nothing new.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Reason told by Government in SC is not at all acceptable. PM and ministers are in election campaign means then who is running the country? Few responses here clearly shows that they didn't know anything about the history of Cauvery issue. Final verdict on Cauvery issue was given few months back only after a long journey and not in Congress rule. If BJP follows the footpath of Congress means then why do we need that party? Few people always have the habit of blaming the past rulers though the current government completed 4 years. PM himself forgot that he is the head of country and cried in Gujarat election campaign and what can we expect from his followers.

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    I am sorry to say that the country is not only about TN or Karnataka, it has so many states and a Government has to look every state. Every state has its own problems which may or may not be solved in 1 or 2 days no matter who the Government is. The main problems comes when the comments comes with immaturity. We say or comment anything without going into the past history. We talk as if all the problems in our country just has arrived in 3-4 years and because of Modi government. One can only laugh about it if anyone say so! But before question about the current government, people should see how many years they have given to this current government? The problems which could not be solved in 70 long years, how can you say that it should solved during Modi Government that too in 5 years?

    And who were all in previous Government? It is really easy to sit down and blame but at least do this in honest way!

    I would rather be supporting to a person who did hard work and reached to such position rather than supporting a "Pappu" who did nothing in Nation's contributions even when their party rules 10 continuous years. At least Mr. Modi is doing something differently.

    People talk about GST is ridiculous. Really? Do you know how much changed has happened after the GST. I am into a company who is in importing goods and distributing in all over the country. I can tell you how easy it has become to transport goods in different cities and states in all over India. We do not need to do so many paper works which earlier had to be done. Any thing new is always a problem in starting, even when you were in KG standard, it was difficult initially. All become easy when you practice and do it proper way. People just forget this basic things?

    How many PM has open conversation or talk with public and students? Yes, one may look it political view but again it is something that happened new. How many PM has worked for "Make in India" subject? Again one can connect it politics. There are so many thing which has just started after Modi became the PM.

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    Hi All,

    As I am from Karnataka and was going through article. I do not see an issue where Modi and his govt need to be involved for the Cauvery issue. As per the latest article and SC judgement it has asked Karnataka state government to look into the issue ref: First post new article. :Cauvery dispute: SC pulls up Karnataka govt, tells it to give Tamil Nadu 4 tmcft water or 'face consequences. And they have also said that as mentioned above PM is campaigning. However, "It said that even if the Centre has not framed the scheme, Karnataka, under the Cauvery Water Dispute Tribunal award, was obliged to make monthly releases to Tamil Nadu."

    Will the Congress Government release water to Tamilnadu just before the election or what will their next step.

    If you see the media or public everyone blames Modi Government, however, if you see the other side of the coin, in last 20 years or 10 years, how many have you talked about the things Congress has done or even Manmohan Singh. Atleast now we citizens of India are active and discuss many things where Modi is involved. This show true democracy, where people are thinking in either way good or bad, but still active.

    It also the state responsibility to take action. If I everyone says Modi has ruined the country, I see the flip side, now we decision maker in international level, super power also respect our decision. We have got international identity. With demonetization, YES, people have suffered and most of the money was back into the bank. However, the flip side is - How much money was thrown in rivers, ponds, lakes, roads and distributed to poor to exchange for new notes by giving commission. Today those people have been hard hit, as farmer depends on taking hand loan from rich person or banker from his village. Now all their black money has gone, so they cannot give loan on high interest rate. Farmer are approaching bank, which is slowly picking up.

    Within 4 years people want everything to change, with the kind of dreams that Modi has shown when he became the Prime Minister. However, when we have not changed in last 70 years still follow the old tradition and do not care the rules and regulation, how can we expect everything to change in 3 years.

    Did we change - We still throw garbage on the road, we drive on footpath, do not follow traffic signal and many other. Have we changed, just think from "heart" before answering this question?

    Then think a person who is working hard to gives us healthy standard of living, we are always against him.

    Now. people may think I am BJP supporter. Yes, I have been voting for BJP and will vote again in 2019.

    Handling Question Paper Section

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    Mr. Nitin, it seems you are ignorant of the issue. What you are saying is half the truth. The other half either you do not know or avoided it. Go through my response @ 635367 and you can understand the whole issue. What you are referring is a different matter.

    The party in power is BJP. What it does that matters. What the Congress might have done is hypothetical.

    Here, I accept with you. In the last 10 years, it was not the public but the BJP and the media that were doing the talking. The present government is coming under attack more than any other government after independence. What is the reason? The reason is that the present government makes a lot of noise and does very little. It talks and talks but does not walk the talk. It created a lot of hype and facing the consequences. The public has become more vigilant unlike in the past. They are discussing and commenting.

    India is in the market for purchases. The sellers are queuing up to impress the purchaser. Do not let the hype fool us. We have not become a superpower overnight because of our Prime Minister Modi. The very countries queuing are the ones that did not give visa to him until 2014 to visit their countries.

    The money that went out of circulation due to demonetization has almost come back. The reasons given for demonetization like curbing of black money, counterfeit currency, and terrorism, digital transactions all fell flat. Everyone knows that the black money is not in the shape of currency but in real estate and other assets which the government did not touch. The process of demonetization is a failure which caused misery to the public but not the black money holders. The other day Mr. Modi shared the dais in Karnataka with Mr. Janardhana Reddy. This is the same Reddy who allegedly spent about 500 crores for his daughter's marriage immediately after the demonetization. What about not tolerating corruption?

    Mr. Narendra Modi promised heaven within a short period. He promised Rs 15 lakhs to everyone with the black money that will be brought back from abroad within 100 days. He promised to clean the Ganges in three months or so. Why he made so many unrealistic promises? Is it to make the public fools? The atmosphere in the country is spoiled. The country is polarised on the basis of religion. What the Congress could not do, he achieved in 4 years.

    Everyone has the right to like a political party or a personality of his or her choice. When it comes to the matters of the welfare of the country, let us be objective. Let us not be blind followers.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    I think if we go through the record and history of ISC forum, everyone will come to know who is blind follower and who is not. It is not that the Congress is always right and BJP is always wrong! The Congress party has come from heaven and BJP has come from hell.

    "The atmosphere in the country is spoiled. "

    If this is so, the 21 state would not have been ruled by BJP. Does it mean that entire country is a "blind follower"?

    It is truly a frustration of particular party supporter who were once ruled the country. Now they have lost the faith from public, it all showing up in different comments and action.

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    The key here is implementing the water sharing would mean the party treading the path of self destruction for the party. It is not about the PM being busy or the SC passing it's verdict. The people of both states know how contentious is the Cauvery water issues. In the past, both states have witnessed bundhs, loss of life, loss of revenue, temporary shutdown of film industry, boycott of movies etc. We just had the IPL matches shifted out of Chennai due to the water dispute issue.

    In this scenario, what nobody has mentioned is the true fact that any party be it BJP or Congress that insists or takes up the SC verdict of the Cauvery water management board etc will face the wrath and the ire of the voters of Karnataka. This would be the last thing that by the Karnataka CM(Congress) and the Indian PM (BJP) would want. Both parties are in a do or die mode in the Karnataka elections and following the rule to the letter related to Cauvery would mean risking a defeat in the elections. The 10 days time would take it after May 12 Karnataka elections and the results would be out, then the water issue would be addressed.

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    Mr. Natarajan, do you accept now that politics are given priority over governance and the implementation of Supreme Court orders by the Government of India? When the Government of India itself is putting off implementation by meek excuses, what respect it is showing to the judiciary? Politics before everything.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Yes Mr.KVRR, on this issue, I would agree with you because I've seen what the impact of the Cauvery water issue is to both states across the border. It is not being busy with the election campaign but more of not risking waking up a sleeping tiger.

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    The debate or discussion reminds me of a Flowchart recently went viral in WhatsApp or FB with the issues pertaining to BJP ruled States vs Congress-ruled states vs other party-ruled states. If the state has an issue and if Congress is ruled, then blame centre, if Non-BJP non-Congress ruled, then either State/centre is blamed according to the position of the party supporting BJP/Congress. If BJP is ruled and the state has issues the blame is on BJP party/RSS.

    And particularly this state Karnataka, now being an election campaigns are going on, now more than Karnataka TN parties(except ruling party) is very much worried about the election results and they wanted Congress to continue the Karnataka State and hence total blame, the curse may continue with BJP till 2019 election and they cannot play politics with the issue. Though I belonging to TN, this issue need not be burned this much now as the issue is for more than 4 decades and no party has taken any initiative to solve.

    Also with the more and more burning of the issue of Cauvery, say with the recent protest of IPL matches in Chennai and matches being shifted to Pune, TN lost the centres for NEET examination with a reason of fear of protestors of Cauvery issue/NEET issues like last year and even SC could not do anything (or change)with the centres allotted in neighbouring states. So now students have to go to neighbouring states for NEET examination.

    So at least now political parties should be aware and think of various other things before protesting some issues which may have an effect on other issues.

    With my this ideology, people immediately brand me as BJP supporter but I always on the side of a stand of individual merit of the case and not with any political party support.

    So I feel the statement given by BJP party cadres need not be taken as ridiculous as the issue is to be dealt by the State Government of Karnataka that is Congress-led government at least till the election result.

    It is the responsibility of BJP if it wins the election and starts ruling the state and we should see afterward what is their statement afterward and if they utter the same thing afterward, then we can call it 'ridiculous'.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Madam, the title of the thread is the reply given by the Government of India to the Supreme Court on 03-05-2018 regarding Cauvery Management Board through its lawyer Mr. Venugopal. It is not a statement by the BJP cadre. I do not know why the Government of India gave this reply when it is for the Karnataka State Government duty to implement the Supreme Court direction to appoint a board and share the plans with the court. My understanding is that the Supreme Court judgment and direction is to the Government of India.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    After this thread post I did little search about this Cauvery issue. I found some interesting fact!

    In 1970 the CM of TN Karunanidhi wrote a letter to PM them Smt. Indira Gandhi for help in this issue. The PM wrote back "Nothing can be done until Loksabha Election in 1971. Even after the election Karunanidhi had sent two reminder but nothing had done by the then PM.

    Nothing has worked so far whether it was PM gandhi, Narsimha Rao or Manmohan Singh. Congress had two CM during 90-94. Both S Bangarappa and Veerappa Moily did nothing to solve this issue.

    The Modi Government has only fault that for approaching the Supreme court.

    The problem is the issue is nothing new. Where the two states and its people should solve this matter by talk or with the help of Centre, nothing has happened so far. Then how it is fair to hold responsible only to Modi Government that too about the dispute which is more than 125 years old?

    It is not about going to election campaign but looking the situation. Which party do not take their situation first?

    Its really surprised the way things to be blamed to Modi as if after coming to the Government, all the problem in this country has come up by him and his party. This is ridiculous indeed.

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    I understand your point #KVRR but this is for the scheme to be implemented by CG for Cauvery issue to share between the 4 states Karnataka, Kerala, TN and Puducherry and for this scheme only, Mr. Venugopal said the draft has to be approved but it may take time as PM and other ministers are on election campaign. Whereas Karnataka Government is to share water among states by forming Cauvery Management Board. Now people, politicians, and political party are confused with the issues taking side according to their advantage.

    This debate on "Scheme" is already going on in TN for the past two months and am sure both centre, states are confusing the common people with Cauvery Management Board and a scheme to implement it and somehow politicising the issue and all the parties are doing time pass with this issue. As told by Jeets, the issue is there for many years when DMK was against Congress in the early 70s and afterward, these two parties had alliance many times and in power in the centre but nobody seems to be bothered about the issue then, but now in TN, a state without a proper head has no fruitful thing to run the government as well as party, every party being small or big taking this issue in hand. So centre has confused with the issues and also addedly that it has gone into judicial boundaries too.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    The response by Mohan at #635350 says it all. Though I was amused by his statement about the 'precarious' position of the Prime Minister, I do think that is what the BJP is all about. The nation is secondary; it is power, power and power. That is all about it.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    @Saji and also @Mohan(what Saji referred), when it comes to BJP or Modi, every citizen of India wanted them to act like Gods but it is my usual statement everywhere I discuss, they too politicians and they will also play politics but we have to see the negativeness percentage among the politicians. Still, I feel, though TN did not get water and we are the worst affected, I may say TN (now even Karnataka being Congress-led) politicians are taking this issue as a puppet in their hands and they want to throw stones at BJP and especially Modi.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Seems the frustration got hyper.

    If the Kashmir issue could not solve, it is BJP, if Cauvery dispute could not solved, it is BJP. I thank people that they do not say that the recent "sandstrome " too came because of Modi. I am sure if at all this has possible, the every natural calamity would have been blamed for Modi.

    However, I would like to say those people, come out in coming election 2019 and remove this Government by your votes. And If at all they could not removed, at least stopped blaming them for each and everything.

    As if we were growing "Gold" during previous Government rules?

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