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    Glad to see that Indian Musical instruments are back in Bollywood songs

    When I started my career in this music field, I never knew that one day I will be going to write down all my experiences in words. I started my career working in recording studio. Learned, how to fix microphones near to instrument to get better sound, how to sing to get better pronunciations on speakers, learned how the instrument create magic when we hear a song. There were time when during recording, I had to stand still in one place to watch musicians and singers crafting their talent/magic in their work.

    However, the instrument which made me dance with its tune is the sound of Dholak/Tabla & Dagga. No doubt, Tabla and Dholak sound bring more energy to any song. One can only feel this when they see how the Dholak or tabla player involves themselves.

    There were a time when digital sounds took place and it felt as if we were going to lose all natural acoustic sound. However, thanks to the music directors who again started using these instrument with greater interest. One of the example is the new song "Badumbaa" in the movie 102 NOT OUT. The Dholak and Tabla sounds made this song full of entertaining.

    You must watch this song in videos to get thrilling experience.
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    What I feel is that the trend keeps on changing.

    Although the younger generation has a new taste & often don't find interesting to go do the classic or the old songs but as we becoming grown ups we are listening to the classic songs of Bollywood.

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    The present trends, I guess, are no good. The melody associated with the old Hindi songs is long gone.

    Ditto for songs in Tamil. The earlier songs had a good amount of meaning, they were simple and straight forward and were simply great in terms of melody. Today, a new trend is seen -- the music is so loud, the music cannot be remembered by anyone, even for one day.

    As regards the musical instruments, well, am told they are becoming very sophisticated, but there the story ends. The songs are suited only for huge dances in the background, and the hero gets to sing a song, with at least three hundred dancers dancing along with him. The songs are also absolutely ridiculous, and most have very cheap meaning.

    As to why this has started to happen, is something that am not able to understand at all. Today, the Hindi songs seem to set to tunes that resonate well with the Tamil songs, and also involve huge dances. Most Hindi movies also have too much violence and, one even tends to forget the songs even quicker.

    As a professional, how do you see this trend, where the hero gets to dance with so many dancers? This was never the trend in those days.

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    Melody in music will never go away as a music lover I strongly feel it. The day melody will finish, the song making will end. Its true that most of the songs are dance numbers but again there are new songs which melody has touched the listener's heart.

    It is not good to compare old songs with new one. The trend has changed and so the way of doing it. Actor actress dancing with the huge numbers of background artist is nothing new in Indian movie, its all comes from the same old time.

    However, it is our taste which does matter. It is totally depend on us and our sections.

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    It all depends on the music director to choose old music instruments and for which the singers, lyricist and the director must agree for the change as a song has the capability to take a film to the success heights or even make it film. On this occasion I want to cite one song filmed on Madhavan and one Srilankan Heroine, the song was just on piano and no other instruments were used and I was really amazed with great rendition by A R Rehman and if you can see the song on youtube you would further appreciate what I said. The Tamil song goes like this ." Enna Idhu Enna Indhu Enna sugamo...
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Nice to hear that Indian Musical instruments are back in the movies. Yes, we have had digital insturments but the beats and rythms of the traditional instruments are second to none.

    In Karnataka, we have the Tamate, the traditional instrument that is used still in many religious functions and processions. You should watch how the players enthrall the audience with competing tunes and beats. Many adults and children dance in joy to the tunes and the rest enjoy the music.

    In Tamil Nadu, we have the melam and naadaswaram wherein the artists play the instruments in sync for the tunes and it is a treat to listen and watch the energy in the players and the passion for their craft.

    Both these are popular in Tamil and Kannada movies and the favorite stars have to shake a leg to these tunes.

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